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1979 № 31

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

The plot of the 50th anniversary of "Rostselmash".

Production plant - Harvesters "Niva" ready for shipment.

River Don.


Fodder in Rossoshansky district of Voronezh region.

Orel Art Gallery.

Visitors at the pictures.


1979 № 30

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

City Eagle.

Construction of buildings.

Installation of prefabricated houses.

Mounting 5th Novovoronezh nuclear power plant.

Plasma treatment of details on research and production association "Tulachermet".

Forage in the Kursk region.

Russia competitions on aircraft modeling in


1979 № 3

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Lipetsk region.

Trubetchino village.

Podzorova large family home.

Rooms and utility rooms of the house.

Kids doing exercises, attend school, helping their parents with household chores, eating, doing homework.

1979 № 29

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Belgorod region.

Production processes at Stroylensky GOK.

Construction of the plant.

Construction of the pipeline in the Voronezh region.

Haymaking on the farm "New Life" in the Tula region.

Production of grass meal.

Women's farm tractor brigade "Lenin Testament" Rossoshansky Voronezh region at work in the home with his family.


1979 № 28

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Tula region.

Source of the river Don.


Monument to the Battle of Kulikovo.

Talic Mountain Preserve.

Relict plants.

Red Book.


1979 № 26

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Release film is dedicated to the problem of troubled teens.

Teenagers sitting on the street, playing football, children at the landfill.

Children's room police.

Public security checkpoint order.

Teens involved in the football section, circle needlework greened courtyard, working in the school under the guidance of a greenhouse in social work educators.

Deputy chief of Staff of the Executive Committee of the Lipetsk ATC KV Markov deals with teenagers in his spare time.

1979 № 25

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Special Issue newsreel children.

Orel region.

Senior Young Pioneer 19 th high school in

Eagle SA Luk'yanchikova Pioneers during a hike in the woods, around the campfire.

Birds, hedgehog.

Children collect herbarium.

Beavers in the creek.


1979 № 27

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

The theme is the work of the mechanized column of trust "Efremovhimstroy."

Construction of buildings.

The struggle against water erosion in Sudzhansky area.


Moscow coal basin.

Mine "Western" production association "Tulaugol."

Miners - father and son Solovyevs at work.


1979 № 24

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Inauguration of the children's park "Eaglet" in


Construction Pridonskaya chemical plant in

Rossosh Voronezh region.

Intelligence work prospecting expedition near Mikhailovsky deposit Kursk Magnetic Anomaly.

Belgorod region.

Monuments to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, including around Prokhorovka.


1979 № 23

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Start of the third workshop Novomoskovskiy urea production association "Nitrogen".

Extraction of granite at Pavlovsk GOK.

Reclamation of land in the area "Large yar".

The plot of the collective "Forward to Communism" and "Lenin's Testament", located on the border between Ukraine and Russia.

Collective farm chairmen M. Pakhomov and IA Samus in the field.

North on farm fields.

Biotseh growing chlorella on the farm Olminskogo in the Belgorod region.