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Foreign news footages 1982 № 21

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. South Africa - the head of the Security Service of Mozambique found refuge in South Africa.

Interviewed. 2. Iran - the consequences of the raid on the city of Ilam. 3. Egypt, Cairo - Egyptian Prime Minister says Mohitdin note of protest addressed to the Government of Israel to condemn their actions in southern Lebanon. 4. - Special report on NATO for the upcoming visit to the U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

Filming 1976 - 1982 year. 5. Lebanon - an interview with the commander of the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli invaders mi.

England - Ronald Reagan at Windsor Castle meets with Queen Elizabeth of England 2. 10. Lebanon, Beirut - the bombing of Palestinian sites.

Continued attacks by Israeli troops Port Side.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 22

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. U.S., UN - peace march in front of the UN before the UN Special Session on Disarmament.

The meeting room of the UN. Chairman of the General Assembly Ismatt Kittani addresses delegates.

Actually applaud vein. 2. USA, Fort Bennin - representatives of the U.S. Air Force have a single-seater new design. 3. UN - UN Security Council session on the cease-fire in Beirut.

Preparation of the stadium for the championship. 10. Lebanon - Israeli troops continue the invasion of southern Lebanon. 11. Argentina - celebration of the Malvinas Islands in Buenos Ai RECE. 12. Afghanistan - the continuation of the armed struggle against the Soviets. 13. Iraq - frames, denies the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. 14. UN - UN Emergency Session on Disarmament.

Atrial tavitel says Palestinians M. Labadie.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 23

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Cairo, Egypt - President Mubarak meets tariyami Parliament a report on the main directions of the foreign policy. 2. Poland, Warsaw - a religious holiday.

Archbishop Jozef Glemp announce the upcoming visit of the Pope to the country. 3. India - Indian medical team sent to Lebanon to help the Palestinians. 4. Afghanistan - Fierce fighting between Soviet troops and guerrillas Muhadzhidina. 5. Libya - air and naval maneuvers in the North coast of Libya.

Colonel Gaddafi watches them. 6. South Korea - President Mobutu of Zaire's visit to South Korea.

Insert Recha with President Chun Doo-hwan.

Banquet in honor of the guest. 7. Philippines, Manila - Parade Independence Day Philippines.

Anti-American demonstration near the U.S. Embassy's Independence Day. 8. PLO, Lebanon - Palestinian refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley.

Men enter into voluntary army. 9. Poland, Warsaw - the situation in the country after six months of martial law. 10. Lebanon, Beirut - Israel occupies Beirut, on his troops at the outskirts tries.

Israeli planes bombed the city.

Refugees in boats leave him.

Israel, Tel Aviv - Israeli Foreign Minister Shamir interviewed.

USA - PLO representative F. Koddomi interviewed, assessing Israel's actions as genocide against the Palestinians. 11. Argentina - captured and wounded leaving the zone of fighting for Folklends Kieu island.

England - Foreign Minister commented obstanov ku during the war in the Falklands. 12. Italy - Italy's currency devaluation.

France - lowering the level of prices on the stock exchange after the disappearance of the banker Roberto Calvi. 13. Spain - FIFA World Cup.

Fragments of matches in Italy and Poland, the Soviet Union - Brazil. 14. Lebanon - the destruction of the city Side.

Israel - Chief of Staff interviewed. 15. Geneva, Switzerland - The Pope, being present at the Conference of the International Labour Organization, in a speech indicates the need to protect workers' rights. 16. Lebanon - special report: Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1948. 17. Lebanon - Israeli troops in Beirut.

Moment prerascheniya og level detection.

PLO representative M. Labadie gives interviews. 18. England - Margaret Thatcher greets the crowd at her residence in Downing Street on the day of signing of the surrender of Argentina.

Falkland Islands - buried in mass graves of British soldiers killed in the battle for the island.

Overview pictures of military action in the Falklands. 19. Argentina, Buenos Aires - patriotic rally after the signing of the surrender of the country in the Falklands War.

Interview with the Argentine Air Force Commander and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 24

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Chronicle of events 1976: crackdown on demonstrators by the police. 3. Spain - football. 4. Lebanon - destroyed by the Israeli invasion of cities yes - Damour, Sidon, Tyre.

Interview gives a representative government.

Shooting events in Soweto in 1976. 9. Germany, Bonn - Chinese Foreign Minister Huang Hua met with Chancellor Schmidt during his visit to Germany. 10. South Africa - black squatter settlement near Nuanga Keyptau on under threat of eviction. 11. Tunis, Tunisia - The Conference of Arab oil producing countries.

Discussion of the proposal of the Lebanese oil sanctions against the Western countries supporting Israel. 12. England, Uruguay - British bombed Port Stanley.

Wounded soldiers angliys FIR put on a ship to be sent to England.

Wounded in a hospital in England. 13. UN - a statement of U.S. President Ronald Reagan about the possibility of negotiating with the Soviet Union on the limitation of armaments depends on their confidence in the sincerity of the Soviet Union. 14. Lebanon, Beirut - the shelling of southern Beirut.

OT discontinuities in the airport area.

U.S. special envoy F. Habib talks to official figures of Lebanon.

PLO representative Labadie gives interviews. 15. Zimbabwe - the third session of the Parliament. 16. Lebanon - Israeli troops tighten the ring around Beirut.

Ezra Iltsi at Sidon.

Comments Israeli general and leader of the opposition tion Perez.

French evacuees. 17. USA, New York, UN - Israeli Prime Minister M. Begin profit ergy to the UN session on disarmament.

Some delegates left the hall in protest.

Begin playing almost empty hall.

In the Falkland Islands dismantled collapsed buildings.

Argentina nskie troops in camp, on the road.

General Galtieri greets officers.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 25

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Spain - FIFA World Cup. 2. Argentina, Buenos Aires - Argentina's new chief CU.istino Nikolandas gives oath. 3. Japan - film footage, stored in the National Archives of the United States, the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. 4. Argentina, England - military action in the Falkland Islands sharply.

Images from the film about the sinking of the frigate "Antelope". 5. Lebanon - refugees are leaving Beirut.

Israeli troops in the streets. 6. Iran, Iraq - military action.

British treatment of prisoners. 13. USA, Nevada - Environmental group MS.edy protests against the deployment of nuclear weapons. 14. Lebanon - Israeli troops shelling of West Beirut.

Shennye destroyed building.

Refugees leave Beirut. 15. Argentina - members of the military government to discuss the candidacy of the new president.

Argentine prisoners of war back home. 16. UN - Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko, speaking at a news conference at the Soviet mission to the UN, accusing the United States in violation of SRI "bridge" between the two countries. 17. USA, Washington DC - Ronald Reagan and Israeli Prime Minister M. Begin talking to the White House, on the withdrawal of troops from Lebanon.

Reagan statement, the statement of M. Begin. 18. England, London - Yaarlz Prince and Princess Diana with her newborn son. 19. England - Wimbledon tennis competitions. Lloyd wins Barbara Gerken. 20. China - the consequences of the floods in the northern regions where cultivation Vaeth main grain harvest.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 26

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Speobzor disarmament events 1945 - 1982 period. 2. France, Paris - march 10 thousand workers against the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. 3. Ethiopia, Addis Ababa - meeting of the Commission.

Russ discretion problems Ethiopian refugees. 4. India, Mumbai - crash. 5. Lebanon - Israeli forces shelled Beirut.

Palestinians build fences and barricades in West Beirut.

Jerusalem - an anti-war demonstration. 6. China - International athletics. 7. England - demontsratsiya weapons for export. 8. PLO - special report "Yasser Arafat - a symbol of the Palestinian struggle." 9. Lebanon - continued fighting.

Jerusalem - meeting the Knesset in Jerusalem.

Demonstration in front of the Knesset to protest against Israel's actions in Lebanon. 10. Lebanon - 2000 refugees in the devastated camp near Tyre. 11. Lebanon - Israeli forces continue air and artilleriys cue attack Palestinian positions surrounded Beirut. 12. A film about the last attack the English in Port Stanley. 13. USA - U.S. Secretary of resignation Alexander Haig.

Statements by President Reagan, Alexander Haig.

Appointed as the new Secretary of State J. Schultz.

Italy, Rome - Finance Minister D. Schultz arrives at the International ing financial conference in 1974.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 27

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Parade squadron.

There, NATO Secretary General D, Luns. 5. Spain - FIFA World Cup.

Match results Fran-tion Austria 1-0 Poland-Belgium 3-0. 6. Lebanon - a refugee camp in okkupirovanom izrailtsami Tyre.

Shennye destroyed building.

Items CU.asnogo CU.esta. 7. Argentina: special report "The new president and the old problems." 8. England - Wimbledon tennis tournament. 9. Israel - a debate in Parliament about a possible attack on Beirut.

Anti-war demonstration in Jerusalem.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 28

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Lebanon - the beginning of the Israeli occupation.

Pictures of Palestinian prisoners GOVERNMENTAL in magazines and newspapers. 2. Lebanon - Beirut residents left without CU.ova after the Israeli bombardment.

The leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Lebanon Walid Dzhuliblat interviewed. 3. England - Wimbledon tennis tournament. 4. USA - special report "The growth of nuclear weapons in the world."

The test of a nuclear bomb on the ground.

Antinuclear demonstrations tion, slogans.

Soviet missiles.

U.S. missiles.

NATO submarine.

The White House and the Capitol.

Said U.S. State Department spokesman Richard Burt. 5. China - the beginning of the largest census.

Streets in Beijing.

Posters of the census.

Official representatives announced through megaphones on the census.

Scribes are at home, ask questions raw.

Refugee camps.

Beirut - Arafat speaks to the PLO. Says F. Gemael. F. Habib meets with Prime Minister of Lebanon.

Israel, Jerusalem - Begin and Sharon out of the building is the Knesset.

Matches: Ireland, Austria, Belgium - the USSR. 17. USA - electronics in the treatment of paralyzed. 18. Ethiopia, Addis Ababa - the opening of the Congress of Trade Unions.

Acts of Mengistu Haile Mariam. 19. Zimbabwe - Police and troops in Bulawayo during anti-government protests in the province of Matabeleland. 20. Argentina - new president Binion appears on television.

Peron's supporters celebrate the anniversary of the death of its leader.

Demonstration in front of Congress. 21. South Africa - military parade in honor of the 70th anniversary. 22. Salvador - Six foreign journalists released from captivity guerrillas.

One of them talks about caught up in medical care. 23. U.S. - National Zoo rare CU.okodilov from Nepal. 24. Barcelona, ​​Spain - FIFA World Cup.

Brazil vs.

Argentina, 3-1. 25. Lebanon - increasing tension in West Beirut.

Israel, Jerusalem - Prime Minister Begin rejects France's attempts to participate in the negotiations on the withdrawal of troops from Lebanon, Palestine.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 29

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Pakistani special report "Five years in power, President General Zia Ul Haq." 2. Lebanon - a charge Israel bombed hospitals and Setting up for phosphorus weapons. 3. Zimbabwe, Harare - A press conference of Prime Minister Mugabe's attacks on Nkomo. 4. Lebanon-destruction in Beirut.

Smoke, an Israeli tank on the street of West Beirut.

Residents leave the city.

Israel - a protest demonstration in Tel Aviv against the Israeli occupation of West Beirut.

PLO leader Yasser Arafat said to a reporter. 5. India - an interview with Sanjiva Reddy in connection with his resignation from the presidency.

Used Chronicle since 1947. 6. Syria - the funeral of four Israeli soldiers killed in Lebanon are not.

Libya's representative visits the Syrian wounded. 7. China - a census in Beijing and Canton.

Propagandists campaigning residents to participate in the census. 8. Iran - the destruction of the two cities liberated from Iraqi forces. 9. Spain, Bilbao - the funeral of the deceased police chief.

Basque unrest. 10. Guatemala - martial law. 11. Israel, Jerusalem - Prime Minister M. Begin interviewed.

Lee Der Labor Party gives interviews.

Arabs Protest against Israeli invasion of Lebanon. 12. Lebanon - Israeli artillery shelling of Beirut.

Israeli patrol.

Arafat told a reporter.

Items CU.asnogo that.

UN Center in Beirut, destroying the building.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 30

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Algeria - celebrating the 20th anniversary of Independence. 2. China - an open market in

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