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Foreign newsreels 1978 № 5606

News, to collection F 3/1/2013

USA - President Carter talks with Egyptian President A. Sadat.

The city of Washington, February 3.

Israel - Jerusalem - Foreign Minister of Egypt and Israel in peace talks on the Middle East (synchronously).

January 17.

U.S. - Israeli Foreign Minister M. Dayan answers questions about the attitude of Israel to the U.S. role in the peace talks with Egypt (synchronously).

New York City, February 12.

Egypt - France - Press conference of Egyptian President A. Sadat (synchronously).


Foreign newsreels 1978 № 5607

News, to collection F 3/1/2013

Nepal - Arrive Vice Chairman Deng Xiaoping paid an official visit to Nepal.

Kathmandu, 2, 3 February.

Israel, Jerusalem - Statement by the Prime Minister M. Begin in the Knesset on the A. Sadat made the statement on January 20 in Cairo. (Synchronously).

January 22.

Egypt - Statement by President A. Sadat in Parliament about his appeal to the United States to provide sophisticated weapons to Egypt, the same as Israel.

Cairo, January 21.

Thailand - The agreement between Thailand and Vietnam on air.


Foreign newsreels 1978 № 5608

News, to collection F 3/1/2013

Japan - Tennis.

Suntory semifinal.

Tokyo, April 22.

Australia - surfing competitions.

City of Sydney, April 18-21.

Germany - Awarding the Olympic champion American swimmer Spitz AM.

Munich, April 22.


Foreign newsreels 1976 № 4986

News, 10 parts to collection F 11/14/2012

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