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British Paramount News 1940 № 29015

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 10/24/2016

US Navy Aircraft.

Aircraft carrier.

ship Deck

Train marines.

Landing from the barges.


Churchill on the teachings


British Paramount News 1942 № 29087

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 10/24/2016

Military air fleet in England. 4-engine aircraft at the airport.

The preparations for the flight.

Landing aircraft in the morning.

Women folded parachutes.

Boxes with pigeons.


The detachment of six aircraft in the air.


British Paramount News 1940 № 29148

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 10/24/2016

The plane, people.

The tank is on the rugged terrain.

Russian woman speaking at the rally.

The inscription on the tank: "In Berlin by Russia."

Military Factory in England

Cinegiornale del P.N.F. 1942 № 2

Newsreel, 2 parts to collection G 10/24/2016

Lists of those killed and wounded during the twenty years of Fascist revolution / by June 1942 inclusive /, during the hostilities of World War I, vkyuchaya the Spanish Civil War and the seizure of Abyssinia and the Balkans

Thousands rally in Milan.

Speech by the Secretary of the Fascist Party Vidussoni.

The rallies in the southern and northern Italy during the trip, Vice-Secretary of the Fascist Party

The columns of marching children.

Sending children out of the cities in the summer sports camp.

Games children on the coast on arrival

Cinegiornale del P.N.F. 1940 № 25508

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 10/24/2016

Surgery in a field hospital.

Portable rengenskopicheskaya installation.

British bullets punched the door of the bus first aid from the Red Cross

Italian flag over the conquered territories.

Military action in the British Somalia.

Captured British fleet.

Captured British


Cinegiornale del P.N.F. 1940 № 25522

Newsreel, 2 parts to collection G 10/24/2016

Special edition of the first four days of the war with France.

Multskhema promotion of Italian troops from the region of Valle d'Aosta to the border passes in the mountains, and promotion of the territory frantsezskoy

Aircraft over mountains.

signalers work.

Promotion almpiyskih shooters in the mountains, overcoming the ridge.

Firing mortars.

Promotion of Italian troops by rugged cliffs.


Cinegiornale del P.N.F. 1940 № 25549

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 10/24/2016

Women's events in swimming and diving in the outdoor pool

Solemn meeting of fascists in Venice

Competition women's basketball team

Labour Students Nazi camp in the mountains.

Construction of a mountain road.


Student dining alfresco


Der Augenzeuge 1946 № 27

Newsreel, 2 parts to collection G 10/24/2016

Bureau of Investigation: children whose parents went missing during the war.

Destroyed Warsaw.

Check 1's least damaged floors of buildings.

Accidents as a result of landslides walls.

Construction work on the restoration of the city


School - a boarding school choir boys, placed in the building of the dilapidated church.


Giornale Luce 1941 № 210

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 10/24/2016

Solemn liturgy in the Cathedral of Naples Cathedral in honor of the fallen Carabinieri Kulkvaberta



Division-Croat fascists march columns.

Young Croats sell Nazi emblems


Repair destroyed tramways.


Giornale Luce 1942 № 217

Newsreel, 1 part to collection G 10/24/2016


Italian Foreign Minister Ciano arriving to Budapest.

Meeting of the Italian delegation at the station.

The guard of honor and a solemn parade of troops.

Travel through the streets of a winter city.

Welcomes guests crowd of townspeople.

The ceremonial laying of a wreath at the monument to the fallen