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By Don and Kuban 1984 № 21

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Solemn meeting teachers and students Naval Academy in

Rostov-on-Don on the occasion of awarding college Order of Friendship of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Celebrations commemorating the 100th anniversary of the village Novorogovskoy Egorlykskaya Rostov region.

Rewarding farmers.


On a holiday present cosmonaut VA Janibekov.

Horse racing at the Hippodrome, the


By Don and Kuban 1984 № 20

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Fields planted with rice in Krasnoarmeysky district of Krasnodar region, which is grown on bezgerbitsidnoy technology.

Harvesting rice.

Production, testing instruments, units for repair railway tracks on the Kaluga plant vehicle engineering.

Plantation water plants - lotus in the reserves of the Amur River floodplain and delta of the Kuban River.

Study lotus staff of the Botanical Garden of the Kuban State University.

Circus show at the dolphinarium near the city


By Don and Kuban 1984 № 2

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Special Issue newsreel "Milestones creation" about the success of the workers of the Rostov region.

Assembly, testing combine "Don", produced at the plant "Rostselmash".

Work on the combine "Don" noble combiner Rostov region NV Pereverzeva.

Collective farm "Homeland" Oblivsky Rostov region.

Interview farm chairman NP Trehsvoyakova.

Production processes in powder metallurgy shop Krasnosulinsky smelter Rostov region.

Construction of residential buildings, agricultural buildings on the farm "Russia" Neklinovlky district.

By Don and Kuban 1984 № 19

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Harvesting grain on the farm named Adyg XXII Party Congress Shovgenovskogo district.

Machine operators work-family Shaguzhevyh combiners.

Agriculture farm "Manych" Oryol region, Rostov region; flock of sheep, horse farm.

Fodder; milking mares.

Preparation kumys.

Car accident on a road in the Rostov region.

Listening in Rostov House writers and composers of music composer L. Klinicheva the ballet "Quiet Flows the Don."


By Don and Kuban 1984 № 18

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Work crews M. miners in the mine shaft CHiha "May", Rostov region.

The meeting in

Mine on the occasion of the opening of a bronze bust of twice Hero of Socialist Labor M. CHiha.

By Don River is the ship "Merlin", which team members set buoys to track the movement of river vessels.

The city of Tambov.

VI-th All-Union Komsomol final military-sports games "Eaglet-84."

Competition, jumping, swimming; relay.

By Don and Kuban 1984 № 17

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Production processes in the shop Novorossiysk cement plant "Proletariat."

Machinist kiln NS Krapivkin transmits shift his pupil A. Gazizova.

Ship repair at Novorossiysk Shipyard Novorossiysk Shipping Company.

Work Krasnodar Tool Works VP mouth with his family goes to suburban trip by car of his own design and build.

Feast of folk songs in the village Starocherkasskaya Rostov region.

Playing folk ensembles.

By Don and Kuban 1984 № 16

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Special Issue newsreel about obtaining high yields of wheat on the farm on May 1, at the farm "Moscow" Tselinsky district of Rostov region as a result of comprehensive mechanization of farms agrochemical service district association "Selkhozkhimiya."

Agricultural work in farms: plowing fields, making chemical fertilizers.

Harvesting grain.

By Don and Kuban 1984 № 15

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

City of Sochi.

Employees Sochi volnoissledovatelskoy station carried a study on the devastating effects of the surf on the shore.

Rose plantation in Adyg farm-factory "Elite".

Collect rose petals.

State farm shop plant for the production of perfumes.

Inspectors Krasnodar traffic police detain drivers using official vehicles for private purposes.

The city of Krasnodar.


By Don and Kuban 1984 № 14

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

International exhibition of agricultural machinery in


Volgodonsk, Rostov region.

Build Experimental Reactor AST-500 factory shop "Atommash" Rostov region.

Days of Soviet literature on the Don.

Visiting Soviet writers Kruzhilinskiy home on the farm where he was born Mikhail Sholokhov.

The city of Azov, Rostov region.


By Don and Kuban 1984 № 13

Newsreel, 1 part to collection A 6/9/2014

Teachings on the border of one of the outposts.

Ceremonial guards on the occasion of the construction assignment NCO rank honors military and political training.

The first jet plane.

The pilot sits in the plane.

Pilot out of the plane, his congratulations on the successful completion of the test aircraft.

Portrait of a test pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union Ya Bakhchivandzhi killed during the testing of the first Soviet jet.

Inauguration of the monument GY Bakhchivandzhi in his homeland - in the village Brinkovskoy Krasnodar Territory.