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Foreign newsreels 1971 № 2662

News, 6 footages, Duration: 0:12:23.481 to collection F 9/21/2013

France - Latest Fiacre in Paris for tourists and city views with movement.

Chile - a Report on the country.

President Salvador Allende.

Poland - opening ceremony of the days of the sea in kołobrzeg.

Acts P. Yaroshevich.

Belgium - Report from Antwerp (city and port)

Poland, Germany, Belgium, England - the Journey, the bus on the route poznań-London.


Foreign newsreels 1971 № 2666

News, 6 footages, Duration: 0:11:19.549 to collection F 9/21/2013

Tunisia - Opening of the VII Congress of the all-Arab Women's Union.

People's Republic of the Congo - Report from Brazzaville.

The meeting of representatives of the Hungarian People's Republic with President Ngouabi.

Turkey - Reporting from Istanbul.

Malta - Reporting from La Valletta.

Switzerland - The plot of the three Swiss artists, cartoonist (editorial cartoon).

Denmark - Reporting from Copenhagen.


Foreign newsreels 1971 № 2689

News, 6 footages, Duration: 0:12:23.787 to collection F 9/21/2013

GDR - VIII Congress SEPG.GDR - Soviet aircraft "Tu-144" and a helicopter in Berlin.

GDR - German-born citizens of different countries on an excursion to Weimar.

GDR - A former concentration camp Buchenwald.

Interview people whose parents were killed in Buchenwald. (Russian version.

EDL not).

GDR - On the issue of acceptance of the GDR to the International Health Organization.

France - GDR Fair in Paris.


Foreign newsreels 1971 № 2694

News, 7 footages, Duration: 0:10:21.877 to collection F 9/21/2013

Germany - German Collection of Gdansk.

Germany - Meeting of the Silesian Germans in Munich.

Poland - Report from Wroclaw.

West Berlin - Building in the center of West Berlin.

West Berlin - the 9th German-French national holiday in the French sector of West Berlin.

Germany - Aviation Festival in Wiesbaden, hosted by the US Air Force, with the participation of pilots from nine countries.

Israel - Visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany Walter Scheel in Tel Aviv.


Foreign newsreels 1971 № 2695

News, 6 footages, Duration: 0:12:37.512 to collection F 9/21/2013

SAR - a Collection dedicated to Africa Day and the 8th anniversary of the Organization of African unity.

The UAR and Lebanon - the Creation of a Federation of the three Arab States of Egypt, Syria and Libya.

SAR - Visit W. Rogers in Cairo.

SAR - Opening of the 47th Cairo salon for fine arts.

SAR national Congress of the Arab socialist Union.

SAR - Celebrating the 19th anniversary of the Egyptian revolution.

Oar - the Delegation of the CPSU headed by Boris N. Ponomariov at the reception on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the Egyptian revolution.

Foreign newsreels 1971 № 2697

News, 8 footages, Duration: 0:10:57.067 to collection F 9/21/2013

Germany - Construction of the Olympic complex in Munich.

Germany - Construction of the Olympic complex.

Planting cedar of Lebanon - the symbol of the Olympic Games in 1972.

Belgium - Tennis.

The victory of Alexander Metreveli and P. Likhachev in the semifinals of the Davis Cup.

Austria - 75 years of technical miracle in 1896 - a giant ferris wheel in Vienna.

Italy - World Cup slalom in Merano.


Foreign newsreels 1973 № 3586

News, 1 footage, Duration: 0:02:51.56 to collection F 9/21/2013

Mexican folk arts and crafts (arts and crafts).

Craftsmen at work.







Foreign newsreels 1971 № 2729

News, 10 footages, Duration: 0:12:50.547 to collection F 9/21/2013

Czechoslovakia - A new cotton factory in Levice (Slovakia), the largest in Europe, equipped with machines and machine tools from the CMEA countries. (EDL not).

USA - "Apollo-15". (EDL not).

The Soviet Union and the United States - the Soviet Lunokhod and "Apollo 15."

Bulgaria - Official visit of the Ambassador of the DRV T.Zhivkovu.

Bulgaria - Construction of TPP "Varna".

Soviet equipment at the station.



Foreign newsreels 1971 № 2730

News, 9 footages, Duration: 0:11:07.957 to collection F 9/21/2013

Netherlands - Auto racing.

Netherlands - New traffic artery Gaaga- Rotterdam (from the air).

Netherlands - The four pedestrian march from ten countries in Niymvegene.

England - The international "snail race."

France - Trained dolphins.

Spain - The second congress Zoologists Union Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

Visiting Barcelona's Zoo.


Foreign newsreels 1971 № 2733

News, 10 footages, Duration: 0:12:23.346 to collection F 9/21/2013

Romania - Breakfast Nikolai Ceausescu in honor of the leaders of a number of fraternal parties and spend their vacation on the coast of Romania.

Romania - Meeting a delegation of the Communist Party of Sweden with Nikolai Ceaucescu

Romania - The visit of the delegation of the Spanish Communist Party, headed by S. Kirilenko to Nikolai Ceausescu.

Bulgaria - The new factory battery "Start" in Tolbuhin, built along the line of the CMEA and associated with a Soviet car factory in Tolyatti.

Bulgaria - Quick story of the "eye witness" to the 80th anniversary of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

Romania - XXV session of the CMEA in Bucharest.

Czechoslovakia - signing a trade agreement with the Soviet Union to supply the Soviet Union cutting machines.