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Leave in Order to Come Back.. (1987)

Documentary, 4 parts, Duration: 0:38:12 to collection A 11/10/2012

The strtuggle of the former director of the Kurgan Association "Plodovoshchtorg" ["Fruits and Vegetables Sale"] A.G. Safonov for the implementation of the leading technologies of processing and preserving vegetables.

Trade | Sectors of the economy

To Life, Work in a New Way. May 1, 1987. (1987)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:58 to collection A 11/10/2012

About the celebration of May Day (socialist and labor movement celebrations conducted on May 1 - the Day of International Solidarity of working People) in 1987, when the perestroika (is the Russian term for the economic reforms introduced in June 1985 by the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev) started.

May 1 | Social life | Holidays

Visit of Georgi Atanasov to the USSR.. (1987)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:35 to collection A 11/10/2012

About the friendly visit of Georgi Atanasov, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the People's Republic of Bulgaria.

A Word About Things.. (1987)

Documentary, 2 parts, Duration: 0:19:51 to collection A 11/10/2012

About V. Turubara, the former Assistant Professor of Physics, who was unfairly fired from the Moscow High Technologic University named after Bauman.

Education | Social life

A Word About the Youth Party (a special issue about the 20th AUYLCL (All-Union Young Communist Lenin. (1987)

Documentary, 2 parts, Duration: 0:17:35 to collection A 11/10/2012

M.S.Gorbachev's speech at the XX Congress of the AULYCL(All-Union Leninist Young Communist League).

Activities of the Komsomol | Policy | Domestic policy

Margaret Thatcher's visit to the USSR.. (1987)

Documentary, 2 parts, Duration: 0:18:45 to collection A 11/10/2012

Negotiations with Mikhail Gorbachev, Nikolay Ryzhkov took place during the visit.

Margaret Thatcher opened a representative office of the British and Soviet Trade Chamber.

She visited Georgia.

Foreign policy | Policy

Burda Modern in the city of Moscow. (1987)

Documentary, 4 parts, Duration: 0:38:12 to collection A 11/10/2012

About publishing of the magazine "Burda Modern" in Moscow and festive show - a demonstration of fashion models and the concert.

Foreign policy | Society, social activities and community organizations | Social life | Policy

The Visit of Hafez al Assad to the USSR. (1987)

Documentary, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:02 to collection A 11/10/2012

Hafez al-Assad, President of the Syrian Arab Republic, met the USSR statesmen Andrey Gromyko, Sokolov, Mikhail Gorbachev, Eduard Shevardnadze and others.

Foreign policy | Policy

The Delegation of the House of Representatives of the USSR in the Soviet Union.. (1987)

Documentary, 2 parts, Duration: 0:19:15 to collection A 11/10/2012

About the stay of the Delegation of the USA Congressmen in the USSR.

Foreign policy | Policy

How Will Our Word Echo.. (1987)

Documentary, 6 parts, Duration: 0:58:58 to collection A 11/10/2012

About the 40-day exposition "Masters of Culture for Peace" held in the Manege.

Museums and exhibitions | Culture and Arts