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Foreign news footages 1984 № 16

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Kim Jung September serves as a representative of a political amnesty. 5. Colombia - special report on the political situation in the country after the proclamation of President Boris Betankara the guerrillas left CU.yla surrender and sign a peace agreement with the government.

At the airport, writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Filming 1980 - 1982 period. 6. Hungary, Budapest - a visit by UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar.

Negotiations with the Hungarian government. 7. Lebanon, Beirut - U.S. Marines are leaving the city.

Italy - Italian peacekeepers arrive in Livorno.

Italian President Pertini welcomes commander. 8. Italy - truck drivers continue to welcome the passage through Brenner Pass. 9. Lebanon - Continued fighting in Beirut. A. Gemayel talks with Christian Falangists. 10. India - Sports: Tennis.

Davis Cup.

Team France won the team India. 11. German port of Bremen - 50 fishermen and a group of conservationists in the ship "Greenpeace" block harbor to protest the discharge of acid into the sea. 12. Egypt, Cairo - visit by President M. SFSYU Shpilyaka.

Perego thieves with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. 13. England, Belfast - closing Lorean automobile concern in connection with the prosecution of the owner in the drug trade.

Empty building of the plant.

The police blocked the road. 17. India, New Delhi - sighov demonstration demanding religious and social rights.

The strike in the stores employees who practice Hindi. 18. Nigeria - Lebanese and Indian LS.iny.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 17

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Poland, Warsaw - illegal alcohol production units in the kitchen.

Tion distillery buildings and signs.

Pedestrians on the streets. 2. USA - official announcement stop searching Japanese climber in Alaska. 3. United States - the first stage of the campaign.

Local people protect their crops from them.

Crowded hospital, sick, emaciated children. 11. U.S. Edgemont - the townspeople are against making the city a nuclear waste storage.

Warehouse uranium near the city. 12. UN - Security Council session, in which the Soviet delegation tion imposes a "veto" the decision on the introduction of UN troops in Lebanon, as not determined the input limits. 13. USA - Sports: Olympic figure skating champion S. Hamilton tone handing President Reagan Olympic gifts.

Manchester - Senator Hart thanked voters for his victory in the elections.

Atlanta - Mandeyl stands at an election meeting. 14. Jordan, Ammin - Arafat meets with Palestinian representatives tives western Gaza to coordinate actions to resolve the Middle East problem.

Arafat attends a military parade. 15. Ethiopia, Addis Ababa - the opening session of the Organization of African Unity Kan (at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs). 16. Canada - an overview plot 1968 - 1984's in connection with the resignation of Prime Minister Trudeau. 17. Lebanon - the return of A. Gemayel after talks with Syrian leader Assad.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 18

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. South Africa - The inauguration ceremony of the black mayor of Soweto.

The people welcomed the new mayor. 2. Germany - the group "Greenpeace" on the ship "Sirius" is blocking the harbor Nordenham, protesting against dumping chemical waste into the water campaign "CU.onus Titan".

The clashes of protesters with the police. 3. Salvador - increased fighting between the Salvadoran Army and the People's Liberation Front to them.

Farabundo Marti. 4. Bahrain - warships in the harbor.

Emir of Bahrain arranges an audience at the palace. 5. China - the country is a month of "social ethics": cleaning, landscaping homes and LS.estvennyh tions buildings and streets.

Chairperson of the NPC Standing Committee Jia nizh.

People clean the streets. 6. Philippines - demonstration in the upcoming elections to the National Assembly.

Show of support and protest rulers lstva Marcos. 7. Argentina - Relatives of missing Argentines visit the cemetery in the province of Cordoba for identification. 8. South Korea, Seoul - more than 1,100 prisoners released under amnesty. 9. Norway - Sports: World Cup speed skating in the framework of the horse.

Race Enke (GDR) - Petruseva (USSR). 10. United States: Washington, Los Angeles - refuse entry visa Soviet diplomat, who was to deal with the upcoming Olympic Games.

By the representative of the U.S. State Department, the president of the U.S. Olympic Organizing Committee. 11. Iran-Iraq - increased hostilities in the Persian Gulf.

Schvetsiya - Iranians are wounded on stretchers. 12. USA, Washington - Chancellor Helmut Kohl met at the White House with U.S. Secretary of State George


Playing Kohl, Reagan, Schultz, J.


Filming 1973 - 1984 period. 17. Geneva, Switzerland - The UN Commission on Human Rights to submit to a vote a bill banning torture. 18. Egypt, Cairo - Meeting President Mubarak with the President that UES, Thorne.

Says Mr.

Thorn of the Middle East problem. 19. UN - an investigation of alleged use of chemical weapons by Iraq in military action against Iran.

At a press con ference serves Defence Minister of Iraq.

Delivered by the representative of Iran.

Iran, Tehran - the soldiers in the hospital.

Diplomats visiting the wounded. 20. Costa Rica - the situation in the country during the period 1979 - 1982 period.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 19

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Bangladesh - the demonstrators marching in the streets, dropped leaflets.

Demonstration of women.

Rally. 2. England - test containers for nuclear waste production. 3. Philippines, Manila - demonstrations calling for boycott planned for May 14 national elections. 4. USA - bomber U.S. Air Force "B-52" at the airbase Grand Force ready to fly to Canada to conduct missile tests.

At the entrance to the base of a protest demonstration.

Canada - jury rejects protest against the deployment of missiles in the country MS.edneogo range. 5. U.S. - the primary election in Florida and Vermont.

Candidates De Hart and Mondale democracy are supported. 6. Geneva, Switzerland - a failed attempt to capture the aircraft Aviakom pany "Air France."

The arrest of the terrorists and free the passengers. 7. Israel - a bus to the port of Ashdod, exploded a bomb planted a group of Palestinian guerrillas.

Examination of documents. 8. USA, Pittsburgh - the girl with the heart and the liver transplant gives an interview. 9. France, Paris - strikes by civil servants and LS.estvennogo sector.

Cancelled flights of aircraft.

Passengers at the airport, the empty wagons.

Traffic jams.

Protest march in the streets. 10. Nigeria - the situation in the country before the coup and at 3 months after the coup.

Filming 1983 - 1984 period. 11. Geneva, Switzerland - a meeting of the UN Commission on Human Rights to consider the report on the situation in Poland.

Are the members of these Commissions, the representative of Poland - J. Sokolsky. 12. USA - training the army of the country to the introduction of chemical warfare.

Tre nirovka squads in a special school.

Correspondent talks to the school team - General A. Nord. 13. England, Manet - a farmer shows his invention - automo bil without gasoline.

Residents watch the trial. 14. USA - election campaign.

Democratic candidate Hart to campaign in Alabama and Florida. 15. Spain Ondarroa - fishermen, shelled French Canonero Coy, in a hospital in the Basque province.

Fishermen protest.

Madrid - the country comes the French Prime Minister Pierre Mauroy. 16. Lebanon, Beirut - continued fighting along the ceasefire line ("Green Line").

Muslim militias "Amal" in combat fortifications. 17. Greece - Turkish gunboats fired condemnation of Greek ships.

Greek warships in exercises.

Prime Minister A. Papandreou speaks during a news conference.

Turkey - Speech of Foreign Affairs J. zaministra Eraliev.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 20

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. USA, Wyoming - Senator Hart wins at the next stage of the campaign. 2. El Salvador, San Salvador - a strike of workers of state enterprises that require higher wages.

Striking workers at the building of the Institute soialnoy security.

Press conference Bastien ing. 3. USA - Preparation for the next flight "Space Shuttle."

Filming on the previous flight.

Training astronauts.

The participants of the upcoming flight.

Filming 1961 - 1983 period. 8. India, Punjab: strengthen the rebels - sighov in the holy places of the "Golden Temple".

The head of the rebels - Bindranva le. 9. U.S. state of Atlanta - Democratic candidates are meeting in Georgia for the televised debates. 10. Saudi Arabia, Riyadh: a meeting of foreign ministers of the Arab countries.

Iraq - Iranian POWs.

Iranian wounded arrive by plane to Europe, suspected of poisoning from the use of chemical weapons. 11. Salvador - thousands of homeless on the streets.

Children stand in a queue ha meal.

Child plays with sleeves.

Boys selling newspapers on the streets. 12. India, Punjab - wounded and killed in Amritsar in violent clashes with the Indians sighov.

Sighi turned the Golden Temple in fortified 13. Zimbabwe - journalists show mass graves Parti Zan killed during the war for civil rights in Rhodesia. 14. Egypt - the special report on the relations of the Arab East and Egypt.

Filming 1974 - 1984 period. 15. Iran, Iraq - hostilities between the countries.

Accusations of Iraq using chemical weapons. 16. Lebanon, Beirut - Fierce fighting between Christian and Muslim militia. 17. Italy, Rome - armed man kills the school superintendent and seizes 15 schoolchildren hostage.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 21

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Iraq, Baghdad - the meeting of inostrannyz affairs of Arab countries at the continuing hostilities between Iran and Iraq.

Hostilities between Iraq and Iran. 2. England Blackmore - Sale of antique things at auctions are not brought from the village.

Villagers protest. 3. Lebanon, Beirut - ruined buildings, blown up water storage system.

With ldaty MS.edi ruins of houses.

Amal units firing.

Fran tsuzskie soldiers patrol the streets. 4. Salvador - attack government troops in position partisans near Tekolaka.

Women who have mobilized insurgents Wali sons in their units, they go to church to Archbishop Rivera. 5. USA - campaign.


Hart serves, welcomes ravshihsya own.

Playing Mondale, McGovern, Jackson. 6. GDR - the construction of a second "Berlin Wall."

Germany - Speech Chancellor Helmut Kohl in the Bundestag. 7. France - special report on the activities of the French profosoyuzov. 1981 - election posters.

The people at the labor exchange.

Mitterrand's victory in the general election. 1982 - anti-government demonstrations. 1984 - Austrian-Italian border.

The strike of truck drivers.

Miners with slogans. 8. South Africa - Mozambique negotiations, South Africa, Portugal to conclude a non-aggression agreements pa between South Africa and Mozambique. 9. U.S. - the election campaign.

Jackson speaks to his supporters.

ML King's widow with Mondale.

Talk applicants. 10. Salvador - government troops are an offensive against the guerrillas in the province of Morazán and San Miguel. 11. Colombia - Government forces carried out an operation to destroy the cocaine.

The soldiers in the village, the bodies of smugglers "M-19".

Confiscated weapons. 12. Switzerland - the continuation of peace talks on the settlement of the situation in Lebanon.

Lebanon - the situation in the country. 13. Iraq, Baghdad - A meeting of foreign ministers of the Arab countries on the Persian Gulf War.

Chairperson of the Reformed National Party J.

Grenn withdraw his candidacy. 22. Special report on the growth of consumption of drugs in the world.

Filming 1971 - 1984 period.

Pakistan - a child smokes heroin, heroin smokers rubbing bang.

The confiscated heroin.

Belgium - containers for transporting heroin.

Poland - a room for the production of heroin.

India - cocaine plantation.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 22

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Vietnam, Saigon - Australian military hos koimssiya visited Tal, where treat children suffering from the effects of chemical "Agent Orange". 2. Argentina, Buenos Aires - Press conference call trade union leader, who returned after a five-year exile. 3. Australia - Sports: competitions in figure jumping with a toilet that.

Performance athletes "ladder."

Spectators. 4. Burma, Thailand - special report on the struggle for the independence of the Karen tribe.

Filming 1948 - 1984 period. 5. Sudan, Omdurman - the consequences of an air raid, in which the accused nyaetsya Libya.

Egypt, Cairo - says President Mubarak.

After the raid Sudan and Egypt entered into force on a joint defense pact. 6. Belgium, Brussels - a meeting of EEC come Thatcher, Mitterrand, Kohl.

EEC leaders to the negotiating table.

Belgium, Brussels - the arrival of Thatcher, Mitterrand, Kohl to a meeting of the EEC. 15. Lebanon, Beirut - fighting continues along the "green line".

Switzerland, Lausanne - National primereniya talks between the leaders of the warring factions.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 23

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Washington press conference Hart.

State of Atlanta - says Jackson. 5. Cuba, Havana - the signing of the agreement with Angola on the withdrawal of 25,000 Cuban troops from Angola. 6. France - President Mitterrand vtsrecha with Lebanese President Gemayel.

Guerrillas blocked the road.

Protest against the actions of "death squads". 14. South Africa - a farm for breeding ostriches. 15. Syria, Damascus - the oath of the new cabinet. 16. Special report on strengthening U.S. trade relations with the countries of the Pacific Ocean, due to CU.izisom in EU countries.

Filming 1981 - 1984 period.

Japan - the assembly line at the car.

Machines for export.

A visit by U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

Says the president of the EEC. The meeting of the EEC. Meeting with South Korean President, Vice-President G. Schulz Tzom. 17. France, Paris - the models show the Japanese designers. 18. Nigeria, Lagos - the government's ban on street trading Liu.

The arrests of traffickers.

Said a representative of the Military Council.

Na tional theater. 19. France, Paris - taxi drivers block traffic samples in the streets to protest the murder of a taxi driver in the Bois de Boulogne. 20. Lebanon, Beirut - Street fighting between rival Muslim factions. 21. Lebanon - a demonstration of women demanding the government to investigate the fate of missing relatives Cove.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 24

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Italy, Rome - a group of bandits stole 22 million dollars from the company "Brink." 2. India - special report on the economic problems of the country in the upcoming elections.

Filming 1973 - 1984 period. 3. Turkey, Ankara - the ruling party Fatherland wins in municipal elections. 4. Chile, Santiago - a demonstration of women in front of a court of the Supreme against plight.

Protest leaders fsoyuzov about the arrest of the chairman of the trade union Petroleum H. Amby GMOs. 5. Salvador - Mass memory of Archbishop Romero, who was killed four years ago.

The exhumation of the two bodies, possible victims of "death squads minute."

The consequences of fighting between Government forces and patriotic governmental troops. 6. Honduras - joint exercises of U.S. and Honduran forces.

Parachute landing at the airport in San Lorenzo.

Allocation of U.S. MS.edstv preparation for the landing of counterrevolutionary groups in Nicaragua. 7. Chile, Santiago - Meeting in memory of President Allende.

The participants sing.

Is the National Coordinator of the Socialist bloc R. Well bore. 8. Salvador - Presidential election.

Suspended the vote count because of irregularities in the election campaign.

The onset of the patriotic forces in the province Chinameka.

Says N. Duarte. 9. Argentina, Buenos Aires - a rally in honor of the first one hundred days of President Alfonsin. 10. Philippines, Manila - the investigation into the murder of Senator Aquino. 11. Jordan, Amman - a visit by Queen Elizabeth. 12. Guinea - special report about President Sekou Toure in connection with his death. 13. Lebanon - the various factions fighting in Beirut.

The withdrawal of French troops. 14. El Salvador, San Salvador - the vote count after the presidential election.

The leader of the Christian Democratic Party N. Duarte and his supporters.

Dislakatsiya government troops.

USA, Washington DC - Ronald Reagan speaks about elections in El Salvador re.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 25

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. South Africa - Special report on diplomatic relations between South Africa and Mozambique in connection with the signing of non-aggression.

Filming 1975 - 1984 period. 2. USA - scientists volcanologists watching eruption of Mauna Loa. 3. USA - expensive program of fleet renewal: pereoborudova tion military battleships during World War II.

Battleship Iowa firing of guns.

Shipyard workers on board.

Testing of anti-aircraft guns.

Old battleships in the dock. 4. Italy - the first batch of U.S. missiles CU.ylatyh alerted to the U.S. military base in Sicily. 5. Chile, Santiago - massive anti-government demonstration in the national day of protest.

Closed shops.

The demonstrators in the streets.

Police disperse people with tear gas.


Police arrest demonstrators.

Carry a wounded girl on a stretcher. 6. El Salvador, San Salvador - the results of the first round of general presidential election.

Cleaning of the precinct.

Duarte and his assistant.

Duarte and say Obunsson.

Interview the candidate of the right of the center of Guerrero. 7. USA, Connecticut - the campaign of Senator Har one winning Mondale. 8. Philippines, Manila - the beginning of the campaign.

Mass michi ng.

Consequences. 15. Spain - Basque blocking roads in the province of Gipuzkoa, in protest against the arrest of the Basque separatists.

Funeral bass ka, who was killed in France on March 23. 16. India, New Delhi - Sikh leader's funeral, who was killed by extremists. 17. UN - UN meeting on the occasion of World Health Day.

Ledge em General of the World Health Organization. 18. Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia - the struggle for democracy against ment of military regimes.

Filming 1974 - 1984 period. 19. Thailand - fighting units against the Vietnamese troops on Thai-Cambodian border.

A refugee camp in Cambodia. 20. France - steel workers blocking roads in

Longwy in protest against the government's decision to cut 25 thousand jobs by 1987. 21. Lebanon, Beirut - the last of the French contingent Pokey give their positions. 22. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro visit of the President of Mexico. 23. Cairo, Egypt - A press conference of President Mubarak of representatives yaschih elections and relations with Libya.