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World of Viktor Vasnetsov. (1991)

Documentary, 2 films, Duration: 0:18:36 to collection G 9/11/2013

A film about the life and work of the artist, the creator of paintings on themes of Russian epics, folk tales.

Mikhail Shemyakin. Confessions of an artist. (1989)

Documentary, 6 films, Duration: 0:51:56 to collection G 9/11/2013

The film is dedicated to the artist Mikhail Shemyakin. (Shemyakin name is well known in the West.

His works are exhibited art galleries in Paris, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo.

Meanwhile at home about it until recently knew only a handful of art lovers.

The film tells the story of the artist.)

Operation "Helium". Film 5. "Why does the sun shines". (1993)

Documentary, 2 films, Duration: 0:17:36 to collection G 9/11/2013

Research on nuclear fusion. (Motion picture covers the period from the appearance in 1928 of the merger hypothesis of helium nuclei of hydrogen as a source of stellar energy to modern research into controlled thermonuclear fusion in Russia and England.)

Discoveries | Science

Operation "Helium". Movie 2. "From Heaven to Earth". (1991)

Documentary, 2 films, Duration: 0:18:10 to collection G 9/11/2013

Helium history - a history of substance found earlier on the Sun, then the world. (According to the book M.P.Bronshteyna "Solar Matter." Film of scientific and artistic cycle of paintings on the opening of helium, built on a series of interviews, which could give the participants in those events.

Filming in Germany (Heidelberg), England (London - Cambridge, Oxford), Sweden (Stockholm - Museum of Natural History), France (Paris Academy).)

Discoveries | Science

Operation "Helium". Movie 3. The "invisible rays". (1992)

Documentary, 2 films, Duration: 0:16:47 to collection G 9/11/2013

On the discovery of the "radioactivity" and all that it involves. (Part 1 - History of discoveries related to helium.



Table of Elements.

Ramsay opening.

Neon, Kseon, Argon.

Universtitetskie corners of London.

Experience Becquerel.

Laboratory Becquerel.

Portrait Roentgen.

Hands in Roentgen rays.

Opening penetrating rays Becquerel.

Graphically demonstrated good experience Becquerel.


Demonstration of experience breeding records.

Paris universtitet.

Part 2 - Discovery of radioactivity Marie and Pierre Curie.)

Discoveries | Science

Operation "Helium". Movie 1. "Solar Matter". (1991)

Documentary, 3 films, Duration: 0:22:31 to collection G 9/11/2013

Memory Russian physicist M. Bronstein, author of scientific - popular novel on which this film is delivered.

Painting the opening of helium.

Discoveries | Science

Art patron Savva Mamontov. (1992)

Documentary, 6 films, Duration: 0:59:37 to collection G 9/11/2013

The film is dedicated to Russian businessman SI Mamontov

Miturich. (1992)

Documentary, 2 films, Duration: 0:19:39 to collection G 9/11/2013

The film tells the story of several generations of artists of different imprinting in the history of our art.               (About three generations of artists: PV Miturich, VV Khlebnikov his wife, their son and their MP Miturich granddaughter Vera Khlebnikov - second.

Over almost 80 years they work in Russia, different imprinting in the history of art.)

Lenin's body. (1992)

Documentary, 4 parts, Duration: 0:39:19 to collection G 9/11/2013

The film tells about the Lenin Mausoleum, considering it as a prism through which the authors miss stream of public consciousness.

Domestic policy

The mystery for millions of eyes. Spring in Krasnaya Polyana. (1989)

Documentary, 1 series, Duration: 0:16:21 to collection G 9/11/2013

Children's science and cognitive pattern.

The film in its original form tells about the life of tree frogs, reptiles, arthropods and other insects, and amphibians.

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