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Foreign news footages 1984 № 57

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. England, London - Sports: at Wimbledon in singles competition Maninroy wins in doubles - Lloyd and William Turnbull. 2. Britain, Japan, France, Germany - a report on the high-speed trains, the railway industry.

Newsreel of the 1925 - 1984 period. 3. U.S. - using aircraft, "U-2" in the fight against pests. 4. Botswana - Hall, where the meeting of leaders of the 9 countries of southern Africa.

Playing leaders, policy CU.itikuyut Pretoria. 5. France - 97 years of the artist Marc Chagall.


Nice - Marc Chagall with his wife and daughter visited museum Chagall.

High tavki works by Chagall in Nice and de Vence. 6. Iraq, Baghdad - the opening of a conference on the war between Iraq and Iran.

To the President of Iraq Saddam Hussein.

Postrada vshie of military operations in the port of Basra. 7. Bolivia - the union canceled the 4-day general ku on strike after concessions from the government.

The U.S. Air Force developed in the laboratories of anti-satellite weapons.

England - Gromyko in negotiations with Howe. 18. Vienna, Austria - OPEC ministers at a meeting on oil production and prices for it. 19. South Korea - the consequences of flooding.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 58

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Japan, Tokushima - the most in the country CU.upnaya gangster gang Yamaguchi - Gumi openly chooses leader. 2. Lebanon, Beirut - was destroyed by a bomb building the Libyan People's Bureau. 3. New Zealand - the political situation in the country before the general elections.

Review of the major political parties.

Ferraro possible the candidate for Vice-President of that. 16. USSR - special report devoted to the 75th anniversary of Andrei Gromyko - Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 17. Lebanon, Beirut - Lebanese seven captured Israeli canon rkoy prisoner returning home.

Demonstration demanding osvobo dit other prisoners. 18. U.S. - the reaction of politicians on the nomination of J.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 59

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. South Africa - members of the commune, discuss the impending eviction due to the policy of apartheid. 2. Portugal, Lisbon - Left parties protest against zakonop roject on internal security.

Protest. 3. USA, Massachusetts - she wins the biggest prize in the lottery - $ 13 million. 4. Canada - feeding pigs squeal CU.iticheskogo reaches the human ear level decibels. 5. Israel - the political situation in the country ahead of the elections. 6. New Zealand, Wellington - the victory of the Labour Party in the election.

Labour leader says D. Lange. 7. Cairo, Egypt - because of the housing shortage due to the increased birth rate, families are forced to settle in the "city of the dead." 8. Italy, Rome - arrested man that struck the statue in the park of Villa Borghese.

Broken statues. 9. India - Sikh religious fanatics of the units of the death squads are trying to arrange a demonstration at the Temple of Amritsar.

Army division IMPLIED cover approaches to the temple. 10. Poland, Warsaw - and a judgment against police officers accused of beating a student who died from beatings.

The judge read the post lished trial, people in the audience, listening to a standing position.

Court justifies policing FIR.

Wreaths, candles and flowers on the grave of the student, the son of the poet B. Sadowski, a supporter of the "Solidarity". 11. Thailand - have developed a new drug for the treatment of malaria. 12. Lebanon, Beirut - the normalization of life. 13. Australia, Darwin - the arrest of demonstrators protesting against the supply of uranium to Europe.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 60

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Hall of electronic communications equipment. 7. Ethiopia, southern - millions of people die from extreme drought. 8. U.S. state of Missouri says Poltner - a fighter for the rights of Indians CET.

Iran, Iraq - military action. 18. Nicaragua, Managua, the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the revolution.

Austin gunman enters the television studio and requires the broadcast to make a political statement. 23. USA, San Francisco - the candidates for president and vice-presi dent of the Democratic Party of Mondale and Ferraro officially accepts the assignment. 24. Nicaragua, Managua - celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Sandinista revolution.

U.S. state of Carolina - serving in Colombia, the president expressed Xia against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua. 25. Saudi Arabia, Jeddah - the end of the Islamic Conference on the establishment of peace in the region. 26. Lebanon - Israeli government closes office in the country.

Meeting of representatives of religious groups to discuss Denia presence of Israeli forces in southern Lebanon. 27. Israel - economic problems in the country ahead of the elections.

Tse HN gasoline at gas stations.

Department store, exchange, share.

Protest due to economic difficulties. 28. Australia - tourists visit the Great Reef.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 61

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Cyprus - Lebanese refugees who fled their homeland because of war. 2. Philippines, Manila - anti-government demonstration.

President Marcos speaks in Parliament. 3. United States - Measures to protect lysegolovogo eagle. 4. Italy, Rome - 1975: General Secretary of the Communist Party of Italy Berlinguer acts, the audience applauds. 1984 - the crowd at the funeral Berlinguer.

East Germany, 1976: Conference of the Communists.

France, Paris: 1980, gather delegates of the Communist Party.

Said March. 1984: Police clash with bastuyuschi mi.

France, Paris, Belgium, Brussels evrovyborah vote on in 1979.

, Moscow, USSR - the funeral of Yuri Andropov, the tuple.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 62

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. USA, California - workers dismantled restaurant in San Ysidro, where the event occurred CU.ovavye: unemployed Haeberle killed 21 people and was shot by police. 2. Japan - CU.upnaya car accident: 5 people burned in their cars. 3. Japan - in experiments cow calved two calves. 4. Lebanon - Christian families who fled their homes last year in

Mishrife because of the fighting back. 5. Lebanon, Beirut - the economic consequences of war: destroyed homes, factories.

Attempts to revive the economy, banking institutions of.

At the airport, he was greeted supporters ki. states to disregard the election. 11. Bangladesh, Dhaka - President Ershad speaks at election rally. 12. Italy - the trial of the leaders of the Mafia in Sicily.

For the murder of two judges Palermo Mafia leader sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment. 13. Lebanon, Beirut - Security Committee officials and French commentators discuss efforts to bring peace to the area of ​​"green line". 14. Poland, Warsaw - anmistiya in the 40th anniversary of the PNRM.

Released 625 prisoners, which MS.edi B. Bujak.

Bujak and other prisoners are released from prison, meet with families.

EEC Commission filed suit against Germany for breaking the law of the 16th century, the production of beer. 25. China - visit by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. 26. Lebanon - Hundreds of Lebanese who were trying to return to their homes in the occupied area of ​​southern Lebanon were detained in zone not controlled by Israel.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 63

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Berlin, 1945 - Soviet and British officers, the ruins of cities, yes, the party congress delegates applauded.

Ulbricht and Peak are exchanging handshakes.

Berlin, 1961 - build a wall.

Brandenburg Gate.

Berlin, 1963 - the president of the United States John Kenna di, applauding.

West Berlin, 1983 - Checkpoint Charlie during the day and at night.

The boundary of West and East Germany, in November 1983 - the bus rides HYDRATED border point.

Bus on the streets of Germany. T. Sebastian, BBC reporter asks questions of the citizens of the GDR, answers.

Flag of Germany over policing kim plot, police in the area.

Germany, near Frankfurt, in 1983: helicopters dumped "Pershing" on a U.S. base.

Geneva, Switzerland - the building where the negotiations on strategic arms limitations NIJ.

Soviet diplomat passed through the crowd of journalists.

Home renovations. 9. Japan - more than 400 riders taking part in the race Samurai wild horses. 10. USA - Sports: the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. 11. Peru, Lima - President Belaunde Terry stands in Congress.

Go vorit surgeon. 17. Japan - on television demonstrates the horrors of nuclear war. 18. England - baby after heart transplants. 19. Cyprus - hijacked plane takes off of "Ayr France."

In Curacao committed the kidnapping of another aircraft.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 64

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Swaziland - in the hospital, placed on a plane, help people who have lost their sight. 2. Lebanon, Beirut - hijacked plane of "Ayr France" tsya were landing at the airport. 3. Israel - the leaders of the Labour Party and Likud are discussing the establishment of a national unity government. 4. Lebanon - President Gemayel, a parade of troops in the Army Day.

An attempt to rob a bank. 19. Colombia - the plight of children playing in the dump, in the ditch.

Malnourished children in the hospital, an ugly child. 20. India - consequences of a bomb blast in Madras airports that planted in things. 21. France - hostages hijacked plane safely returning tsya.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 65

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Bangladesh - wreckage, CU.ushenie injured in the storm. 2. Hong Kong - negotiations on sovereignty.

Filming 1979 - 1984 period. 3. Pakistan - the remnants of the Soviet aircraft, the victim in the area of ​​CU.ushenie

Karachi. 4. USA - launching the most powerful nuclear submarine Navy.

Protests demonstrators during the descent. 5. China - a visit by the Prime Minister of North Korea Sung-Sang.

Torzhes twain meeting, talks with Chinese Premier Dzyao Dziyanom. 6. Japan - the successful launch of a new meteorological satellite. 7. Japan, Hiroshima - commemorated the victims of a nuclear explosion in 1945.

Anti-nuclear demonstration.

Newsreel, 1945: a nuclear explosion, a ruined city. 8. Lebanon - Christians, Druze leaders meet to discuss the refugee problem. 9. Mexico City, Mexico - A conference of representatives of over 150 countries on the issue narodonasekleniya.

Serves director of the UN Population Rafael Salaz. 10. China - the story of Deng Xiaoping on his 80th birthday.

Filming 1949 - 1984 period. 11. Egypt, the Suez Canal - the authorities began clearing CU.asnogo Sea. 12. USA - 10th anniversary of Nixon's resignation in connection with the Watergate affair.

Filming 1974. 13. USA - panda gave birth to a dead baby. 14. England - scientists have invented a new high-energy biscuits for the starving in Ethiopia.

Production of biscuits. 15. Zimbabwe - Mugabe and the ruling party is preparing for the first exit after the independence.

Foreign news footages 1984 № 66

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Presented the restored aircraft "Spitfire." 9. Brazil, Santa Catarina - the effects of severe flooding. 10. Poland, Warsaw - release under an amnesty dissident Jacek Kuron.


Curon speaks at a rally after his release. 11. Zimbabwe, Harare - President Robert Mugabe thanked M. Machel of Mozambique for their help in the opening of the Congress of ZANU. 12. Argentina: San Miguel, Tugushan - strike police quirement with the require higher wages and fight corruption. 13. Japan - the anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki.

At the ceremony, Dwell Paet Prime Minister Nakasone. 14. U.S. Vshington - Statement by the Army for assistance from the socialist countries and the Salvadoran rebels. 15. Mexico City, Mexico - International Conference on problems of the people of the population.

Delegates did not approve of the U.S. attitude to abortion. 16. South Africa, Soweto - Mrs.

Botha attends school.

She is accompanied by the mayor and his wife. 17. Hong Kong - the villagers watching the demolition of houses for future construction. 18. Malaysia - killed by inverting the dredger. 19. USA, Massachusetts - consequences stolnoveniya two gangs in

Lawrence destroyed liquor store fire. 20. NATO - otnoeshny complications with the U.S. due to the cost of armaments set.

Delegates expressed solidarity to women fighters in South Africa and Namibia. 27. Israel, West Bank - Israeli families resettled in Hebron. 28. Peru - coastal pollution, loss of fish and birds as a result of oil tankers CU.usheniya "Ariana."