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Pavlodar Concrete Plant. (1961)

Footage, 2 footages, Duration: 0:01:56 to collection G 1/27/2019

Shop of ready-made concrete plant forms.

Molds are filled with concrete.

The woman controls the filling of molds with concrete from the installation.

Panorama of the concrete plant.

Shop factory.

Weighing laboratory, the girls on the scales prepare a concrete mix.

Forms with concrete go to the autoclave oven for drying.


Jubilee celebrations dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Auezov Mukhtar in Semipalatinsk. (1997)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:05:13 to collection G 1/27/2019

Anniversary celebrations dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Auezov Mukhtar.

Meeting the delegation at the airport in Semipalatinsk.

The structure of young suvorovtsev on the airfield.

Auezov Murat descends the ramp of the plane.

Schoolchildren give flowers to the guests.

A girl in a national Kirghiz suit and a baking dish-Baursaki.

Delegates descend the ramp of the plane.


Industry of the city of Shevchenko. (1981)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:07:23 to collection G 1/27/2019

Blooming trees.

The control panel at the plastics plant, the operator at work.

A bunch of flowers.

Transporter with a package of polystyrene.

Scoreboard and control panel for the production of plastics.

Conveyor with polystyrene packages.

The employee checks the quality of package packaging.


The 50th anniversary of the composer S. Mukhamedzhanov. (1974)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:04:17 to collection G 1/27/2019

The faces of the guests sitting in the hall during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the composer Sadik Mukhamedzhanov.

Composer Rakhmadiev ER speaks with congratulations to the hero of the day.

People in the audience applauded.

The faces of the participants of the evening, performing with congratulations and applauding spectators, among the people sitting in the hall are the film director Oraz Abishev.

Mukhamedzhanov accepts congratulations.

Rakhmadiev gives a speech in honor of the hero of the day.

Film director A. Karsakbayev speaks from the rostrum with congratulations.


Writers from Asia and Africa in Alma-Ata. (1973)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:05:30 to collection G 1/27/2019

Participants in the 5th Conference of Writers from Asia and Africa are attending the meeting.

The participants of the conference talk before the beginning of the meeting, the faces of the participants.

Writers-participants of the conference give interviews.

The type of building where the meetings of the conference took place.

National flags of the participating countries.

Participants of the conference in the cabin of the bus.

The participants of the conference are going to the meeting.


Creativity of the composer NA. Tlendieva. (1975)

Footage, 2 footages, Duration: 0:06:38 to collection G 1/27/2019

Participant of the solemn evening in honor of the 50th anniversary of the composer NA Tlendiev. speaks with a speech.

Panorama of the scene, in the center in the chair sits Tlendiev.

Handing Tlendiyev gifts - congratulatory address and Kazakh national dressing gown.

Tlendiev thanks for the gifts.

Tlendiev in a skullcap sits on the stage and listens to congratulations in his address, Tlendiev's face.

Tlendiev accepts congratulations and presents.

Panorama of the auditorium, faces of spectators.


Meeting on the exchange of experience in the introduction of new agricultural machinery. (1975)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:06:33 to collection G 1/27/2019

Type of presidium and part of the meeting room of specialists in agricultural machinery.

The Chairman said opening remarks, the members of the presidium applauded.

Panorama of the hall, faces of the participants of the meeting.

The participants of the meeting are from the rostrum, the faces of the speakers.

The participants listened to the speakers and applauded.

Participants of the meeting inspect the site with samples of agricultural machinery, get acquainted with the methods of storage of equipment and spare parts.

Inspection of the belt conveyor.


Composer Aram Khachaturyan in Alma-Ata. (1974)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:06:40 to collection G 1/27/2019

Composer Aram Khachaturyan gives instructions to the conductor and musicians of the orchestra during the production of the ballet "Spartacus" at the Theater of Opera and Ballet.

Abay, the face of Khachaturian.

Panorama and hall types during the meeting of Khachaturian with listeners.

Khachaturyan appears from the stage with a speech, alongside on stage - composers Rakhmadiev ER. and Zhubanov G.A.

The faces of the participants in the meeting.

Khachaturian wears a Kazakh national gown donated to him.

Khachaturian is given flowers and dombra.


Film director Novozhilov Gennady and cameraman Unleashed Eugene. (1965)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:05:25 to collection G 1/27/2019

Working moments of filming the "Blue Altai".

Panorama of the mountains and Lake Teletskoe.

Workers of the film crew cook soup in a bowler hat at the stake.

Director Novozhilov Gennady at the fire.

Riders on horseback.

A film crew on the river bank.

Operators shoot the scene with the boy at the river.


Visit of French President Francois Mitterrand to Alma-Ata. (1993)

Footage, 1 footage, Duration: 0:03:54 to collection G 1/27/2019

French President Francois Mitterrand and President of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev NA during a conversation.

Mitterrand and Nazarbayev in the hall before the signing of intergovernmental agreements.

The signing of intergovernmental agreements in the field of culture, science and technology development between France and Kazakhstan in the presence of heads of state, the exchange of copies of agreements.

The national flag of France over the residence of Mitterrand, the types of the residence building and the panorama of the territory.

The arrival of Mitterrand and Nazarbayev in the residence, Mitterrand comes out of the car.

Nazarbayev and Mitterrand at the entrance to the residence.

Kinds of a hall of press conference of Mitterrand and Nazarbayev, faces of journalists and guests.