Scandals of the week 11.03.2000 (2000)

Telecast №99149, 1 part, duration: 0:39:57
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Tolstoj Petr

Reel №1

Marina Hoffmann, a correspondent, is in the room of decoding the parameters of the" black boxes " of aircraft.

Yuri Chigarev shows the "black box" from the plane on which Artem Borovik crashed.

A computer monitor with "black box" data.

The inscription on the wall: "Interstate Aviation Committee".

The committee's employees communicate with journalists.

Kofman Vladimir talks about the technical characteristics of the Yak-40 aircraft.

The model of the aircraft.

Kofman Vladimir speaks about the investigation of the causes of the plane crash.

Video: The crash site of the Yak-40, a crane next to the fuselage and tail of the aircraft.

Photo of Artem Borovik.

Natalia Metlina talks about Artem Borovik.

Rustam Arifdzhanov talks about Artem Borovik.

Oleg Poptsov talks about Artem Borovik.

Video: Primakov Evgeny and Borovik Artem.

Photo: Bazhaev Zia.

Tablet: Bazhaev Ziya Yusupovich.

Bazhaev Zia at a press conference.

Marina Korshikova talks about cooperation with Z. Bazhaev.

The stand of the oil concern "Alliance Group "company and a photo of Bazhaeva Z.

The plane is on the tarmac.

Goldovsky Yakov talks about business with Bazhaev Z.

Video: The crash site of the Yak-40, the wreckage of the plane.

A policeman escorts a man.

People with banners and posters "Against everyone".

A man is talking about voting.

Young people talk about the candidate "Against everyone".

A box with bags of chips.

Roman Tkach, the organizer of the "Against All" campaign, talks about voting.

A woman talks about Putin V. V.

People are talking about voting.

Distribution of bags of chips to people.

A man talks about participating in the elections

Roman Tkach, the organizer of the "Against All" campaign, talks about voting.

The man is talking about the participants of the action.

Efimova Aelita-correspondent talks about the action "Against everyone".

Meeting of Madeleine Albright and Havel Vaclav.

Havel Vaclav talks about Albright Madeleine.

Students of the University of Brno throw eggs at the Albright Madeleine.

Albright Madeleine descends the plane's ramp and gets into the car.

Madeleine Albright is in negotiations.

A motorcade of Albright Madeleine cars.

The aircraft performs taxiing.

Report from Volgodonsk: The consequence of a terrorist attack, an explosion of a residential building.

Larisa Popova-the victim, speaks about the consequences of the explosion.

The ruins of a blown-up house.

Piled concrete slabs.

A man comes out of the destroyed entrance of the house.

Cracks on the wall of the house.

A man examines a crack in the wall.

Gorbunov Sergey communicates with the injured residents of the house.

The wall of the house affected by the explosion is pulled together with iron rails.

A man in the affected apartment.

Sergey Gorbunov communicates with a member of the independent commission on the consequences of the explosion.

Sergey Gorbunov talks about constructive solutions to strengthen the structure of the blown-up house.

The wall of the house is bound with iron rails.

A tent city near a house damaged by an explosion.

A resident of the tent city talks about moving from the affected house.

A woman with a tin can in her hand.

People are warming themselves in a fire built in an iron barrel.

The male victim speaks about the members of the commission on the consequences of the explosion.

Gorbunov Sergey and officials inspect the wall of the house tied with iron rails.

Sergey Bulgakov speaks about the unsuitability of the house restored after the explosion for living.

Sergey Bulgakov speaks about the conclusion of the commission on the suspension of the settlement of the restored house.

Sergey Gorbunov and members of the independent commission walk past the tents of the victims.

Gorbunov Sergey says about the settlement of the victims in the reconstructed house.

Sign: Kuluyevskaya rural administration, Chelyabinsk region.

A resident of the village talks about the new head of the administration, Kamil Shayakhmetov.

The building of a boarding school.

The lecturer speaks at the seminar from the "Federation of Families for Unification and World Peace", also known as the" Unification Church "or the"Muna" church - sect.

Ravil and Aania are participants of the seminar, they talk about lectures.

The girl is talking about the leaders of the seminar.

Kamil Shaiyakhmetov-the headmaster of the school talks about seminars.

A resident of the village speaks about the sectarian activities of the organization.

Ekaterina Gorina talks about the activities of the sect in the village.

The boarding school students communicate on the street.

Ravil and Yanya talk about the number of lectures and a trip to Yekaterinburg.

A resident of the village speaks about the influence of the sect.

Photo: An article in the newspaper about the seminar.

The villagers express their concern about the presence of the sect in the village.

Andrey Zhirinkov talks about the construction of houses in the village of Yeltsy.

Chronicle: The consequences of the gas attack of the Aum Shinrikyo sect in Tokyo.

Portrait of Shoko Asahara.

People pray at the portrait of Shoko Asahara.

A woman reads a book by Shoko Asahara..

Followers of the teachings of Shoko Asahara communicate with journalists.

Shooting of houses in the village of Yaltsy, Vladimir region.

Andrey Zhirinkov talks about the life and everyday life of former sectarians.

Local residents talk about the followers of the sect.

Children talk about communicating with the followers of the sect.

Andrey Zhirinkov talks about the control of the police.

Konno Kayoko is a Japanese TV journalist talking about Shoko Asahara.

Fragments of the series "Killer Force" and materials from press conferences, participants: Konstantin Khabensky, Andrey Fedortsov, Sergey Koshonin, Evgeny Ganelin, Sergey Selin, Alexey Nilov, Anatoly Maksimov.

Pavel Korchagin talks about the series and the claims to the show.

Anatoly Maksimov talks about the broadcasting system.

Andrey Kivinov talks about scenarios.

Anatoly Maksimov talks about the work of Andrey Kivinov.

A fragment of the TV series "Killer force".

Alexey Nilov talks about filming in the series.

Alexander Polovtsev talks about the shooting.

Sergey Selin talks about the TNT TV channel.

Pavel Korchagin talks about relationships.

Fragments from the press conference of the artists of the series.

Anatoly Maksimov at a press conference talks about the series "Killer force".

Pavel Korchagin talks about ratings.

A fragment of the TV series "Killer force".

Ekaterina Bogatova is a correspondent at the counter with videotapes, holding a cassette of the TV program "You are an eyewitness".

Valery Giris talks about the publication of a story with the participation of the host of the TV program "Vremechko".

Ivan Usachev is talking about the publication of the plot.

Video:Igor Voevodin in the pool.

Video:Newlyweds Leo at a party.

Valery Giris and Ivan Usachev talk about the protection of honor and dignity in court.


Borovik Artem Genrihovich — rossijskij zhurnalist, prezident izdateljskogo holdinga «Sovershenno sekretno». Chigarev Yurij Vladimirovich-ekspert Mezhgosudarstvennogo aviacionnogo komiteta. Kofman Vladimir Davidovich- nachaljnik Nauchno-tehnicheskogo centra, zamestitelj predsedatelya komissii po rassledovaniyu aviacionnih proisshestvij, predsedatelj Komissii po rassledovaniyu aviacionnih proisshestvij. Metlina Nataljya - specialjnij korrespondent izdateljskogo holdinga «Sovershenno sekretno». Arifdzhanov Rustam Mustafaevich — sovetskij i rossijskij zhurnalist, analitik, politolog, pisatelj, scenarist, glavnij redaktor gazeti „Versiya“. Popcov Oleg Maksimovich — generaljnij direktor OAO «TV Centr» (TVC). Primakov Evgenij Maksimovich - Prezident Torgovo-promishlennoj palati Rossijskoj Federacii. Bazhaev Ziya Yusupovich — rossijskij biznesmen, osnovatelj kompanii «Aljyans». Korshikova Marina - vice-prezident izdateljskogo holdinga «Sovershenno sekretno». Goldovskij Yakov Igorevich- Prezident «Sibur» - Sibirsko - Uraljskoj NGHK. Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich - Prezident Rossijskoj Federacii. Olbrajt Madlen — amerikanskij diplomat i politicheskij deyatelj, pervaya zhenschina v dolzhnosti gosudarstvennogo sekretarya SShA. Gavel Vaclav - Prezident Chehii. Gorbunov Sergej Vasiljevich - mer g.Volgodonska. Bulgakov Sergej Nikolaevich – vice-prezident akademii nauk SSSR, akademik, vice prezident Akademii arhitekturi. Gorina Ekaterina - shtatnij specialist komissii po pravam cheloveka (KPCh) pri gubernatore Chelyabinskoj oblasti. Zhirinkov Andrej-posledovatelj sekti "Aum Sinrike". Seko Asahara - duhovnij lider sekti "Aum Sinrike". Habenskij Konstantin Yurjevich — rossijskij akter teatra, kino. Fedorcov Andrej Aljbertovich — rossijskij akter teatra, kino. Koshonin Sergej Anatoljevich — rossijskij akter teatra, kino. Ganelin Evgenij Rafailovich — rossijskij akter teatra, kino. Selin Sergej Andreevich — rossijskij akter teatra, kino. Nilov Aleksej Gennadjevich — rossijskij akter teatra, kino. Maksimov Anatolij Vadimovich — rossijskij kinoprodyuser, filolog, zhurnalist, prepodavatelj. Korchagin Pavel Petrovich — generaljnij direktor telekanala TNT. Kivinov Andrej Vladimirovich — rossijskij pisatelj i scenarist. Polovcev Aleksandr Yurjevich - — rossijskij akter teatra, kino. Giris Valerij Anatoljevich - bivshij direktor programmi «Vremechko». Usachev Ivan - teleprogrammi "Vi ochevidec". Voevodin Igorj Viktorovich — rossijskij pisatelj, zhurnalist, veduschij programm «Vremechko». Novozhenov Lev Yurjevich — sovetskij i rossijskij zhurnalist, televeduschij, rezhisser, pisatelj, avtor teleprogramm «Vremechko».

Calendar: 11.03.2000

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