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The Portrait of the Streets.. (1989)

Documentary, 2 parts, Duration: 0:10:45 to collection A 11/10/2012

About the policeman from Dagestan Magomed Shamilov, who came to Moscow in search of justice.

Society, social activities and community organizations | Social life

Moscow-Beijing: Prospects for the Cooperation.. (1989)

Documentary, 2 parts, Duration: 0:18:15 to collection A 11/10/2012

On the stay of the People's Republic of China in the USSR.

China (Politics) | Policy | Foreign policy

Road To the Last Shelter.. (1989)

Documentary, 3 parts, Duration: 0:10:59 to collection A 11/10/2012

About funeral rites and giving the last honours.

Society, social activities and community organizations | Social life

Grief Cannot Be Someone's.. (1989)

Documentary, 3 parts, Duration: 0:26:50 to collection A 11/10/2012

The film is made by request of the Executive Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Union of the USSR. About the help to the Armenian people, who suffered from an earthquake, and came to different countries for help.

Disasters | Foreign policy | Russian cities and regions | Geography and Nature | Towns and countries | Policy

The Line Of Fortune.. (1989)

Documentary, 6 parts, Duration: 0:54:39 to collection A 11/10/2012

Dramas and tragedies of professional sports basing on examples of lifes of several Soviet athletes.

Sports legends | Sport

A Chivalrous Exercise.. (1989)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:46 to collection A 11/10/2012

About the creator of unique miniature collection of chivalrous times.

National culture | Culture and Arts

The Labour Sports Festival.. (1989)

Documentary, 2 parts, Duration: 0:18:02 to collection A 11/10/2012

About the I All-Union Labour Trade Union Sports and Athletics Competition in the city of Moscow in summer of 1989.

The Penaltors.. (1989)

Documentary, 10 parts, Duration: 1:39:19 to collection A 11/10/2012

About penal batallions during the war.

World War II | Best films CSDF | Best Films | History

Sand Volleyball. (1989)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:32 to collection A 11/10/2012

About the development of the beach volleyball in the USSR.

The Desire to Believe.. (1989)

Documentary, 5 parts, Duration: 0:45:31 to collection A 11/10/2012

About the XIII World Youth and Student Festival.

Historical note
In the summer of 1989 in Pyongyang held XIII World Festival of Youth and Students.

Festivals of Youth and Students | Social life | Youth