Scandals of the week 30.12.2000 (2000)

Telecast №99141, 1 part, duration: 0:44:59
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Tolstoj Petr

Reel №1

In the studio, Alexander Laertisky and Vasily Shandybin talk about the main events of the twentieth century.

Chronicle: Riot police officers are standing in a cordon with pistols.

Men throw stones and beat each other with sticks.

Riot police officers with shields stand in a cordon and restrain the crowd of demonstrators.

Chronicle B/W: Chronicle of the revolution, 1917, Soldiers with rifles and bayonets on a truck.

Aurora's shot.

Storming the gates of the Winter Palace.

Lenin V. I. on the podium.

Crowds of people on the streets of the city.

Revolutionary soldiers and sailors march with rifles.

The building of the Smolny Institute in St.

Petersburg, riders leave the gate.

People applaud at the CPSU congress and stand up.

Members of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee on the podium.

Members of the State Emergency Committee at a press conference.

The MAZ truck crashes into the building of the Ostankino television center.

Shelling from tanks of the government house in Moscow.

Andrey Nikolaev, a correspondent, talks about scandals.

Alexander Laertius talks about politics and the class struggle.

Vasily Shandybin talks about the October Revolution, the historical collapse of empires and sexual minorities.

The clock on the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin.

View of the Kremlin in winter.

People are walking on a snow-covered bridge.

The policeman is walking with a walkie-talkie.

Women on the street.

A woman carries a cardboard box on a cart.

A woman is chopping ice on the road.

The soldier closes the metal gate.

B / W Chronicle: Revolutionaries, Lenin V. I. with a cat, Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya.

N. S. Khrushchev holds a ram in his arms.

A sheaf of corn.

Khrushchev N. S. at the meeting.

Awarding Brezhnev L. And the Order.

People look at the painting by Dmitry Vrubel "Brotherly Kiss" with the image of Brezhnev and Honecker kissing.

Yeltsin B. N. touches the female secretaries with his hand.

Clinton Beal and Monica Lewinsky.

Video fragment: Valentin Kovalev in the sauna.

Valentin Kovalev answers questions.

Yuri Skuratov is walking along the road.

Video fragment: A man similar to Yuri Skuratov communicates with a woman.

Marina Hoffmann-correspondent talks about scandals.

In the studio, Alexander Laertsky and Vasily Shandybin talk about sexual scandals.

B / W chronicle of the USA: People in a bar drink beer.

The White House building in Washington.

Destruction of alcohol.

Bottles on display.

Al Capone goes up the stairs.

Photo of Al Capone in a criminal case.

Brokers work on the US stock exchange.

Unemployed people eat in a charity canteen.

The queue of the unemployed.

People on the streets of the USA.

The newsboy.

View of the skyscrapers.

A woman sweeps the asphalt.

A man counts money.

Stepak Maurice is an engineer, he talks about money.

Deceived investors of MMM are standing on the street.

The MMM logo on the roof of the building.

A fragment of an ad MMM.

Sergey Mavrodi in the hall of the State Duma.

The printing press prints bills of exchange.

The money is in a box from under the Copier.

Alexey Khlopov, a correspondent, tells about a box from under a Copier.

Sergey Lisovsky is walking down the street.

Photo of Sergey Lisovsky in Nezavisimaya Gazeta

Cars Volga GAZ 3110 leave the gate.

The building of the Government House in Moscow.

Viktor Ilyukhin at the meeting.

Video of the interrogation of Lisovsky Sergey Evstafyev Arkady and an employee of the bank Lavrov.

Bundles of dollar bills.

People count dollars.

The doctor measures the pressure of Evstafyev Arkady.

B / W chronicle of the USA

Anatoly Chubais at a press conference talks about a box from under the Copier.

In the studio, Alexander Laertsky and Vasily Shandybin talk about MMM, human greed and the economy.

Roman Komensky-correspondent talks about show business.

Yeltsin B. N. sings the song "Kalinka".

Boris Yeltsin conducts the orchestra.

Boris Yeltsin waves from the balcony.

Four girls on the stage are singing and dancing disco.

Singer Sukhankina Margarita at a party.

Tatiana Ovsienko is dancing.

Alla Pugacheva, Kristina Orbakaite, Philip Kirkorov climb the stairs.

Philip Kirkorov sings to the soundtrack at a concert.

Deputies walk through the corridors of the State Duma.

Deputies are watching TV in the hall of the Duma.

Irina Otieva talks about singing to a phonogram.

Video: Joseph Kobzon, Lyudmila Zykina, Valentina Tolkunova.

In the studio, Alexander Laertsky and Vasily Shandybin talk about Boris Yeltsin and pop stars.

A fragment of a football match.

Maradona Diego scores with his hand the ball into the goal.

Maradona Diego answers questions from journalists.

Spectators in the stands of the stadium.

Hornik: Brezhnev L. I. delivers a speech at the opening of the 1980 Olympic Games.

The stands applaud.

Removal of the Olympic flag.

The Olympic bear rises and flies.

Life-size dolls-Olympic bears, dancing.

Dolls-Olympic bears on the shelf in the store.

Chronicle; Jimmy Carter announces the refusal of US athletes to participate in the Olympic Games 80.

Empty stadium stands.

In the studio, Alexander Laertsky and Vasily Shandybin talk about sports and the Olympics 80.

Chronicle: Lenin V. I. on the podium, at the subbotnik.

Funeral of Lenin V. I.

Lenin V. I. in a coffin.

Explosion for the excavation for the construction of the mausoleum.

Budennovtsy-soldiers dig a pit.

Construction of the mausoleum.

The body of Lenin V. I. in the mausoleum.

Red Square and the mausoleum.

Changing of the guard at the mausoleum.

Gennady Zyuganov and members of the Communist Party lay flowers at the mausoleum.

The artist in the makeup of Lenin V. I.

Sergey Yushenkov talks about the body of Lenin V. I.

The queue at the Lenin Mausoleum V. I.

People lay flowers at the mausoleum.

Video: Anatoly Kashpirovsky walks down the corridor, conducts a session, speaks in the studio.

A cell under a microscope.


Sid is from the USA.

Surgeons perform the operation

A sheep bleats.

Sheep in the pen.

Elena Shaposhnikova talks about cloning.

In the studio, Alexander Laertsky and Vasily Shandybin talk about cloning and the personality of Lenin V. I.

Chronicle: View of the Moscow Kremlin complex.

Natalia Kulagina, a correspondent, talks about the fairy tale "Chicken Ryaba".

Chronicle: Pioneers, a bugler boy, soldiers on exercises, schoolchildren crawling in gas masks, girls marching, a sports pyramid-a figure of people, people drinking water, budennovtsy marching with a banner.

Poster on the building "Report of Stalin I. V."

People are riding in the back of a truck.

Children give flowers to members of the Politburo at the CPSU congress.

A pioneer woman ties a pioneer tie to N. S. Khrushchev and a guest from Africa.


Laertskij Aleksandr Alekseevich — sovetskij i rossijskij muzikant, avtor pesen, veduschij na radiostancii «Eho Moskvi». Shandibin Vasilij Ivanovich — sovetskij rabochij, rossijskij politik, deputat Gosdumi ot KPRF. Lenin Vladimir Iljich — rossijskij revolyucioner, krupnij teoretik marksizma, sovetskij politicheskij i gosudarstvennij deyatelj. Kovalev Valentin Alekseevich - Ministr yusticii Rossijskoj Federacii 1995 -1997 gg. Skuratov Yurij Iljich — sovetskij i rossijskij uchyonij-pravoved, yurist i politik, Generaljnij prokuror Rossijskoj Federacii 1995-2000 gg. Krupskaya Nadezhda Konstantinovna — rossijskaya revolyucionerka, sovetskaya gosudarstvennaya, partijnaya, obschestvennaya i kuljturnaya deyateljnica. Brezhnev Leonid Iljich - Generaljnij sekretarj CK KPSS. 1966-1982 gg. Hruschyov Nikita Sergeevich - Pervij sekretarj CK KPSS 1953 -1964 gg. Honekker Erih - Predsedatelj Gosudarstvennogo soveta GDR. Levinski Monika — osnovnaya uchastnica obschestvennogo i politicheskogo skandala s prezidentom Soedinyonnih Shtatov Billom Klintonom. Klintonom Bill - Prezident SShA. Alj Kapone — amerikanskij gangster italjyanskogo proishozhdeniya. Mavrodi Sergej Panteleevich — rossijskij predprinimatelj, osnovatelj finansovih piramid. Lisovskij Sergej Fedorovich — sovetskij i rossijskij mediamenedzher, gosudarstvennij i partijnij deyatelj. Ilyuhin Viktor Ivanovich — deputat Gosudarstvennoj dumi Rossii, Predsedatelj Komiteta po bezopasnosti Gosudarstvennoj dumi Federaljnogo sobraniya Rossijskoj Federacii. Evstafjev Arkadij Vyacheslavovich — rossijskij biznesmen-politik. Chubajs Anatolij Borisovich - predsedatelj pravleniya RAO «EES Rossii». Eljcin Boris Nikolaevich - Prezident Rossii. Suhankina Margarita Anatoljevna — sovetskaya i rossijskaya opernaya i estradnaya pevica gruppi «Mirazh». Ovsienko Tatjyana Nikolaevna — sovetskaya i rossijskaya pevica, odna iz solistok gruppi «Mirazh». Pugacheva Alla Borisovna — sovetskaya i rossijskaya estradnaya pevica, kompozitor-pesennik. Orbakajte Kristina Edmundovna — sovetskaya i rossijskaya estradnaya pevica, aktrisa. Kirkorov Filipp Bedrosovich — sovetskij i rossijskij estradnij pevec, aktyor, kompozitor, muzikaljnij prodyuser. Otieva Irina Adoljfovna - — sovetskaya i rossijskaya dzhazovaya i estradnaya pevica armyanskogo proishozhdeniya, Zasluzhennaya artistka Rossii. Maradona Diego Armando - — argentinskij futbolist, igravshij na poziciyah atakuyuschego poluzaschitnika i napadayuschego. Karter Dzhimmi — amerikanskij gosudarstvennij i politicheskij deyatelj, 39-j prezident SShA (1977—1981 gg.) Zyuganov Gennadij Andreevich - Predsedatelj Centraljnogo komiteta Kommunisticheskoj partii Rossijskoj Federacii. Yushenkov Sergej Nikolaevich — deputat Gosudarstvennoj dumi, kandidat filosofskih nauk, avtor ryada nauchnih rabot. Kashpirovskij Anatolij Mihajlovich — sovetskij psihoterapevt, poluchivshij izvestnostj blagodarya telemostam «Moskva-Kiev».

Calendar: 30.12.2000

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