Scandals of the week 07.10.2000 (2000)

Telecast №99126, 1 part, duration: 0:44:43
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Tolstoj Petr

Reel №1

Video chronicle of events in Yugoslavia.

People rally in the central Belgrade Republic Square.

Kostunica Vojislav surrounded by colleagues.

People with flags at the storming of the administrative building.

Deputies Alexey Mitrofanov and Sergey Yushenkov are in the studio.

Sergey Yushenkov talks about the congratulatory telegram from Kostunits to Vojislav.

Alexey Mitrofanov talks about the documentary recognition of Kostunica Vojislav by the President of Yugoslavia.

Sergey Yushenkov and Alexey Mitrofanov discuss the political situation in Yugoslavia.

Belgrade, people with flags go to the administrative building.

Football players are in training, running around the field.

Oleg Romantsev talks on the phone about the cancellation of the Yugoslavia-Russia match.

Fragments of football matches.

Alexey Efimov talks about football teams.

The formation of football players on the field before the match.

Fragments of the match, football players with the ball.

Vasily Utkin talks about his fellow journalists.

People with the flag of Yugoslavia near the car.

Fans in the stands.

Alexey Efimov is talking about football referees.

Alexey Mitrofanov and Sergey Yushenkov talk about sports officials.

Alexey Ponomarev talks about the media and deputies.

Gennady Zyuganov and Gennady Zyuganov communicate in the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Diplomats and journalists in the corridors of the Duma of the Russian Federation.

Construction site of an apartment building, a crane.

Apartment buildings near the road.

A woman with a child on the street.

A woman is talking about the apartments of deputies.

Panorama of the area and an apartment building.

A woman and a man talk about housing problems.

Alexey Ponomarev talks about housing conditions.

Balconies of the new house.

People are walking on the sidewalk.

A builder on the site among the fittings.

Alexey Ponomarev talks about the allocation of housing to deputies.

The security guard of the construction site checks the documents.

TV in the foyer of the State Duma.

Vladimir Putin's speech is being broadcast.

Ivan Nikitchuk talks about the working conditions of the deputy.

Nikolay Kovalev talks about the housing of deputies.

Irina Khakamada speaks about nonresident deputies.

Vasily Galushkin talks about the construction of the house of deputies and the repair of the neighboring one.

The situation in the apartments of the house for deputies of the State Duma.

Alexey Ponomarev talks about elite housing.

Valentina Matvienko talks about housing for deputies.

Efimova Aelita-correspondent reads the list of household items for the deputy's apartment.

The furniture in the kitchen of the new house.

Alexey Mitrofanov and Sergey Yushenkov talk about the housing conditions of deputies.

Ryazan schoolchildren talk about Jews.

Trolleybuses on the street of Ryazan.

The Deri come out of the school building.

Leonid Reznikov talks about the attack of hooligans on the building of a Jewish school.

Taras the Nightingale talks about the initiation of a criminal case.

Ryazan schoolchildren talk about national minorities.

Mikhail Malakhov speaks about the attack of hooligans on the building of a Jewish school.

Sergey Sinitsky talks about the course of the investigation.

People on the streets of Ryazan.

Trays with newspapers.

Vladimir Kostylev shows the newspaper and talks about the Jewish community.

Mikhail Malakhov is talking about nationalists.

Vladimir Kostylev about the attack of hooligans on the building of a Jewish school.

Yegor Letov talks about banning him from entering Latvia.

A policeman at the building of the Latvian Embassy in Moscow.

A fragment of the performance of the group "Civil Defense".

Yegor Letov tells how he was stopped at the border.

Egor Letov enters the building of the Riga railway station in Moscow.

Yegor Letov speaks about the documents received for the ban on entry to Latvia.

Letov Sergey about the ban on his entry to Latvia.

A fragment of the speech of Yegor Letov.

Letov Egor talks about Russians in Latvia.

People with posters on the square near the monument to Lenin in Chita.

The girls are singing a song.

The journalists of the closed TV channel "Asia TV" speak about the violation of rights.

Viktor Voitenko talks about the closure of the Asia TV channel.

The policeman accompanies the picketer.

Anvil Kasymov talks about the burial of nuclear waste in Udmurtia.

A fragment of a documentary about a nuclear power plant.

A station employee in a dressing gown.

Graphite rod.

Trolleys with rock.

Alexander Volkov and Nikolai Hansa at the negotiations.

Anvil Kasymov talks about Alexander Volkov and Nikolai Hansa.

The climbers placed a banner on the monument.

Igor Forofontov talks about the anti-nuclear campaign in Udmurtia.

People on the streets of Izhevsk.

Flags on the administrative building.

Sergey Berkutov talks about the election campaign.

A platform with waste storage tanks.

Photo: documents signed by A. A. Volkov

Steam over the cooling towers.

Signboard: Ministry of the Russian Federation for Atomic Energy.

A building with columns.

Alexander Volkov talks to journalists.

The building of the Government of Udmurtia.

Sign: The State Council of the Udmurt Republic.

Anvil Kasymov talks about the election campaign.

A woman talks about the cadets of the FSB Academy working at the harvest.

Cadets on the potato field.

Cadets load bags of potatoes into the back of a truck.

View of the church from the potato field.

Bags of potatoes.

Nikolay Leonov-Deputy.the director of the state farm is talking about harvesting.

The cadet is talking about cleaning.

Carrots are riding on the conveyor.

The cadets collect potatoes.

A state farm worker praises the cadets.

The cadet is talking about the employees of the state farm.


Koshtunica Voislav — yugoslavskij i serbskij gosudarstvennij i politicheskij deyatelj, prezident Yugoslavii. Mitrofanov Aleksej Valentinovich -— rossijskij politicheskij deyatelj. Deputat Gosudarstvennoj Dumi. Yushenkov Sergej Nikolaevich - deputat Gosudarstvennoj dumi, kandidat filosofskih nauk, avtor ryada nauchnih rabot. Romancev Oleg Ivanovich — sovetskij futbolist, vistupavshij na pozicii zaschitnika, sovetskij i rossijskij futboljnij trener. Efimov Aleksej Evgenjevich - Sportivnij zhurnalist, kommentator. Utkin Vasilij Vyacheslavovich — rossijskij sportivnij zhurnalist i telekommentator. Ponomarev Aleksej Alekseevich — rossijskij politicheskij deyatelj, Deputat Gosudarstvennoj Dumi. Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich - Prezident Rossijskoj Federacii. Zhirinovskij Vladimir Voljfovich - Predsedatelj Liberaljno-demokraticheskoj partii Rossii. Zyuganov Gennadij Andreevich - Predsedatelj Centraljnogo komiteta Kommunisticheskoj partii Rossijskoj Federacii. Nikitchuk Ivan Ignatjevich — rossijskij politik. Deputat Gosudarstvennoj dumi Rossijskoj Federacii. Kovalev Nikolaj Dmitrievich - Deputat Gosudarstvennoj Dumi Federaljnogo sobraniya Rossijskoj Federacii. Hakamada Irina Mucuovna — rossijskij ekonomist, politicheskij i gosudarstvennij deyatelj, zhurnalist i publicist. Galushkin Vasilij Ivanovich — gosudarstvennij deyatelj, deputat Gosudarstvennoj dumi. Matvienko Valentina Ivanovna - Zamestitelj predsedatelya Praviteljstva Rossijskoj Federacii. Reznikov Leonid - Glava evrejskoj obschini Ryazani. Solovej Taras Yaroslavovich - prokuror g. Ryazani. Malahov Mihail Georgievich – rossijskij uchenij v oblasti ekologii i medicini, rukovoditelj Ryazanskogo oblastnogo otdeleniya politicheskoj partii «Soyuz pravih sil». Sinickij Sergej - Sotrudnik Prokuraturi Ryazanskoj oblasti. Kostilev Vladimir Vasiljevich - Predsedatelj "Soyuza Slavyan" g. Ryazani. Letov Egor Fedorovich — sovetskij i rossijskij poet, muzikant, solist gruppi "Grazhdanskaya oborona". Letov Sergej Fedorovich - — rossijskij muzikant, saksofonist, improvizator, osnovatelj muzikaljnogo izdaniya «Pentagramma», starshij brat Egora Letova. Vojtenko Viktor Petrovich - Deputat Gosudarstvennoj dumi. Volkov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich - Predsedatelj Gosudarstvennogo Soveta Udmurtskoj Respubliki. Ganza Nikolaj Alekseevich - Predsedatelj praviteljstva Udmurtskoj Respubliki. Kasimov Envil - deputat Gosudarstvennogo Soveta Udmurtii. Forofontov Igorj — Koordinator antiyadernoj kampanii "Grinpis Rossii".

Calendar: 07.10.2000

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