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1974 № 5

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Leonid Brezhnev's speech at the 24th Congress of the CPSU.

Kuibyshev shop drill bit factory.

Works team punchers VY Ukolov Announced by early implementation of the annual plan.

Interview Wizard Kuibyshev plant Maslennikov AI Terehovoj of socialist commitments workers led by her site.

Build generators for Volga automobile plant in Kuibyshev factory shop "KATEK."

PARAMONOVA family members (father and three sons) working in the shop Kuibyshev ninth bearing plant.

Installing the rig.


1975 № 5

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Meeting of Pioneers 165th village school "Coastal" Kuibyshev region with brother writer AP Gaidar - MN Kulikov and VN Donnikova.

VN Donnikova story about AP Gaidar (synchronous).

Pioneers caring for animals living corner of the Palace of Pioneers Kirov district of


Training athletes Kuibyshev sports school "Neptune" E. Pavlova.

Pavlova performs diving.

Children kindergarten № 313


1976 № 5

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Togliatti; streets, buildings.

Interview of deputy head of the association "Kuybyshevgidrostroy" E. Novikov on the results and prospects in the union.

Work on snow retention on farm fields Kirov Orenburg region.

Tractor in the field.

Mechanics Kameshkirskogo district branch association "Agriculture" Penza region repairing agricultural machinery in one of the farms area.

Forge Kuibyshev 9th bearing plant.

On machines running brothers Anatoly and Vladimir Nashatyrevy.


1977 № 5

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Special Issue newsreel "Holiday people's talents."


Zonal review First All-Union festival of amateur art workers.

Speakers: Cossack ensemble Volgograd region "Hopper" folk ensemble Bandura-Saratov region, brass band Volga car Osankin family ensemble, the ensemble "boatman" Kuibyshev region; singing soloists L. Artischeva (y

Orenburg), L. Solodovnikova (y


1978 № 5

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Production processes in the open-hearth shop smelter in Kirov

Kulebaki Gorky region.

Orenburg region.

Winter landscapes neighborhoods farm "Chebenkovskaya."

Work on snow retention.

Production processes in the shop for the manufacture of gearboxes at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant.

Works team VA Samsonov.


1979 № 5

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Construction of the pipeline "Union".

Construction of a compressor station in


A solemn meeting dedicated to the completion of work at the Polish section of the pipeline "Union".

Job zootechnical service at the farm "Chernovsky" Kuibyshev region.

Caring for cattle, hay delivery on the farm.

Job pharmacies and drugstores employees in the Kuibyshev region.


1980 № 5

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

House-Museum of Lenin in Ulyanovsk.

Customers visiting the exposition.

Production processes in one of the shops of the Volga car.

Views of the city of Togliatti.

Production processes in plants ptitsezavoda Pachelma in the Penza region.

Academic Council meeting in the Kuibyshev Pedagogical Institute.

Students at a lecture in a classroom.


1950 № 49

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Production processes at the Gorky Automobile Plant them.


Threshing and delivery of grain to the elevator at the farm.

Timirjazeva Gorky region.

Development of peat enterprise "Nyurdor-Kotian" in Udmurtia.

Production processes at the vitamin factory in Yoshkar-Ola.

Sailing competitions in the vicinity of Kuibyshev.

1961 № 49

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Twice Hero of Socialist Labor A. Ulesov conducts electric welding on the construction of the facility in the city of Stavropol Kuibyshev region.

Laboratory tests on the strength of the weld after the welding.

Production processes in the shop Ryazan Machine Tool Works.

Works drummer communist labor turner VI Bodryagin.

Advanced hog woman farm "Five-Year Plan" of the Penza region Detkova A. and A. Ivanov at work on a pig farm.

Training flights cadets Orenburg Higher Military Aviation School.

Solemn meeting dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the school.


1971 № 48

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Build motors on the conveyor motor plant in

Zavolzhie Gorky region.

Assembly of electronic computers in the shop Penza plant.

Head choreographic circle Penza Palace of Pioneers RY Kutyreva conducts classes for children.

Speech pioneers, members of choreographic circle on the stage.

Members airmodelling mug Ulyanovsk Palace of Pioneers collected a model rocket.

Head mug VM Fishing with pioneers launches a model rocket.