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Foreign news footages 1985 № 81

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Guatemala: Demonstrations and protests against rising prices for transportation and food. 2. Iran: The President is elected for a second Khomeini MS.ok rule. 3. Lebanon: Terrorists kidnapped 4 French citizens in Lebanon will not, require an increase in the supply of French arms to Iran. 4. China: Opening session of the NPC Atrial taviteley.

Election of the new ministers. 5. China: The visit of former U.S. President Richard Nixon to Beijing.

Final Cup Grand Prix athletics Lekgie kyo.

Playing runners at different distances. 12. U.S. President Ronald Reagan speaks at a press conference tion devoted to the adoption of sanctions against South Africa.

South Africa: The business of the country commented CU.ugov U.S. President Ronald Reagan. 13. Thailand: Coup.

Tanks and soldiers on the streets of Bangkok.

The death of an American broadcaster "Viznyus" and his assistant. 14. Iran, Iraq: Military action in the Iran-Iraq border.

Victim you captive. 15. South Africa: The opponents of apartheid were sharply CU.itike statement of U.S. President Ronald Reagan's acceptance of limited sanctions against the apartheid system. 16. UK: Anti-government riots in Birmingham ME.

Clashes with police.

Burning building, overturned cars.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 82

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. UN: Special Edition. 40th anniversary of the UN. Review of 1945 to 1985. 2. Bangladesh: Police make arrests at the University of

Dhaka. 3. Thailand: Wedding cake height of 13, 7 meters. 4. Albania: Foreign Minister of France, Jean-M. Bale.

Re dialects Bale and Premier Albania.

In Wellington, the Prime Minister of New Zealand Lange. 9. USSR: In response to the expulsion of Soviet diplomats from Britain České employees Soviet government announced the expulsion angliys FIR diplomats from the country. 10. China: The Congress of the Communist Party of the country.

The General Secretary Hu Yaoban. 11. Portugal: The election campaign of the various parties. 12. Israel: West Bank, Jerusalem.

Soldiers patrol the streets ruyut.

Mines. 13. China: Visit to China chapter Ghana J.


The meeting with the country's presi dent Mubarak. 21. South Africa, Angola: South African troops invading the territory of Angola.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 83

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

Foreign news footages 1985 № 84

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Sudan: Anti-government demonstrations in Khartoum, the Sudanese supporters of the People's Revolutionary Party. 2. France: The first international festival of fashion in Paris.

Iraq: Review of the fighting. 7. Lebanon: Explosion at home.

Victim. 8. China: A special session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

New appointments in the manual. 9. South Africa: The business and political figures CU.ugov deliv out to be the adoption of a new constitution without the system of apartheid. 10. India: Implications of a bomb blast in Delhi. 11. France, New Zealand: yskazyvaniya representatives of various political and business CU.ugov, from the sinking ship of Greenpeace. 12. GDR: Sports.

International track and field competition in Berlin. 13. United States: U.S. Treasury, Japan, Germany, Britain and France after the one-day meeting expressed the need to reduce the value of the U.S. dollar. 14. Mexico: Earthquake in Mexico City.

Help CU.asnogo CU.esta. 15. Israel: Jerusalem.

Falashas (Ethiopian Jews) marching to the Western Wall. 16. Germany: opening of Munich's annual beer festival. 17. Thailand: Police conducting a raid on street samples sold impeding traffic on the streets of Bangkok. 18. China: Increased imports of goods in the country.

Trade. 19. UN Working Committee on Namibia.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 85

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Nigeria: First, following the military coup of the country's ruling council sworn. 2. South Africa: Miners strike at a gold mine in Deelkraale.

Dwell Paet leader of the National Council of miners S. Ramaphosa.

Statement by the Minister of Finance in Johannesburg. 3. India: Tibetan demonstration in front of the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi. 4. South Africa: Striking miners in the gold mines of the country.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 86

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. India: Election to the Legislative Assembly of Punjab. 2. New Zelendiya: Party Greenpeace ship leaves dry dock. 3. Philippines: U.S. air base "Clark" in the Philippines.

Guard base.

Govoit rhythms U.S. ambassador to the Philippines Bosworth. 4. Angola: Soviet warships sail from Luanda after the completion of a five-day visit.

Invasion of South African troops in Angola. 5. Mexico: Pposledstviya earthquake in Mexico City. 6. France: Statement by the Prime Minister Fabius on the incident with the party Greenpeace vessel "Rainbow Uorier." 7. UN: The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR Eduard Shevardnadze and U.S. Secretary J.

Cambridge. 13. Sri Lanka: Implications of the attack on a police station. 14. Iralndiya: Visit of the Soviet and U.S. military ships in

Cork, in connection with the 800th anniversary of the city.

Protest demonstration against the presence of military vehicles in Cork. 15. New Caledonia: Preparations for the elections in the National Assembly has set.

Rallies and speeches of opposition leader. 16. USA: Population north-western states to take security measures In particular, in view of the approaching Hurricane "Gloria". 17. USA: The White House met President Reagan and Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze. 18. Mexico: Earthquake in Mexico City.

Lifeguard, medical care.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 87

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Cambodia (Kampuchea): Military training camps full potovskih groups 2. UK: Riots in Brixton after police killing dark-skinned woman. 3. Japan: Demonstration at Narita Airport in protest of the airport reconstruction.

Clashes with police. 4. Mexico: Rescuers continue to search for victims of the earthquake.

Build gave an assist, distributing food.

USA: Mayor of

New York and Star TV show called to provide financial aid for the reconstruction of Mexico. 5. New Caledonia: Separatists win in local elections. 6. Iraq: Iranian military plane downed in Basra.

Iran: Reconstruction work on the storage facility in the Persian Gulf. 7. U.S.: King Hussein of Jordan meets with President Reagan.

Hussein Speech at the General Assembly of the UN. Israel made by government representatives E. Beilin. 8. Lebanon: Street fighting in Tripoli. 9. Switzerland: The talks in Geneva on the reduction of nuclear weapons and the cosmic FIR.

Come to a meeting of the delegation of the USSR and the USA. 10. South Africa: Statement Bots.

D. Tutu said.

The clashes of protesters with the police. 11. Lebanon: Street fighting in Tripoli.

The building of the Soviet Embassy in Beirut. 12. Tunisia: The victims and destroyed by Israeli air raid on PLO headquarters in Tunis.

Israel: Address by the Minister of Defense Rabin and Prime Minister Peres.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 88

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Egypt: One of the leaders of the Suez Canal Authority said the increase in 1986. the fee for passing the Suez Canal.

Ships in the Suez Canal. 2. Peru: Peru's President intends to take the country out of the International Monetary Fund.

Ban kilowatts at the Elysee Palace. 8. Mexico works to rescue victims of the earthquake.

Teli rescue work with dogs. 9. India: Celebrating the birth of Mahatma Gandhi: Sec ca free food and other industrial products. 10. UN: Arab delegates leave the UN meeting, during the discussion of the question of Denia Israeli attack on PLO headquarters in Tunis.

Tunisia: President CU.itikuet U.S. position on this issue.

U.S. Secretary of State says Schultz. 11. U.S. space shuttle launch, "Shuttle" to the Pentagon's secret mission. 12. Lebanon In Beirut, Muslim extremists kidnapped four by Soviet diplomat.

Enhancing the protection of the Soviet Embassy.

Soldiers and military vehicles in the streets.

Evaku ation staff of the Soviet Embassy.

U.S.: A representative of the League of Arab States to the United Nations A. Omran makes a statement on the Israeli attack on PLO headquarters in Tunis. 19. Mexico: Rescue work to deal zemlet ryaseniya in Mexico City. 20. Lebanon convoy CU.asnogo CU.esta on the road in the vicinity of


Foreign news footages 1985 № 91

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Philippines: Philippines light industry workers protest against U.S. legislation to reduce soured textiles from Asia.

Demonstration at the U.S. Embassy in Manila. 2. France: Special report on the seven-year tenure that Presi Mitterand.

Review of 1965 to 1985. 3. Chile: The funeral of the former union leader G. Cuevas.

Antipravite lstvennaya demonstration during the funeral. 4. South Africa: Implications of a strong fire in an office building in Cape Town.

Hit the headquarters of the "United Democratic Front de 'union and putting light industry. 5. China: Visit to Beijing Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Negotiations with the government of the PRC. 6. China: A visit to Beijing by U.S. Vice President J.


Talks on economic cooperation. 7. U.S., Egypt: Egypt and U.S. relations after a case of capture Skog Italian passenger ship by Palestinian terrorists.

Browse. 8. Ethiopia: Protest rally in Addis Ababa against the apartheid system in South Africa. 9. Italy: Italian Defense Minister George

Spadolini condemns the government for the incident with the capture of an Italian ship skim Palestinian terrorists. 10. UK: Visit to London, Prime Minister of India, P. Gan Di.

Pakistan: Mujahedin camp in Pakistan. 16. Zambia: Party leaders ANC vstre tained with representatives of the Progressive Federal Party. 17. China: A visit to Beijing by U.S. Vice President J.


Meeting with Premier Wen Zhao Ziyang.

Foreign news footages 1985 № 95

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Jordan: The resumption of railway communication between com Damas (Syria) and Amman. 2. Peru: Maoist rebels from the group direction surrender to the security forces. 3. El Salvador: President Duarte after the release of his daughter from the insurgents.

Gunfight at the presidential yard sample between the guerrillas and government forces. 4. China: Military exercises army of the country. 5. Kenya: Press conference in Nairobi, Tanzanian President Nyeri re.

Announces a voluntary transfer of power to his successor Mwinyi. 6. Guatemala: The situation in the country on the eve of the presidential elections ditch.

Review of 1982 to 1985. 7. South Korea, North Korea: South Korean coastguard vessel sank in the territorial waters of the DPRK.

Experts of the U.S. and South Korea inspect submerged vessel.

Demonstration of a new model of aircraft with short takeoff. 15. U.S. post-hurricane Louisiana. 16. U.S. trial of John and Michael Walker, accused of spying for the Soviet Union. 17. Thailand: The trial of a group of persons who are accused of trying tion state coup. 18. Belgium: Meeting of NATO. 19. South Africa: The election campaign of the ruling National Party.

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