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Foreign news footages 1983 № 87

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

A memorial ka Lenin in Addis Ababa. 8. UK: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher otkrytvaet via satellite's largest oil field in the North Sea. 9. Italy: Sports.

Football Italy and Poland. 10. Israel: The economic problems of the country in 1982-1983gg.

Motoralli. 16. South Africa: Press conference of Minister Botha-sync. 17. Saudi Arabia: The pilgrimage to Mecca. 18. Chad: Government forces demonstrate military tro fairies captured by the enemy. 19. China: Reconstruction and modernization of the country's ports. 20. West Berlin visit of the leader of the fighters for the rights of blacks in the United States, J.

Jackson. 21. U.S.: Sports.

Sailing competitions. 22. Lebanon: Continued fighting in Beirut.

The Government of Lebanon taking em envoy of Saudi Arabia.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 88

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Philippines: Protest against censorship of the press. 2. Salvador troop salvadorckoy junta trained Ameri Kansk instructors in Honduras begin operation against the guerrillas in the Pan-American Highway. 3. South Africa: Mass in memory of 65 dead miners. 4. KitaySport.

President of the International Olympic Committee Lord Samaranch awards Olympic Order spokesperson sports PRC. Opening five national games in Shanghai. 5. Lebanon: U.S. ship is firing fortifications Druze Muslims. 6. U.S., Japan: Development of U.S. and Japanese scientists to create superkomrpyutera. 1979-1983gg. 7. Lebanon: Refugees from Shufe in dervne Shehime.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 89

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. UN: 38 opening session of the General Assembly. 2. Philippines: Statements in support of and against the government in Marcos on 11 anniversary of martial law. 3. China: Police kill two gangsters. 4. Lebanon continued fighting.

U.S. warships firing at the Palestinians. 5. Ethiopia: The return of refugees from Djibouti. . 6. Japan: The search for the coast of Japan's "black box" with the South Korean first plane shot down over the Soviet Union. 7. Chile: A Celebration of Army Day in Santiago. 8. Philippines: Protests in the eleventh anniversary of the military law.

The clashes of protesters with the police. 9. DPRK: Celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Republic. 10. France: The opening of a new railway line between Paris and Lyon. 11. Lebanon: Continued fighting in the mountains in the Beirut area. 12. Ethiopia: The meeting in Addis Ababa, the OAU Committee for Western Sahara.

Priyzhki high. 20. Lebanon: A group of soldiers from the Italian contingent of troops INTS schaet the explosion at its base in Beirut.

Lebanese army tanks to place throws fighting in the hills.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 90

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Bangladesh: Severe flooding in the north. 2. Sudan: The Nile River poured drinks for $ 5 million.

Present at the ceremony, President George

Nimey ri. 3. South Africa: Black settlers destroying their temporary home in the Cape Town area. 4. Japan meets U.S. Secretary of Defense Weinberger's Minister of Foreign Affairs.

China: Minister of Defence KYR with U.S. Defense Secretary Weinberger. 5. Tunisia: The story about the president of H. Bourguiba. 1955-1983gg. 6. South Africa: Mass protest against the Zulus "tricolor parliament." 7. South Africa, Zimbabwe: drought. 8. Italy: Protest in

Coliseum against the deployment of nuclear missiles the U.S. to Italy.

Police disperse demonstrators with tear gas and water. 9. The Soviet Union, South Korea: USSR passes a South Korean personal belongings and the remains of a downed South Korean airliner, a provocation against the Soviet Union. 10. Lebanon: The Lebanese Armed Forces celebrate the announcement of the Prek increments of fire in the Middle East.

Syria: The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country with Prince Saudovs Coy Arabia 11. Kenya: Presidential elections in the country.

Elected president Arap Moi al. 12. Israel: Talks Prime Minister Shamir retired from rum opposition leader Peres in connection with the establishment of the Government nationalized lnogo unity. 13. Canada: Sports.

International marathon in Montreal. 14. U.S.: U.S. President Reagan speaking at a meeting of the International Monetary Fund - sync. 15. China: U.S. defense talks with Hu Yaobanom.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 91

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Chad: The French military advisers trained government forces. 2. Uruguay: thousands of protesters on the day of protest against the military rule. 3. South Africa: The Hurricane.

Sick children. 4. South Africa: In the Court of

Muslims LS.i HN friends spend demonstration outside CU.asnogo CU.esta.

Presi dent of the United States stands Reagan.

Several delegates protest. 16. UN: United Nations General Assembly on the situation in Chad.

You step out the French President Mitterrand. 17. Zimbabwe: Protest in

Harare against the interference of England in the country's affairs. 18. Yugoslavia: Implications CU.usheniya passenger train. 19. USA: Former President Nixon speaking at a meeting of the Commission on Central America. 20. Salvador bombed a village in the province of Tenanchin.

Representatives CU.asnogo CU.esta assist children. 21. France: President of Chad H. Habré staying in Paris for a meeting at the highest level of 37 African countries. 22. Lebanon: Beirut International Airport reopened after prekraschaniya fighting.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 92

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

At the banquet present British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the state. U.S. Secretary of D. Schulz.

Acts Thatcher - sync.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 93

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Japan: Protest against the presence in the Japanese port of Sasebo U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier "Charles Winston." 2. Hungary: Scandal at the podstasovkoy match results in the Hungarian football league. 3. UN: Spec. report "The participation of UN peacekeeping forces in the" hot "spots in the world" 1950-1983gg.

Filmed in Korea, Congo, Egypt, Cyprus, Syria, Israel and Lebanon. 4. Nigeria: Oath of President Shagari in the inauguration ceremony of the second MS.ok rule. 5. UK: Labour Party meeting.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 94

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

International Rally in Nevada. 8. Italy: Earthquake Risk in Pozzuoli.

Residents demand government help. 9. Norway: The Committee for the Nobel Prize Norway announces the award of prizes Polish leader of "Solidarity" L. Walesa.

Poland: Newspaper reports of L. Walesa awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Delegates endorsed the candidacy of Vladimir La Monda as president of the Democratic Party. 23. Nicaragua: A press conference two pilots captured after provocation by Honduras. 24. Lebanon: Camp one of the PLO factions in Tripoli.

Inter twist Arafat-sync. 25. GDR: Day military parade in the country. 26. Chile's anti-government student demonstration.

Police time chasing demonstrators water cannons. 27. Egypt: Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the liberation of the Suez Canal.

President Mubarak lays wreaths at the grave of the Unknown Soldier and the tomb of President Sadat.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 95

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Hong Kong: Sports.

International tennis competitions. 2. India :51 anniversary of the Air Force of the country - the parade. 3. India: Sikh separatist actions in the state of Punjab.

Government measures to strengthen the governmental authority in the state. 4. Philippines: Anti-government demonstrations in the country. 5. Taiwan: Celebrating National Day. 6. Sweden: Medic USA B. McLintock received the Nobel Prize. 7. Greece: Visit of Soviet ships in Piraeus. 8. Burma: The bombing in Rangoon during the visit of President of South Korea.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 96

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Special report "Child victims of international conflicts."

Police disperse demonstrators with tear gas. 6. Hungary: Sports.

Football - England: Hungary. 7. China: A meeting of the Central Committee ompartii China.

The adoption of the "clean up" the party of the most ardent supporters of Maoism. 8. Iran: Protest in front of the French embassies in Tehran va against selling French planes to Iraq. 9. Lebanon: The fighting in Tripoli between different groups.

Syria: The split in the PLO. 10. UK, U.S.: Research on the development of drugs against AIDS.

Overview - 1983. 11. South Korea: U.S. Defense Secretary Weinberger ministers present at the funeral, who died in a bomb blast in Burma during the visit of the South Korean delegation. 12. El Salvador: The members of the Central American Affairs, headed by former state. U.S. Secretary Kissinger arrived in San Sal vador.

Military action groups patriotic forces. 13. Israel: Statement by the General Federation of Labor on the reduction of government appropriations for economic needs.