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Foreign news footages 1983 № 67

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. France: The Conference of the Organization for Economic Development and cooperatives perazim. 2. Swaziland: International rally. 3. Spain: The demonstration, organized by the "Friends of the Earth", against England dumping off Spain nuclear waste. 4. Mozambique: Conference leaders of South African nation and coordinate development.

Leaders are against the expansionist policy of South Africa. 5. Chad: Military operations in Chad.

France's policy in Chad.

Review of 1979 1983gg. 6. Italy: A new form of female police officers. 7. France: Foreign Minister of Chad to Paris. 8. Israel was



Palestins FIR camp refugees.

Negotiations on the partial withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon. 16. Britain, France, West Berlin: Severe heat wave in Europe. 17. France: Artists in Paris in the square at the Sacre Coeur. 18. Chad: The situation in the capital,

N'Djamena: press agency and radio studio, a police post, a French post. 19. Bastille Day celebration.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 68

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Zimbabwe: In-country visit of the Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu. 2. Zimbabwe: Bishop Muzorewa CU.itikuet ruling party Zana sync. 3. U.S.: Offspring avtraliyskih koala in zoooparke Los ndzhelesa. 4. Zimbabwe: The death of the animals in the reserve due to strong droughts chi.

Employees carrying animals in a special enclosure where they artificially fed. 5. Israel was


Police clash with orthodox s reyami. 6. Ethiopia: W. DeWitt calls on international organizations to help areas of the country affected by drought. 7. Iran: A collection of religious figures.

Credited testament th Tolle Khomeini. 8. France: An act of terrorism (bombing) at Orly Airport.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 69

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Finland: Conference OPEC. , The Prime Minister of Finland E Kalevi Sorsa.

Interview of Saudi Oil A. Yamani over the price of oil and the amount of oil-sync. . 2. UK: International Golf Championship. 3. Lebanon: Protests musulmon Shiites in Beirut. 4. South Africa: Fire on the prairie because of severe drought. 5. Egypt: cabinet meeting.

Opposition party members urged to boycott the general election. 6. El Salvador: Transportation guerrillas captured by helicopter.

Parade of government troops.

Says President Reagan-sync.

Nicaragua: to the President M. Escoto-sync. 14. U.S.: Demonstration flight spy plane "F-15". 15. Japan: Visiting Pakistani President Zia ul-Haq.

Talks with Prime Minister Nakasone. 16. France: Race "Tour de France."

Foreign news footages 1983 № 70

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Argentina: The floods in the northern provinces of the country. 2. Japan: The visit of former U.S. President Jimmy


Map interview pa-sync. -CU.itikuet policies of President Reagan. 3. Nicaragua: The Miskito Indians are turning to the new Minister of Agriculture with the requirement to give them land and houses. 4. U.S. visit of the Emir of Bahrain. 5. China: Implications for third this year floods in central Wuhan flax industrialization. 6. Uruguay: Constitution Day.

Military parade.

Playing Jablonski and Jaruzelski. 13. France 19 meeting of the intergovernmental commission in countries that produce copper. 14. Lebanon bomb blast. 15. U.S.: American customs officers found contraband items collective tion Peruvian art.

Peru: Excavations in the mountains. 16. U.S. Zoo in


The first panda cub born in captivity, died. 17. Australia: Annual competition hairdressers.

Rewarding win lei. 18. Mexico: Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Bolivar. 19. Israel: Knesset meeting on the partial withdrawal of troops from Lebanon.

Parade vozdushnyz military forces. . 20. Israel: West Bank.


Repression against the Arab population.

Review of 1967 1983gg. 21. Cyprus: The birth of a child on the plane during the flight. 22. Poland: Military parade in honor of the rebirth of Poland. 23. Lebanon: Bombardment International Airport in Beirut. 24. Strike.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 71

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Cambodia: Camp squads full potovskih groups. 2. Lebanon Druze leader Jumblatt LS.iny Announces National Salvation Front in Lebanon.

Jumblatt's meeting with former Prem rum Karami and former president S. Franzhiehom. 3. Italy: on television relative ter roristami kidnapped girl. 4. Brazil: An Overview.

Rising unemployment in the country. 5. USA: President Gemayel of Lebanon in Washington.

Appointment of a new U.S. envoy to the Middle East. 6. Israel: Cabinet discusses the invitation of the U.S. President Reagan Foreign Minister and Defense Minister to visit the U.S.. 7. Belgium: The plot of the NATO Secretary General George

Luns, in connection with his resignation.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 72

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. U.S. televised speech by President Reagan on U.S. policy in Central America-sync.

Portugal: The attack on the Turkish Embassy in Lisbon. 6. Egypt: Alexandria Day celebration in the Navy. 7. France: New line telecommunications between France and England. 8. Thailand: The joint naval maneuvers of U.S. and Thailand. 9. U.S.: Problems in operation of trans-Alaska oil pipeline.

On Zor. 10. Yugoslavia: A visit to Belgrade PLO leader Yasser Arafat.

Lebanon: PLO soldiers are building defenses in the Bekaa Valley. 11. South Africa: The people at the courthouse where the trial will be the mayor of

Lamonvillya. 12. UK :100-anniversary of the birth of English economists that J.


Historical material 1983gg 1919. 13. Nicaragua: The tense situation in the country: an American warship off the coast of Nicaragua, the Soviet cargo ships in the port, Puerto Corinto, a military truck in the mountains fighting the counter Revolutionary forces. 14. Honduras: President of the American uniform of Staff General George

Vessey inspects military base in Puerto Castilla. 15. Zimbabwe: Building in

Chiniyka. 16. Italy: in a car bomb explosion judge, acting against the Mafia. 17. : The United States and the Soviet Union concluded a new agreement for the supply of grain. 18. USA: the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress.

Delegates urged President Reagan to stop supporting the counterrevolution onnyh forces in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua: U.S. warships off the coast of the country. 19. Sweden, Italy: Athletics. 20. USSR competitions in weightlifting, barbell.

Acts pants GIST Kuznetsov. 21. Lebanon: Tensions in Lebanon.

Differences between fractions tions PLO. The demonstration against the closure of the barracks Phalangist izrailityanami. 22. Sri Lanka: The tense internal situation in the country.

Tion presidential speeches Dzhayavardene-sync.

India: Demonstration in front of the Tamil separatists in Sri Lanka Mission in


Foreign news footages 1983 № 73

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Stanislaus in

Warsaw. 8. Lebanon continued fighting in the Bekaa Valley. 9. Sri Lanka: Racial unrest in Colombo. 10. South Africa: The famine caused by severe drought.

Demo nstratsiya protest against the attack on Tamils ​​in Sri Lanka and against the policies of President Dzhayaverdena.

Sri Lanka: Interview Mr.

Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka-sync. 20. Poland: Thousands rally in Warsaw on Memorial Day for the freedom of Poland. 21. Lebanon: The fighting between Israeli soldiers and Falangists.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 74

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Review of 1953 1983gg. 5. Italy: The plot of the new prime minister Boris Graksi-representative of the Socialist Party. 6. Sri Lanka: Parliament session about the race riots in the country. 7. Lebanon: Closing the Israeli military base in southern Lebanon. 8. South Africa: cardiac surgeon Bernard H. conducts heart transplant man.

Interview Bernarda-sync. 9. Lebanon: A partial withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon. 10. Upper Volta: The political situation in the country.

Review of 1970 1983gg. 11. Tunisia: Consultation in

Tunisian leaders of Syria and OPP on their differences.

Lebanon: PLO camp in the Bekaa Valley.

Statement by the PLO-sync. 12. South Korea: Border incident between South Korean and the North Korean troops. 13. Sri Lanka: the arrival of refugees from the city

Colombo in


Parliament rejected the staff for an independent Tamil tamils ​​who state. 14. Lebanon: An explosion in a car bomb in


Foreign news footages 1983 № 75

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Japan: Day of the victims of Hiroshima.

Newsreel: Hiroshima after the atomic blast. 2. U.S. Spec. story about the operations of the brain transplant. 3. South Africa: the bombing of a synagogue in the city

Johannesburg. 4. South Korea: The air raid in Seoul, which has caused the Chinese pilot who defected to Korea. 5. Iran, Iraq: The third anniversary of the Iran-Iraq conflict.

Review of 1980 1983gg. 6. Israel, Lebanon, Syria: Meeting the special U.S. envoy to the Middle East, R. McFarlane with heads of governments Ezra A, Lebanon, Siriii. 7. South Africa: The impact of fire on the Spanish oil tankers off the coast of South Africa. 8. Chad: Civil war in the country. 9. Lebanon: Consequences of a bomb blast in the city

Baalbek. 10. Australia: Marathon. 11. Poland: The weakening of passport control in the country. 12. UK: Northern Ireland.

Unrest in Belfast related to the 12th anniversary of the arrest without an indictment. 13. Guatemala: Military coup. 14. South Africa: the consequences of the Spanish oil tankers off the coast of South Africa. 15. Chad: prisoners captured during fighting in Faya-Largeau, arrive in N'Djamena.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 76

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. UK: Northern Ireland.

Unrest in Belfast, in connection with the 12th anniversary of the arrest without indictments. 2. UN: Marchers protest against nuclear weapons from the Soviet Union, Denmark, Finland and other countries hand over a petition to the UN Secretary General. 3. USA: The election campaign of Representative Democrats Senator J.

Jackson. 4. South Africa: Animals and birds affected by the catastrophe of the Spanish oil tankers off the coast of South Africa. 5. Poland: The first international festitval country music.

A group of Czechoslovakia and Poland. 6. Sri Lanka: U.S. aid to the Tamil separatists. 7. Germany: Members of the group "Greenpeace" protest against the dumping of chemical waste into the sea. 8. Africa: The great drought in Africa.

Review of 1978-1983gg. 9. Finland: the World Cup finals in athletics. 10. Lebanon: Palestinian hospital, which was destroyed by a bomb.

Shelling the airport in Beirut. 11. Guatemala: The situation in the country following a military coup.

P Ress conference of the coup, General William Viktoresa. 12. Egypt: Opening after the restoration of the mosque Al Askhar.

There grezident Mubarak. 13. Poland: Regional leader of "Solidarity" L. Viegolski, is in hiding, shall tyam Vlas.

U.S. Sen.

Dodd discusses with officials and representatives of the Church of the issue of lifting economic sanctions against Poland. 14. Finland: World Championships in Athletics. 15. Chile: Oath of the new cabinet.

Tion student demonstrations against the government of Pinochet in Santiago. 16. Chad: French paratroops arrive in

N'Djamena to help Habré regime.

Delivery of food from Cameroon Press Conference President Habré.