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Foreign news footages 1983 № 97

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Peru: anti-government demonstration, organized by the General Confederation of Labour. 2. India: The separatist and anti-government protests in the country.

Review of 1975 1983gg. 3. Vietnam: Reconstruction of the port of Haiphong. 4. South Africa: Military parade in honor of the first president P. CU.yugera. 5. Turkey: The Beginning of the campaign.

The head of government, General Evren speaking at the rally. 6. UAE: Military exercises of the Member States of the Cooperation Council of the Persian Gulf. 7. Afghanistan: Attack on government dushmanov convoy, which was accompanied by the Soviet soldiers.

Spooks blow APC kill Soviet and Afghan soldiers set fire trucks. 8. Grenada: Overview of political events in the country from 1974 to 1983. 9. USSR: Soviet cargo ships, caught in the ice of the North Sea. 10. Australia: floods in Melbourne. 11. Bolivia: The anniversary of the arrival to power of Suazo.

Review of 1982 1983gg. 12. UN: United Nations General Assembly in connection with the International Day for on Nutrition. 13. U.S. bombing in the grocery store in the city

Charleston, Virginia. 14. U.S.: Expert Electronics accused of selling military secrets to Poland. 15. Argentina: A rally in honor of the Peronists. 16. Poland: Spiritual mentor leader of "Solidarity" L. Walesa Confessori G. Jankowski accused of abuse of religious freedom.

Rally in support of Mr.

Jankowski. 17. Lebanon: Anti-American demonstration of Shiite Muslims in Beira those.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 98

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Germany: Mass protests in Cologne and Bonn against the deployment of U.S. missiles in a first strike, Noah West Europe. 2. UN Security Council session on extending the mandate of the international peacekeeping force in Lebanon. 3. U.S.: Sports.

World championship game of "Monopoly." 4. Argentina: Overview of political events in the country, in connection with the President toyaschimi elections. 1973-1983gg. 5. Israel: Knesset meeting on the election of a new Minister of Finance. 6. Argentina: The election campaign of the Civil radical for soybeans. 7. UK: Sports.

Football. 8. Brazil: Economic CU.izis in the country of slums, homeless people sleeping in the park, rickety children, women washing their children in the streets, markets, shops. 9. Thailand: floods in Bangkok. 10. Britain, France: Sports.

Newsreel footage of the King, King's widow, interviews and Senator Edward Kennedy. 18. China: Exhibition of French nuclear engineering in Beijing. 19. Turkey: The third anniversary of a military coup.

Review of 1980 1983gg. 20. Grenada: The situation in the country before the military coup. 21. South Korea: Statement of President Chun Doo Hwan in connection with a bomb blast during the visit of the South Korean delegation to Burma. 22. Argentina: amnesty for the upcoming general elections.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 99

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Lebanon: Consequences of the bombing in Beirut on U.S. military bases, and France, are part of international peacekeeping forces. 2. Great Britain, Italy, Germany: Mass protest in Lon don, Rome, Munich and Hamburg against the deployment of U.S. missiles CU.ylatyh "CU.uiz" and "Pershing-2" in Western Europe. 3. UK: Sports.

Tennis tournament in Brigtone. 4. U.S.: Police arrest a terrorist who tried to take hostages at the golf club, which is a member of President Reagan. 5. Iran, Iran: Military action in Pendzhvina. 6. Israel: The sale of shares in the foreign exchange market in Tel Aviv. 7. Lebanon: U.S. Marine Detachments in Beirut.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan and President Gemayel of Lebanon expressed about the explosions of bombs on U.S. military bases, and France, members of the contingent of international peacekeeping forces in Lebanon. 8. India: Sports.

Start Himalayan Rally. 9. Japan: Sports.

Accident while racing "Fuji Grand Champion." 10. Japan: Sports.

The concentration of U.S. troops on the island Barabdos.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 100

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Syria and Lebanon: The situation in Lebanon and the effect of different groupings wok PLO in Lebanon and Syria, in the upcoming negotiations on the settlement of the Lebanese problem. 1982-1983gg. 2. Iran: Consequences of the Iraqi forces shelling of cities and Dizful Makdzhed Suleiman. 3. Cuba, Dominican Republic: Politics in the United States against Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Review of 1960, 1965 and other years. 4. Uruguay: A protest demonstration against the government's ban on demonstrations. 5. Lebanon: The visit of U.S. Vice President J.


Bush visits Kuyu american military base in Beirut, where the bomb exploded. 6. Hungary: Sports.

World Cup Gymnastics.

Speech sovets FIR gymnasts: N. Lurchenko, O. Bicherova, O. Mostepanova. 7. UN, Cuba, Nicaragua: Representatives from various countries condemned the U.S. invasion of Grenada tion. 8. Barbados: The concentration of American troops in Bridgetown airport for shipment to Grenada. 9. West Berlin: Sports.

Hockey. 10. Brazil: Riot passengers because of late trains. 11. UN: UN meeting on the U.S. aggression in Grenada.

Prime Minister of the Dominican Republic in E talks with U.S. ambassador to the UN John


They say the representatives of Jamaica and Poland. 12. Argentina rallies Radical Party. 13. France: Meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers on the events in Grenada. 14. Lebanon: Several rescuers working at the scene bomb at a U.S. military base in Beirut, suffered during the collapse of the wall.

USA: Relatives of U.S. soldiers killed in Beirut during the bombing at the U.S. military base, according to their death. 15. U.S.: American civilians evacuated from Grenada to the United States. U.S. soldiers wounded in Grenada, in the hospital. 16. USA: Statement by President Reagan at the presence of Ameri Kansk troops in Grenada - sync. 17. U.S.: Sports.

The plot of the giant basketball players. 18. UN: Press conference of the "special" of the Government of Grenada. 19. UN Security Council session on the U.S. intervention in Grenada. 20. Lebanon: Fighting between Shiite militia detachments and units ruler governmental troops. 21. Grenada: U.S. aggression in Grenada.

American soldiers in the other airports, USS near the shore, unloading ammunition, wounded in hospitalization le. 22. U.S., Cuba: Overview of political relations between the U.S. and Cuba from 1961 to 1983. 23. South Africa: The referendum on the new constitution.

Prime Minister Botha height dumb at the rally.

Spoken by the various parties. 24. Chile's anti-government demonstration in Santiago.

Police disperse protesters.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 102

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Bangladesh: anti-government demonstration in Dhaka. 2. United Kingdom: Protests outside the U.S. embassy and around U.S. military bases against the deployment of U.S. missiles in Britain. 3. UN: United Nations General Assembly on the settlement of the situation in Central America.

Are the representatives of Nicaragua, Brazil. 4. Japan: U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

Meeting at the airport IU negotiations.

Anti-American demonstration in Tokyo. 5. Grenada: The fighting U.S. forces in Grenada. 6. USA: Astronomical research with satellite. 7. Greece: The story about the Prime Minister A. Papandreou 1980 - 1983gg. 8. Japan: U.S. President Ronald Reagan. 9. Lebanon: The resumption of clashes between rival factions PLO. 10. Switzerland: demonstration for peace.

Protesters carrying a banner with the appeal. 11. Grenada: The situation after the U.S. invasion. 12. U.S. satellite signals to create problems for U.S. broadcasters. 13. UN press conference, the UN Commission on Assistance to Refugees - says the situation of civilians in Tripoli. 14. China: Opening a new communication center and vertoletodroma in

Tsuntsine. 15. Iran, Iraq: The attack Iranian forces in the Iran-Iraq border. 16. Italy: Protest transportation workers. 17. Japan: U.S. President in Tokyo. 18. Lebanon: The fighting in Tripoli.

Statement by Arafat - sync.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 103

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Burma: The bombing in Rangoon, while in Burma the President of South Korea. 2. Iran, Iraq: The fighting between Iran and Iraq. 3. Israel Cabinet meeting after the bomb at an Israeli military base in Lebanon.

Lebanon: Funeral in

Dash of Israeli soldiers killed in the bomb blast at a military base. 4. PLO: The plot of the PLO leader Yasser Arafat. 5. Turkey: first, after the military coup of 1980. General elections in Ankara. 6. Grenada: The U.S. military in Grenada.

Investigate the assassination of President Bishop.

USA: Interview of two U.S. Congressmen. 7. Lebanon: Consequences of war in Tripoli.

Providing assistance to the wounded in hospital CU.asnogo CU.esta.

Arafat's meeting with supporters. 8. U.S., Japan: Spec. report on diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Japan, in connection with the forthcoming visit of President Reagan to Japan.

Review of 1945-1983gg. 9. U.S. invasion of locusts. 10. Spain: Flooding. 11. Turkey: results of the presidential elections.

General Evren pozdrav T. Ozal it possible to win the election. 12. UN: Statement to the UN representative of the DPRK (North Korea denies any involvement in the bombings in Burma during the visit of the South Korean government delegation). 13. Lebanon: The visit of Prime Minister of Israel Shamir. 14. Lebanon: The fighting in Tripoli.

Syria: Statement by the former PLO representative M. Labadie - sync. 15. Qatar :4-th conference of the Persian Gulf.

Delegates discussed zhdayut situation in the Middle East, and split the PLO.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 104

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Grenada: Implications of U.S. troops in the invasion of Grenada, bombed a hospital, the American soldiers searched the building, the people patrolling the streets, etc. 2. Grenada: U.S. soldiers raided the armory on the island of Carriacou.

Cuba: Press Conference of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs R. Alarsona (accuses U.S. of creating obstacles to the repatriation of Cuban citizens of Grenada). 3. France: Funeral of French soldiers killed in Lebanon during the bombing at the French military base.

Cuba: Cubans wounded arrive home. 13. Netherlands, Germany, Spain: Sports.

European hockey games to Mende in the Hockey League. 14. Thailand: The remains of military factions surrender to authorities. 15. South Africa: Vote for a new constitution.

Said Prime Minister Botha-sync. 16. Lebanon: Stolknoveniz between different factions in the PLO Tripoli.

Said Arafat.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 105

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Spain, France, Lebanon, Iran: Spec. reporting on separatist height tupleniyah in different countries.

Review of 1977 1983gg. 2. South Africa: Racial riots in Soweto, due to rising unemployment. 3. U.S.: Soviet podvidnaya boat crashed off the coast of the United States. 4. Lebanon: The bombing of the Israeli security forces headquarters in Tyre.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 106

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Philippines: The funeral of the killer of Senator Aquino.

Anti-government demonstration. 2. Suicide Squad attack farms in the provinces of Zaragoza and San Vincente. 3. France: Sports.

World Rhythmic Gymnastics.

High Tupa Bulgarian gymnast Georgieva. 4. UK: Sports.

Tennis. 5. South Korea: U.S. President Ronald Reagan - meeting at the airport in Seoul.

Reagan visits the U.S. military base in Korea. 6. South Africa: The ancient building in Johannesburg, which was destroyed by a bomb. 7. Cuba: The funeral of Cuban citizens killed in Grenada during the U.S. intervention in Grenada. 8. Taiwan: Sports.

The opening of four World Cup of Kung Fu. 9. France: Sports.

World Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Speakers represented tives of Argentina and England. 14. Cyprus: The story of the creation of the Turkish and Greek in the state of Cyprus.

Overview 1960 1982 he. 15. Greece: investigation of the murder of Captain American military forces can rskih. 16. Peru: Riots during the local elections in

Ayacucho. 17. Cuba: The funeral of Cuban citizens who died in Grenada during the U.S. invasion. 18. U.S.: The story about a candidate for president of the party edmokraticheskoy J.

Jackson. 19. UK: The deployment of U.S. missiles in CU.ylatyh Ang Lee.

The demonstration at the military base of Greenham.

Demonstrators throw CU.asku in Defense M. Heseltine. 20. Cyprus: A meeting of the Turkish LS.iny on autonomy.

High Tupa President Kyprianou.

Foreign news footages 1983 № 107

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. USA: Representatives of the UN Committee for general disarmament Visiting UT storage of chemical weapons in Utah, which conducted the destruction of obsolete chemical weapons. 2. Poland: The problem of pollution MS.edy in the country. 3. USA: Festival of cowboy songs. 4. Cyprus: A protest demonstration against the Greek population of Cyprus, a so-called.

Turkish Federal State within the State of Cyprus.

Press Conference of President Kyprianou. 5. UN: United Nations General Assembly on the adoption of the new South African Constitution, which the black population otstaranyaetsya from power.

Delegates vote no. 6. UK: Protest in front of Parliament in London against the deployment of U.S. missiles in CU.ylatyh England. 7. Lebanon: Armed clashes between rival factions PLO. 8. UN meeting Genaralnoy Assembly.

Some countries leave the meeting during the speech of the President of Israel. 9. Peru: Municipal elections in

Ayacucho. 10. El Salvador: The concentration of government troops in the area's.

San Miguel and San Francisco Kotera. 11. Lebanon: Interview with Arafat over the split in the PLO-sync.

Playing P. de Cue lyar and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus.