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Service Yak-42 terrestrial means of mechanization.. (1986)

Documentary, 3 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

The maintenance process of the aircraft after the landing prior to departure.

Moscow, Leningrad, Donetsk

OSH training in agribusiness.. (1991)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

Students of the Leningrad Agricultural Institute lectures, workshops on labor protection.

Things to stands, business games.

Students of a vocational school № 58 in the classroom by the rules of safety.

Students treated plant leaves chemicals.

Solnechnogorsk Moscow region.

Russian School training occupational health services.

Students in the classroom lectures, classroom technical means watching movies and video programs in different areas of occupational safety, on a practical training in simulators, learn different techniques in the machine yard.


Fire, water and copper pipes.. (1990)

Documentary, 3 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

Consequences of a fire in 1988 in the library of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR: a pile of charred books, newspapers; shelving.

Open books on the floor, hung on a clothesline.

Workers carry shelving books in cold storage, pack books in special quilts; books in a vacuum drying chamber.

Library Director VP Leonov tells about the causes of fire: the lack of a fire alarm, distress sale, primitive heating, low government funding.

Vintage and rare books, maps, atlases, in precious, decorated with colored miniatures coining.

Books of Peter's time "Military Regulations", "Statutes of the sea".

Antique dealer from West Germany Detlaf Avermann, organized in city


Burn Center.. (1990)

Documentary, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Children's burn center.

Fires by negligence.

Surgery burns.

Beware of flu.. (1975)

Documentary, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Animated film.

In the form of animation is a diagram of outbreaks of influenza in children's institutions; recommended measures to prevent disease children flu through tempering procedures, methods to eliminate flu outbreaks, the use of quarantine measures, wet cleaning and airing of school premises.

Drainage of wetlands forests of Russia.. (1991)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

Panorama of the swampy forest.

Building the Leningrad Forestry Academy.


Employees in the forest spend the necessary measurements for the start of the drainage work on the drawings.

Excavator digging a ditch.

Machine cut trees.

Planting trees in a forest.


From monologue - a dialogue.. (1987)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

About the experience of the promoter of E. Sergeeva.

Best Practices winter road maintenance.. (1991)

Documentary, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Fighting drifts and ice using Cherednik brine, the combined snow-removal equipment.

Transport protection from corrosion.

Cook, tailor, pianist and others. . .. (1986)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

The introduction of computers in science, production and way of life.

Robots take your measurements, play the piano, etc.

Agenda.. (1989)

Documentary, 2 parts to collection G 6/16/2014

The city of Leningrad, in December 1989.

District election meeting on registration of candidates for deputies of the USSR. Meeting hall, the presidium.

Speakers: Mr.

Bogomolov, E. Proshina, L. Kleymenova.


First Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR May 25, 1989.

The first meeting of the Congress is Mikhail Gorbachev.