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Leningrad newsreel 1946 № 1

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/16/2014

Election meetings to nominate candidates for deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR at the Leningrad plant: engineering Kirov, metal name Stalin, "Bolshevik".

Factory workers act (synchronously), nominate candidates for deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Stalin, Zhdanov, AA Kuznetsov, KE Titov.

Leningrad newsreel 1947 № 1

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/16/2014

Nomination of candidates for the Supreme Soviet of the meetings: working Kirov Machine-Building Plant, Leningrad Higher collectives armored officer school, the Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers, farmers cooperatives behalf of Consumer Novoladozhsky district of Leningrad region.

Assembly of pneumatic hammers miners in the workshop of the Leningrad plant "pneumatics".

Workers handle the details on the machines.

Finished products plant.

Painters of the Leningrad Lomonosov Porcelain Factory painted porcelain.

Painted vases, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Constitution of the RSFSR.

Production of metal wagons for Express Train Moscow - Tbilisi shop Leningrad Railcar Yegorov.


Leningrad newsreel 1949 № 1

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/16/2014


To fit the Moscow Railway Station train of wagons out scientists who came to the session of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, on the history of Russian science.

Presidium meeting, divisions of the Academy of Sciences.

Speakers academicians Vavilov; Sukachev, AI Berg, member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Professor VV Danilevsky.

Present academicians EV Britske, Ioffe, NS Derzhavin, VP Nikitin, MM Dubinin, Blagonravov IV Grebenshchikov.

Opening of the Museum of MV Lomonosov.

Scientists examine the exhibits, among them academics Shatelen, VF Shishmaref.


Leningrad newsreel 1955 № 10

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/16/2014

Collecting signatures on a petition the World Peace Council at the Kirov factory.

Meeting villagers Rozhdestvenno Gatchina district in the House of Culture, dedicated to demand destruction of nuclear weapons on the planet.

Work on the use of tracer for studying the effects of drugs designed to combat agricultural pests, the All-Union Institute of Plant Protection.

Test new excavator "Baby", the team created the Leningrad excavator plant.

Work on the farm greenhouses and greenhouse complex "Lennarpit": growing and harvesting vegetables.

Holiday "Children's Book Week" at the Palace of Culture named after Kirov.

Training athletes skiers society "Labor Reserves" in Kavgolovo.

Leningrad newsreel 1954 № 10

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/16/2014


Customers in the shops to buy food and industrial products, which reduced prices.

Assembling for the Kuibyshev hydroelectric turbines in the shops of the Leningrad plant named after Stalin.

Test turbine impeller.

Transplanting in greenhouses Stalin Collective Farm Gatchina District, Leningrad Oblast.

The building of the new railway station in

Vyborg, Leningrad Oblast.


Leningrad newsreel 1948 № 10

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/16/2014

Turner Leningrad machine-building plant named after Sverdlov Bortkiewicz demonstrates how to handle parts: old - with a single tool, the new - Clamp the caliper all cutters required for processing parts that can withstand the maximum cutting speed.

Followers Bortkiewicz - turners Sokolov, Leushina, Kropachev.

Working in the shop while working with machines.

Working Leningrad Kanonersky shipyard during repair steamer "Pavlovsk" ship "Captain Gastello" and other vessels.

Exemplary production foreman Parfenov, PF Lisnenkov during operation.

Leningrad breeding station, where they grow new varieties of crops and vegetables for collective Northwest regions of the country.

Head of Laboratory of potato breeding station FF Sidorov with a lab for study of different varieties of potatoes.


Leningrad newsreel 1946 № 10

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/16/2014

Meeting mechanization of agriculture Leningrad region in the auditorium of the Smolny.

The presidium PS Popkov, JS Kharitonov.

Speakers: N. Soloviev, PS Popkov, representatives of district-machine and tractor stations (MTS).

Students tractor courses into practice in Tikhvin MTS study the tractor.

General view Kingiseppsky MTS awarded the challenge Red Banner of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Tractor depart from the territory of MTS to work in collective farms area.

Farm "Lyalitsy" Kingiseppsky areas.


Leningrad newsreel 1947 № 10

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/16/2014

Worker driller Leningrad plant "Electric" KP Kulikov, to fulfill the annual plan for the processing of parts up to 2 months using the tool of his own design, working on sverlovochnom machine.

Meeting miners Pechenga nickel mine in connection with the adoption of the annual plan obligations completed by November 7 (the 30th anniversary of the October Revolution).

Miners work in the mine.

Transportation of the ore in trolleys.

Newsreel: Slates village Leningrad region, mine destroyed during the Great Patriotic War.

Guerrilla group examines destruction.

Test cutting machines, conveyor belt in the mine before putting it into operation after the recovery of the mine.


Leningrad newsreel 1949 № 10

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/16/2014

Production processes in plants Leningrad cloth factory.

Mechanized processing of raw materials; work spinning looms.

Control department checks cloth ready.

Exemplary production: Korolev, A. empathetic Balysheva D., T. Semenova, K. Kulesza.

Meeting of builders


The report supports the Head of Construction Department of the executive committee of the Leningrad City Council Hodirev.


Leningrad newsreel 1955 № 11

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/16/2014

Meeting of Agricultural Workers regions and autonomous republics northwest in the Tauride Palace.

Address by Academician TD Lysenko.

Seeing polar drifting station "North Pole - 5" serving to the site of the expedition.

Arriving in Leningrad delegation of Finnish culture.

House-Museum of Lenin in Ulyanovsk.

Production processes at the plant "Lenstankolit."

Fragments of the play "Poets Cafe" staged by the Leningrad Pushkin Theater.