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Povolzhie 1978 № 3

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Assembling cars in the Volga Automobile Plant "Lada".

The theme is the 60th anniversary of the security organs.

Photos of security officers

Ulyanovsk, various years, including those killed in the Second World War.

Solemn meeting.

Stands head of the State Security Committee of the Ulyanovsk region Nazarov.

The first secretary of the regional security officers Kuznetsov presents government awards and Red Banner Regional Party Committee and Regional Council of Deputies.


Povolzhie 1979 № 3

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

View of a village in the Orenburg region.

Preparing the farm "Tchkalovsky" for spring sowing.

Preparation of seeds of forage grasses in the village Regimental Ryazan region.

Issue at "Penzmash" open-end rotor spinning machines.

Weightlifter A. Logutov competitions, training, at home with family.

Rehearsal guitar ensemble, created at the club Trolleybus and tramway control in


Povolzhie 1980 № 3

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Production processes at the Orsk-Khalilov production plant.

Chief physician Adamovsky district of Orenburg region P. Ryahovsky on the hospital grounds, with colleagues at work, on the operation.

Production at the plant Relin "Polimerstroymaterialy" in Otradnoe Kuibyshev region.

Students in vocational schools number 27 Ryazan trained professions hairdresser, photographer, seamstress: future hair stylists, photographers, studio employees on practical exercises.

Competition for the Cup of the Soviet Union in boxing in Kuibyshev.

Povolzhie 1950 № 29

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Exhibition in the Kuibyshev district House officers, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the death of Alexander Suvorov.

Construction in Ufa Oil Institute, Statistic College, theater, houses, stadium.

Job Mokshansky home culture: presentation lecturer lesson circles.

Speech amateur participants in one of the Penza farms.

Football match commands "Wings of the Soviets" (Kuibyshev) and "Lokomotiv" (Moscow).

Povolzhie 1955 № 29

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Commissioning lower shipping locks of the Kuibyshev hydroelectric.

Movement of vessels.

Making models of ships in the Kuibyshev marine club, the transfer model of the battleship "Potemkin" in

Moscow sailors.

Kind of a new indoor market in


Trading in the market.


Povolzhie 1957 № 29

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

International Relay peace and friendship, which started in North Korea (DPRK), in the cities of Kazan and Gorky.

Movement of motorcyclists.

Summer camp manpower in Chkalov (Orenburg) area.

Member of the Civil War, Communist GA Burdasov talking with young people.

Production of diesel generators for whaling fleet "Glory" on Penza diesel plant.




Povolzhie 1959 № 29

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

The rally in the village Yushte Ryazan region on the occasion of the opening of a bronze bust of twice Hero of Socialist Labor milkmaid farm "The foundation of socialism" PN Carpet.

Mari Republic.

Logging on Zelenogorsk Suslongerskogo lespromhoza site.

Works foreman VY Yakovlev, who led by example B. Gagapovoy, backward team.

City Zavolzhie Gorky region.

Production processes in the shops of the plant of automobile engines.

Removal of peat to fertilize fields on the farm "Druzhba" Mari Autonomous Republic.


Povolzhie 1960 № 29

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Holiday breeders Kuibyshev region at the Kuibyshev stadium "Dynamo".


Playing heads Kuibyshev and Orenburg regions, leaders of agriculture.


Before the festival participants performing artists: Nikolai Cherkasov, MD Mikhailov, R. Behbudov K. Lazarenko, M. Esenbay.

Povolzhie 1962 № 29

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Special Issue newsreel devoted to the experience of growing winter wheat in Kuibyshev and Ulyanovsk regions.

Cultivation of fields with crops of wheat.

Harvesting wheat on the farm "Bezenchuksky" farm Kuibyshev Kuibyshev region, Lenin collective farm in the Ulyanovsk region in the fields of the Kuibyshev Agricultural Institute and Ulyanovsk Experiment Station.

Povolzhie 1963 № 29

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 6/16/2014

Filming third Spartakiade RSFSR, held in the city of Gorky from 7 to 14 July 1963.

View of the stadium, spectators in the stands.

Masters of Soviet sport-L. Skoblikov, M. Isakov, L. Nazmutdinova, V. Kuts, Nikitin, A. Aliyev carry the flag of the republic.

Competitions and awarding Games Champions in various sports, including athletics, gymnastics, weightlifting.

Among the athletes: weightlifter V. Smetanin, multiple national champion in rhythmic gymnastics Nazmutdinova L., V. Lissitzky gymnast, runner Sokolow, the master race walking Krylov, jumpers and G. B. Bol'shova Bystrovoj.