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Foreign news footages 1985 № 24

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Zimbabwe: Government forces patrol the streets of Bulawayo after crackdown black population.

Press of a conference Bishop Muzorewa. 2. Middle East: A Review of the Middle East from 1979 to 1985. 3. Sudan: A visit to the country by U.S. Vice President Bush.

Spain: Ships of the U.S. Navy are preparing to sail from Valencia to Lebanon.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 25

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Bolivia: The general strike of miners against rising inflation. 2. Japan :40-th anniversary of the atomic bombing, the

Anti-war demonstration under the slogan "For a Nuclear-Free and free area of ​​the Pacific Ocean." 18. U.S. President Ronald Reagan visited the Soviet Embassy in Washington to express condolences on the death of Konstantin Chernenko.

USSR, foreign heads of state arrive in Moscow for the funeral of Konstantin Chernenko. 19. Israel: Prime Minister Peres visited the hospital in Tel Avi Island, where the wounded Israeli soldiers.

Lebanon: Villagers Zrarie bury people killed in a bomb explosion.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 26

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Hong Kong: Spec. reporting on illegal immigrants from Vietnam. 2. Uruguay amnesty. 3. USA: President Reagan with President Mubarak of Egypt at the White House. 4. Israel: Funeral of Israeli soldier killed in southern Lebanon.

Demyanyk living in Cleve Land, may be deported to Israel. 22. Lebanon: Consequences of a bomb planted in the car with the staff of the American Embassy in Beirut.

Evacuation of the American Embassy in Cyprus. 23. Iraq, Iran: Consequences of the fighting. 24. Brazil: The election of a new vice-president. 25. Lebanon: a terrorist attack against Israeli soldiers who livans population.

Lebanese soldiers at a checkpoint. 26. U.S., UK: President Mubarak of Egypt in Vashing tone and London. 27. Ethiopia: Victims of famine.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 27

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

The plot of the skaters, world champions in ice dance Torv and Dean. 8. China: General Secretary of the CPC with Hu Yaobanya SWAPO leader Sam Nujoma. 9. Canada: Talks Prime Minister Malroni with President Reagan that the U.S.. 10. Lebanon, Cyprus: Evacuation of British diplomats from Western Beira that Cyprus.

The fighting in the region of Sidon. 11. Iran, Iraq: Fighting in the Iran-Iraq front.

Jordan: President Mubarak of Egypt with King Hussein. 12. Zimbabwe: Spec. report of Prime Minister Robert Mugabe.

Walking race MS.edi women. 19. Iraq: A Celebration in the streets of Baghdad on the occasion of the successful military operation in the southern region of Iran.

Evacuation of people from the West of Tehran to Frankfurt. 20. Lebanon: Fighting in the streets of Sidon between factions of the Christian militia, the Lebanese army and the Muslims.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 28

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Review of 1982 to 1985. 19. Iraq: Fighting between Iran and Iraq in Havizaha.

Austria: Injured Iranian soldiers come to Vienna for treatment. 20. Netherlands: The release from prison of former Nazi crimes Nick P. Menten, convicted in 1980. 21. Spain: Preparing for the Olympics in 1992. 22. Bolivia: The general strike in La Paz. 23. Lebanon: Funeral correspondent "C-CBS" T. Ghazzawi, who was killed from Israelites.

Israel: Interview with Foreign Minister Shamir-sync.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 29

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. U.S.: Restaurant. 2. UN meeting of African and European organizations in the United Nations on the situation in South Africa. 3. Iran: The economic difficulties in the country caused by the Iran-Iraq war and the strengthening of Islamic fundamentalism.

Browse. 4. Bangladesh: National referendum.

Ayr won President shad. 5. Lebanon fighting Israeli troops near Sidon. 6. South Korea: Chinese Sailors torpedo boat in the port of Gunsan prisoner who petitioned for the return home. 7. El Salvador: The election campaign of General Duarte.

Review of 1984 to 1985. 8. GDR: The coffin of staff of the U.S. military mission these, who was shot while trying to photograph the hour closed Soviet object in the Group of Soviet Forces in East Germany, prepare dlch transport to West Berlin. 9. South Africa: The funeral of the victims of apartheid.

Belgium: Iranian soldiers were wounded in a hospital in Brussels. 13. Bangladesh: Disaster on the ferry to transport people on the river Dhaka. 14. South Africa: Africans clash with police during a march-Protestants that the policy of apartheid.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 30

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Interview with President Botha-sync. 5. Turkey: Istanbul airport arrest hijacker West plane. 6. USA: Survey of Children with AIDS whose parents emphasis treble drugs. 7. Zimbabwe: Interview N. Sithole about the upcoming elections. 8. South Africa: Protest against the apartheid regime.

Playing Baussan, Nell, Tutu. 9. Mozambique: The difficulties in the economy.

Highlights Nat Champ World Cup. 16. South Korea: Sports.

Arrival Soviet skaters in Seoul show of the 20 best skaters in the world. 17. Iran: Consequences of Iraqi air raid on Tehran.

Iraq: The service at the mosque on the occasion of the victory of Iraq over Iran.

Presence exists President Hussein. 18. USA: Meeting the U.S. Congress on the allocation of production MS.edstv missiles "MX."

Foreign news footages 1985 № 31

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Pakistan: Leaders from Zia ul Haq speaks about Rovani settlement in Afghanistan.

Afghan refugee camp in the Afghan-Pakistani border. 2. El Salvador: The situation in the country before the election of the National Assembly. 3. France: The story of the artist Marc Chagall, in connection with his death.

Overview 1964 1971 he. , 1984. 4. France: Special Envoy of France in New Caledonia em leaving the Elysee Palace after a plan to the Government on the future of New Caledonia. 5. Philippines: Thousands march to protest against the policy of Presi that Marcos. 6. Ecuador: The one-day general strike in Quito. 7. China: Meeting People's Congress.

By Ministers of Finance. 8. South Africa: Race riots in the black populations of the country.

Trial of a group of persons accused of treason. 9. Sudan: The unrest in the country, due to the deteriorating economic plozheniya. 10. Belgium: The meeting of the EEC concerning admission to the community of Spain and Portugal.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 32

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Cambodia (Kampuchea): Review of the situation in the country after the overthrow of the regime of Lon Nol. 1975 to 1985. 2. Chile: Day of protest against the regime of Pinochet.

Elected president of the upper HYDRATED Sartezakis judge. 8. France: Implications bomb explosion in a Paris theater during the festival of Jewish films.

Protest against rising tyranny of terrorists. 9. Sudan: Police conducts mass arrests during public appearances after the abolition of food subsidies. 10. El Salvador: Results of the National Assembly elections. 11. Spec. report on the health problems of children, on the World Health Day mu.

Filmed in China, Nicaragua, Africa, El Salvador.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 33

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. U.S.: A representative of the U.S. delegation at the Geneva talks on limiting nuclear weapons states at a press conference that the USSR vystapaet against U.S. plans to develop the program "stars GOVERNMENTAL wars." 2. South Africa: The trial on the charge of police in the massacre of demonstrators in dark-skinned

Lang. 3. Peru: A demonstration against the government's economic policies. 4. Sudan: doctors' strike, in connection with the arrest of the leaders medrabotni Cove acting anti-government programs. 5. Oman naval exercise fleet.

Present Sultan Qaboos. 6. Ethiopia: rescue and assistance to victims of floods in equation

Balikestera. 12. Sudan: Anti-government demonstrations against the govern-ment decision to raise the price of food. 13. Lebanon: Israeli soldiers raid on the Lebanese village Kavtariye m-as-Siyyad.