The Fern Orlyak.. (1990)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Sadchikova M.

Script writers: Sadchikova M.

Operators: Golubev U., Orzhekhovskiy U.


Residents of the village of Turochak are contemplating about their lives. The film provides a poetic image of Altai Territory.

Reel №1

A vehicle is going along the river shallow.

A man is cutting a tree.

People are walking along the forest, carrying a tree.


The former circus performer Seropolko is sitting near the fire.


A camp in the forest.

A man is sitting at the table under the tent.

Bracken is being soaked.

A tree.

A man is smoking.

Bracken is growing.

People are walking along the forest.

Seroploko with men are sitting at the fire.

A young man near the fire.


Bracken is growing.

Seropolko in the yard of his house.

A boy is riding a bicycle along the village.

Hands are caressing a dog.

Seropolko is sitting.


A village house.

An old man is sitting at the house.

A woman is entering the house.

Dogs near the house.

A village street.

Cows are grazing, a boy is riding a bicycle.

A woman is washing clothes.

The director of a pharmacy-shop Anatoly Borisovich Kravtsov is entering the pharmacy-shop.

Kravtsov is preparing a medicine.

Kravtsov in the pharmacy-shop.

A view on drugs.

Test tubes.

Kravtsov is sitting on the riverside.

The riverside.

Kravtsov is walking along the forest.

A landscape.

A boat on the riverside.

Kravtsov in the pharmacy-shop.

A landscape, a river.

Night sky.

A landscape, a river.

Flowers in the mountains.

The mountains.

A panorama of a waterfall.

People are walking along the forest.

A motor boat on the riverside.

The worker Akhanov is passing by.

Motor boats on the riverside.

Sparking water.

Reel №2

A landscape.

Cut trees are lying.

The village.

A woman in the yard.

A cow is standing.


The wind is bowing trees.

Men are playing chess.

A chessboard.

The painter Aperovich is sitting.

Cans with brushes on the window.

The men are playing chess.

Aperovich is working in his workshop.

Steps, it is raining.

Aperovich is pouring wine, talking to his friends.

A painting.

Stained-glass windows.

Aperovich is talking to his friends.

A clock.

A man is watching.

The village.

The lakeside.

Aperovich is talking to his friends, a man is listening.

Aperovich is looking.

A car is walking along the road.

Men are drinking wine.

Cows are grazing.


The moon is shining.

The rocks.

An inscription on the rock.

Village inhabitants are standing.

A cart is going by.

A woman is picking up flowers.

Aperovich is watching.

A plane is landing.

The pilot is in the cabin.

The cow is grazing.


A man is looking out of the window.


Stained-glass window.