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1921 documents,

Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1316

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

West Berlin - the first congress of the Communist Party of West Berlin.

Canada - Disaster: A helicopter hits the radio tower.

South Vietnam - Anti-government student demonstration in Saigon.

Key performance and Theu national congress.

South Vietnam - U.S. planes sprayed the jungle with chemicals to destroy trees and deprive guerrilla hideouts.

South Vietnam - After the suppression of the Buddhist uprising in Danang.

South Vietnam - Saigon Residents burn American car.


Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1320

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

Poland - International Music Festival "Warsaw Autumn".

Arthur Rubinstein at the rehearsal.

USA - Destination Philippine President Marcos in New York.

GDR and West Berlin - For the 5th anniversary of the Berlin Wall border.

OAR - Work on preparing the transfer of Egyptian temples Abu Simbella zone of future flooding.

Czechoslovakia - Maneuvers "Vltava": involved friendly army USSR, GDR, Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1324

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

South Vietnam - Operation of American marines and bombers in the area of ​​Hue.

South Vietnam - Evacuation of wounded Americans after the attack South Vietnamese patriots near the Cambodian border.

American patrols in the Jungle.

DRV and South Vietnam - Aircraft from the U.S. aircraft carrier "Hancock" bombing military targets (Shooting from the air).

South Vietnam and DRV - Aircraft U.S. firing missiles and dropping over South Vietnam, bombed bridges in the DRV.

South Vietnam - U.S. Marine Corps uses sniffer dogs while searching for guerrillas.

South Vietnam - American "air police" guarding the air base at Tan Son Nhut.


Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1325

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

South Vietnam - Luxury hospital for American soldiers in Saigon.

DRV - Celebrating the 21 th anniversary of the proclamation of the DRV.

DRV - Celebrating the 21 th anniversary of the proclamation of the DRV.

South Korea - South Korean parts Seeing new army in South Vietnam.

Philippines - U.S. Marine pilots trained in the jungle for the Vietnam War.

Italy - Venice International Film Festival days.

Celebrities on the street, on the beach.


Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1334

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

U.S. - Soundtrack speech AA Gromyko XXI session of the UN General Assembly.

Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1336

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

Germany - Demonstration and protest against the Vietnam War in Rendsburg.

USA - Presentation of prizes Sophia Loren and Walt Disney.

U.S. - Opening of the new Museum of American Art, the Whitney in New York.

Welcomes Jacqueline Kennedy.

DPRK - diploma awarded an honorary member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Korean scientist Lee Seung Gi.

West Berlin - Nazi war criminals Speer and von Schirach emerge from Spandau prison after a 20-year sentence.

Germany - German Conference of Catholic Bishops.


Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1342

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

England - A protest demonstration against U.S. policy in Vietnam near the U.S. Embassy.

Demonstrators clash with police.

England - A protest march against the Vietnam War in the U.S. Air Force base in Alconbury (East of England).

England - Soviet union delegation present at the traditional meeting in Tolpuddl (West England).

England - Football world championship match between the USSR and Germany.

Japan - Meeting of AA Gromyko with Japanese Prime Minister Sato.

Japan - Demonstration of students against the arrival of the U.S. nuclear submarine "Snook" in Yokosuka.


Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1344

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

Israel - The incident on the Syrian border (explosions).

Romania - Dinner at Nicolae Ceausescu in honor of PE Shelest.

GDR - Walter Ulbricht presents national awards Ernst Bush and other cultural figures.

Stills from the film about the Congo-Müller.

Bulgaria - Arrival in Sofia delegation of Soviet filmmakers.

Germany - Takeoff.

Bulgaria - IX Congress of the BCP. Speakers T. Zhivkov, LI Brezhnev and others


Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1345

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

Cuba - Executive Committee meeting of the conference of three continents in support of Vietnam.

Vietnam War.

South Vietnam - Military operations - operation of U.S. troops "Prairie."

Hungary - Simonov in Budapest during the Days of poetry.

Romania - Reception N.Chaushesku Foreign Trade Minister NS Patolicheva.

Germany - a government crisis.

Candidates for chancellor - Kiesinger, Barzel and Schroeder.


Foreign newsreels 1966 № 1353

News, to collection F 2/4/2014

France - The famous pop singer Juliette Greco.