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1921 documents,

Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4687

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

U.S. - Test oil drilling near the Atlantic coast.

France - Arrival in France for talks Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

The start of negotiations.


Nice, February 12.

England - Dog "Crufts".

England - Football.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4689

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Ethiopia - Sezd.m. / Sheets do not.

Australia - Swimming.

m. / sheets do not.

Greece - Demonstration 2 of thousands of parents and relatives of the Greeks and Greek Cypriots missing and killed in action in Cyprus in 1974.


Athens, February 27.

USA - The game of basketball teams Chicago - Washington.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4690

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Angola - MPLA soldiers preparing for independence.

Taken: MPLA soldiers marching.

The soldiers in the truck, they wave their children.


Truck passing on the street.

Luanda, November 9.

Angola - MPLA leader A. No. appoints commission to work in the province.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4691

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Australia - Flooding in New South Wales.

England - Championship Cup.

Ethiopia - Meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Organization of African Unity (OAU).

Angola for the first time taking part in the meeting.

Addis Ababa, February 23.

England - Little giraffe born at the London Zoo.

Italy - Tennis.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4692

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Spain - A trip to Catalonia King Juan Carlos.

Carlos H. in


Carlos H. Phalangists meet in

Barselone.19 of February.

Zambia - Remarks by President Kaunda of Zambia Rhodesia about interference in the affairs of Angola.

South Vietnam - Special school for the rehabilitation of former prostitutes.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4693

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

England - Speedway - Donington Park.

England and France - Potatoes - a luxury item in Western Europe.

Puerto Rico - Muhammad Ali and Jean Pierre Koopman train for the upcoming battle.

USA - The first phase of the campaign for the U.S. presidency.

Candidates speak at meetings in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

1975 - 1976 years.

Kenya - A protest in Nairobi against the pretensions of the Ugandan President Amin on the part of the territory of Kenya.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4694

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

USA - President Ford.

India - Indira Gandhi talks with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq to the strengthening of the non-aligned countries.

New Delhi, February 26.

Ghana - Ghana's housing minister meeting with architects.

Accra, Feb. 25.

USA - Basketball.

Notre Dame - Dayton.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4696

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Italy - Strike.

Angola - MPLA rally in the southern town of Sada Bandeira.

Taken: Soldiers and residents at the rally.

February 21.

Portugal - Mass rally in honor of the 55 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party.

Speaker A. Cunha.

Lisbon, March 5, 1976


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4697

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Mongolia - Opening ceremony of the Soviet-Mongolian friendship.

The rally, a photo exhibition in the foyer.

Gala evening in the hall of the House of Friendship.

Tsedenbal acts.

In the hall sat the Soviet builders.

Bulgaria - City.

Industry Overview - plants, construction of thermal power plant.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4700

News, to collection F 4/27/2013

Austria - City of Innsbruck.

The streets of the city.

Frames to / years - Innsbruck 1964.

Dumped snow on the slopes of the Olympic Games.

Mountain slot today.

A new cup for Olympic flame.

Germany - Competitions dog sledding in the mountains of the Black Forest.