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Foreign newsreels 1967 № 1413

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

South Vietnam: The destruction of bridges Vietcong.

South Vietnam's most dangerous stretch of railway track in the world from Da Nang to Hue.

South Vietnam: U.S. Marines are exchanged fire with snipers.

West Germany (FRG): Training of American paratroopers on the lake.

England: The new helicopter for the Royal Navy of Great Britain.

England: Demonstration Uestlendskogo underwater rescue ejection RAF.

France: Test aeropoezda.


Foreign newsreels 1967 № 1417

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

England: Arrival of the Prime Minister of the USSR Alexei Kosygin to London.

England: Kosygin talks with British industrialists in London.

England: Kosygin at the official dinner with British Prime Minister Wilson.

England: Daughter Kosygin Gvishiani Ludmila and her 19-year-old son Alex visit Coventry and Stratford-upon-Avon.

England: Kosygin at the plant computers.

England: Reception at the Soviet embassy in London in honor of the visit Kosygin.

England: Visit Kosygin Parliament and the monument to fallen soldiers in London.



Foreign newsreels 1967 № 1445

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

China: Demonstration in front of the Soviet embassy in Beijing in connection with the attack on the Chinese students in Moscow.

Indonesia: Students Protest against the regime of Sukarno in front of the army headquarters in Jakarta.

South Vietnam: American runways of fibroglassa and synthetics.

South Vietnam: Parachute frequently reported 108 dead Vietcong.

Viet Nam: Viet Cong shooting inside the tunnel.

Singapore Indians with stakes in the body are involved in the festival Thaipusam.

USA: The second stage of the rocket "Saturn" comes to Cape Canaveral.


Foreign newsreels 1967 № 1448

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

U.S.: Aerobatics in a new helicopter.

USA: Scorched Capsule "Apollo" at Cape Canaveral.

Germany, Munich: The sentencing of former Nazis responsible for the deaths of thousands of Dutch Jews, including Anne Frank, was sentenced to nine years in prison.

England: Arrival of the Soviet delegation, headed by Minister N.Strokinym in London to review the British motor industry.

England-France: The story of the construction of a supersonic airliner "Concord".

Denmark: More than 50 people are still missing after the disaster of the Soviet ship "Toucan" during the storm.

France: Statement by the Prime Minister Georges Pompidou and the leader of radical socialists Mendes-France at the election meeting.



Foreign newsreels 1967 № 1451

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Japan: Hundreds gathered outside the courthouse to protest the acquittal accused in the case Matsukawa.

Foreign newsreels 1967 № 1461

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

The election of the prime minister of Yugoslavia - Mika Shpilyak.

The election of the President of the Republic - I.B.Tito.

The oath of the president.

Foreign newsreels 1967 № 1470

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

France: The launching of rockets "Berenice."

France: Isle de Levan - a place for private relaxation and the French research center rocketry.

Rocket "Berenice."

France: Yves Montand writes a new song before the performance at the White House.

Foreign newsreels 1967 № 1473

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Czechoslovakia: The story of the tragedy of Lidice and the fate of the children of this village.