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Foreign news footages 1982 № 63

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. USSR, Moscow - Negotiations Agriculture Ministers of the USSR and France in the afternoon.

Month and CU.essona.

The opening of the exhibition of French agro tion. 2. Nicaragua, Puerto Cabezas - normalization of life on the Atlantic coast.

P Ress conference Secretary of Agriculture. 8. USA, Boston - the collision participants antiracist demonstration tion with the Ku Klux klanovtsami. 9. USSR, Moscow - the national championship in figure skating. 10. Iran, Tehran - Mass in memory of Ayatollah Esfagani, killed by a grenade. 11. Lebanon - Government forces raided homes in search of weapons and illegal residents.

Israeli soldiers in south-eastern Lebanon. 12. South Africa, Johannesburg - panoramic story of the Reformed Church. 13. Israel.

Jerusalem - Knesset meeting on the Palestinian Authority.

Speakers Begin, Peres. 14. El Salvador, San Salvador - shoe factory, destroyed in Reza ltate fighting. 15. Cuba - Caribbean CU.izis 1962.

U.S. military maneuvers off the coast of Cuba.

Filming 1961-1979 period. 16. USA, Washington - Lebanese President Zhmayelya visit to the country.

Insert Recha with President Reagan. 17. England, Northern Ireland - terrorist attacks on the eve of elections to local assemblies.

The explosion at the school.

CU.ov on to Lu, the police examined area.

The village of Bellagio - a bomb.

Belfast - the consequences of the explosion.

Destroyed the party in the room

Foreign news footages 1982 № 64

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Lebanon, Beirut - residents return to devastated city.

Women and children MS.edi ruins.

Residents are things in damaged houses.

U.S. ship in the harbor.

Damaged zdaiya Embassy of Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates.

Said a representative of UNIFEM T. Geksel. 2. England, London - a cheerful children's festival. 3. Kenya, Nairobi - a meeting of the International Telecommunications Union.

Delegates condemned Israel's actions in Lebanon. 4. Sweden, Malmo - Poles who flew a biplane, who asked political asylum. 5. Israel, Jerusalem - a demonstration to protest against Israel's policies in Lebanon.

Meeting of the Knesset Committee on the Palestinian issue.

Insert Recha member commission investigating the massacre in the Palestinian refugee camps Chabrier and Shatila. 6. England, Northern Ireland - a tense situation on the eve of elections to local assemblies.

The bombings in the machines.

Union leader George

Molino said of the attack.

School, broken windows.

Vote. 7. Spain - special report for the general elections in the country. 8. Argentina, Buenos Aires - mnogtysyachny rally Peronists.

Dwell Paiute D. Bittel Peronist leader and leader of the Central Labour Confederation Ubaldini.

Gathered burn U.S. flags and England. 9. Salvador - attack government forces in the northern provinces. 10. Yugoslavia - Belgrade, England - London football. 11. France, Paris - French President Mitterrand met with Presi dent Lebanon Gemayel.

Vatican - Lebanese President Gemayel met with Pope John Paul 2. Italy, Rome - a meeting with Italian President Gemayel Pertini. 12. Sri Lanka, Colombo - the presidential election vote. 13. England, Belfast - elections to local assemblies.

Kan won the republican party Sinn Fein. 14. Sri Lanka, Colombo - the presidential election.

On the second of six elected MS.ok Jayawardena. 15. Spain - special report on the leaders of the various political parties before the general election.

Filming 1977 - 1982 period. 16. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro - Preparing for the general election. 17. India, New Delhi - Journalists protest demonstration against the introduction of a new press law.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 65

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012


Riya flooded territory, rescue birds CU.ysy, snakes, opossum. 6. Turkey, Ankara - Statement by the President of the Council of National Security C. Evren before adoption of the new constitution. 7. England, London - women and children participate in the demonstration yantiyadernoy radio.

In memory of the dead children being taken black stroller.

Demonstrators in front of Whitehall.

Sweden, Stockholm - yantiyadernaya demonstration.

Participants education vayut circuit between U.S. embassies and the USSR. 8. Japan, Osaka - annual week struggle for disarmament.

Demonstration welts in the palace park.

The chairman of the General Council of Trade Unions.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 66

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. China: Canton, Beydzhin - Centre national census.

Officials nickname fills the document.

Book of birth control. 2. Afghanistan, Argentina, El Salvador, Chile, Syria, South Africa, Iran - spetsrepo rtazh shenii violation of human rights in different countries. 3. Australia, Canberra - a demonstration of miners and workers Steelbreaker Thain industry against rising unemployment. 4. USA, Washington DC - interview with President Reagan on the decline in inflation.

North Carolina - a pre-election tour of Ronald Reagan.

New York - a demonstration of the unemployed. 5. Argentina - the search for relatives of missing persons. 6. Israel, Tel Aviv - working groups El Al airport block port in protest against the government's plan is the reconstruction of the airports, which will lead to job losses. 7. Spain, - preparation for the general elections. 9. UN - General Assembly meeting on Cambodia.

When absent the former Prince Sihanouk.

Act as the interim representative of the USSR A. Troyanovsky. 10. Thailand - Thai troops convoy.

Helicopter in the air.

Weapons and ammunition. 11. Guatemala - the tense situation in the country.

Checking vehicles at a checkpoint.

Refugee camps.

Food stores. 12. Zimbabwe - the visit of the President of Botswana. 13. England, Northern Ireland - bomb attack on Catholic Pohorje tries before the elections to the local Assamleyu. 14. Spain, Madrid - the leader of the People's Alliance at the polling station.

Secretary General votes Spanish Socialist Workers' Party F. Gonzalez. 15. U.S., Canada, Brazil - football.

Review of sporting events for 1975 - 1982 years. 16. Iraq - a meeting of President Hussein with Kurdish leaders. 17. Tuvalu, Funafuti - the visit of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. 18. Spain, Madrid - the results of the general elections.

The officer read out the result of voting.

The crowd applauds.

Celebration in the streets. 19. USA, San Antonio - a test of a new drug, which helps in the treatment of heart and other diseases. 20. Guatemala - tensions that followed the March perevoro.

CU.estyane who fled their homes and live in refugee camps. 21. Argentina - start of a new nuclear reactor in Barilohe.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 67

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. England, London - football. 2. Argentina, Buenos Aires - a demonstration of civil rights.

Cemetery Grand Bourg.

Wreaths on the graves.

Demonstration mothers. 3. Salvador - junta troops are fighting the patriotic forces of the country. 4. Ethiopia, Addis Ababa - a visit by the president of Yugoslavia P. Stambolic. 5. India, Pakistan - special report on religious LS.ine Sikhs. 6. Argentina, Buenos Aires - a football match in the Cup Libertadoris. 7. Lebanon - Funeral Mass for the dead in the Shatila refugee camps.

The consequences of a bomb blast outside Beirut.

Filming 1969 - 1982 period. 14. Lebanon - Israeli tanks in the streets.

The body of the murdered man.

Destroyed homes.

The funeral of the victims of the collision of Christians and Druze militia.

In a car bomb attack at a U.S. Marine camp. 15. India, New Delhi - the first in the last ten years, the visit of Pakistani President Zia ul-Haq in the country.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 68

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Ivory Coast - international rally.

Winner B. Rorl from Germany. 2. Egypt, Cairo - interview with President Mubarak on the Lebanese problem ME supporting the plan Reagan. 3. Turkey, Istanbul - the story about the Armenian LS.ine. 4. Iran, Iraq - military action.

Iraqi tanks are rel Obst, soldiers digging trenches.

Captured Iranian soldiers.

Movement of Iranian troops. 5. Lebanon - Soldiers of the French contingent of international peacekeepers and Lebanese army troops controlled the streets of Beirut. 6. USA - mid-term elections to the Senate in Chicago, Los Angeles -, Alabama.

Interview of President Reagan's election results.

Funeral of President of the National Assembly A. Boko Igna se. 14. Spain - a visit by Pope John Paul 2. 15. Ireland - the results of the general elections.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 69

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Cameroon - the story about the president of the country A. Ahidjo, who had resigned.

Shooting 1977, 1978, and 1980. 2. UN - General Assembly meeting on the Falkland badly you. 3. Thailand - a visit by U.S. Secretary of Defense Weinberger.

Re speaking about the deployment of U.S. troops on the border with Cambodia to her.

Arrival of U.S. forces in the country. 4. France, Paris - awarded the "Golden Boot" and the "Golden Ball" Adidas best footballer in 1982 - P. Rossi. 5. Lebanon - U.S. Marine patrols in East Beirut. 6. Lebanon, Sidon - Palestinian refugee camp of Ain Hilveh.

Indeed observed point.

Refugees put the tent.

Women talk about the harsh living conditions in the camps. 7. Spain, Madrid - the funeral of Major General V. Lago, who was killed basks Kimi separatists. 8. Brazil - Itapskoy completion of the dam.

Panoramic scene. 9. Poland, Gdansk - underground radio station, discovered by the police to her. 10. Spain, Avila, Granada - the visit of Pope John Paul 2.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 71

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

The demonstrators in the streets.

Patrols. 15. Poland - the story of Solidarity and its leader L. Whalen se.

Shooting 1980, 1981, 1982.

The government announced the imminent release of Walesa.

Continuing clashes between police and Solidarity. 16. Brazil, Sao Paulo - the leader of the Workers performing at political rallies. 17. UN - UN special session dedicated to the memory of Leonid Brezhnev. 18. Israel, U.S. - CU.izis Israeli economy, inflation, which reached 130%.

Filming 1973 - 1982 period. 19. Cambodia - a military training camp. 20. Japan - football. 21. Chile - the country's economy.

The streets of Santiago.

Port of Valparaiso. 22. Albania, Tirana - Albanian leader accuses his former closest aide of treason.

Shooting 1967, 1982. 23. India, Gujarat - the consequences of the cyclone.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 72

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Kenya, Western Sahara, France, Chad, Libya, Ethiopia - the plot of the Organization of African Unity at the upcoming meeting of the leaders.

Filming 1980 - 1982 period. 2. Italy - qualifying match for the European Championship football match between the teams of Italy and Czechoslovakia. 3. Salvador Usulutan, El Salvador - operation of government troops against the guerrillas. 4. Iraq - the resumption of fighting in the Iran-Iraq border.

President Hussein presents medals.

Poland-increasing economic and cultural influence sovets whom Union country after martial law. 11. Salvador - guerrillas levy road tax in the province of Morazan.

Government troops in the streets of San Salvador. 12. USA - football. 13. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro - the national elections.

Foreign news footages 1982 № 73

News, 1 part to collection A 11/14/2012

1. Overview story on the Soviet Union on the situation in the country after the death of Leonid Brezhnev and the new leadership headed by Yuri Andropov Vym.

The events in Poland, Afghanistan, the United States at this time.

Iranian guards on the streets.

Portrait of Khomeini and slogans on the building.

Revolutionary Guards patrol. 8. Hungary - the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the railway. 9. Oman, Muscat - Sultan Qaboos Bin Saeed speaks at the National Day celebrations. 10. Iraq - heavy fighting near Mandali. 11. USA - former CIA agent Edwin Wilson sentenced for smuggling weapons to Libya. 12. Chad - the events in the country, shooting 1979 - 1982 period.

Remarks by President Goukouni calling for unity.

President Goukouni serves Nairobi OAU meeting on Chad.

Chairman Tel Liberation Front of Chad gives oath. 13. Sweden - the hotel afloat, made to order in England in Gothenburg, is intended to be sent to the Falkland Islands. 14. USA, Florida - special detachment control the drug trade.

Bush in Zambia and Namibia.

Filming 1980 - 1982 period. 22. Albania, Tirana - parliamentary elections in the country.

Vote leader Hoxha.

Voters supported the communist government. 23. England - Government renews legal dispute with Denmark on fishing rights. 24. Brazil - tabulation, the ballots are removed from boxes. 25. Turkey - the story about the new president of the country - General K. Evreux not.

Filming 1933 - 1982 period. 26. Egypt - the military maneuvers in the Sinai desert.

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