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Foreign newsreels 1973 № 3694

News, to collection F 6/18/2013

Netherlands - The oil crisis. (Shipping limitations).

Foreign newsreels 1973 № 3695

News, to collection F 6/18/2013

Mexico - Meeting of Parliament.

Mexico - The consequences of the earthquake ..

Foreign newsreels 1973 № 3701

News, to collection F 6/18/2013

GDR - Premiere of the Soviet film "The sweet word freedom."

Actress Miroshnichenko during a trip to GDR.Meksika - Mexico City.


Carnival on the occasion of Independence Day.

Mexico - resort for millionaires in Acapulco.

Bazaar in Mexico City.

The settlement workers on the outskirts of Mexico City, the children in the sea.


Foreign newsreels 1973 № 3704

News, to collection F 6/18/2013

Germany - a meeting with Willy Brandt and Bruno Kreisky Olof Palme, the resort Schlangenbad (due to the oil crisis).

Germany - the machine and the computer in the modern baking industry.

Germany - Visit to the women's prison and orphanage in prison Heineman wife of the president on the occasion of the Christmas holidays.

West Berlin - West Berlin Christmas market under the TV tower.


In the zoo.

Children at the fair.


Foreign newsreels 1973 № 3708

News, to collection F 6/18/2013

Space - Astronauts "Skylab" carry out medical experiments.

Space - Astronauts "Skylab" end the longest "space walk".

Chile - Journalists inspect the destroyed home of the late President Salvador Allende.

Soldiers at home.

Chile - Journalists visiting the prison camp, hosted by the junta at the stadium in Santiago.

Chile - Soldiers in the streets of Santiago.

The soldiers carried out of the house and burned the book.


Foreign newsreels 1973 № 3709

News, to collection F 6/18/2013

Chile - President Allende takes the oath of the new cabinet.

Mass rally in support of the government.

Chile - Police are trying to commandeer trucks from strikers owners.

U.S., USSR, England - Annalistic material 1971-73. - Agriculture, harvesting, loading grain bread at the store. (To increase the price of wheat in the United States and its impact on food prices in other countries).

U.S. and cosmos - Implementation of the "Skylab".

Preparing to run the second command the space station.

USA - launch of the first crew of "Skylab".


Foreign newsreels 1973 № 3710

News, to collection F 6/18/2013

Chile - the police dispersed a demonstration wives of striking truck owners with tear gas and water cannon. (August 1973).

Canada - Interview with Edward Heath on the situation in Southern Rhodesia and Uganda during the conference of Prime Ministers of the Commonwealth in Ottawa.

Canada - Reception J. Govoni African diplomats in Ottawa during a conference of Prime Ministers of the Commonwealth.

Pakistan - The election of President Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Pakistan - A large flood in Punjab.

India - The unprecedented flooding in Kashmir.

Cyprus - Demonstration of student supporters of General Grivas in Famagusta.


Foreign newsreels 1973 № 3711

News, to collection F 6/18/2013

England - European skiing on grass in Petersfield.

Britain and Northern Ireland - The consequences of a bomb in a letter sent to the London Stock Exchange.

Similar explosions in Ulster.

England - The consequences of the ongoing bombings in London.

England - Interview with Prime Minister Heath about the bombings in London.

England (Northern Ireland) - Prime Minister Heath in Belfast.

USA - Newsreel 1968-1973 years.


Foreign newsreels 1973 № 3714

News, to collection F 6/18/2013

Chile - The strike of truck owners and coaches.

Chile - A demonstration in Santiago in support of President Allende.

Mexico - U.S. shoppers crossing the border to buy cheaper meat.

Mexico - the worst flooding in centuries.

Space (USA) - Astronauts "Skylab" in his free time doing different exercises in a state of weightlessness

USA - Americans are buying silver coins to save their money during inflation.

Zambia - The country's only mobile clinic provides medical care to residents of the outskirts of Lusaka.


Foreign newsreels 1973 № 3715

News, to collection F 6/18/2013

Space (USA) - Astronauts have stability, "Skylab".

USA - Preparation for the launch of the spare space ship "Apollo" astronauts for "Skylab".

USA - Thousands of striking farm workers participate in the funeral of his friend - Yemeni who was killed in the strike.

USA - Archaeologists discover ancient Indian culture during excavations in Texas.

Chile - Regulations on transport in Santiago during the ongoing strike of truck owners.

Allende takes the oath of the new ministers.

Canada - Reports from the island of Newfoundland during a general strike of railwaymen.