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Foreign chronicle 1963 № 16

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:08 to collection A 11/14/2012


First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, Nikita Khrushchev and Vice President of the SFRY A. Rankovich visit in the suburbs of Belgrade engine and tractor plant.

Stands Khrushchev.

The workers applaud.


President of Czechoslovakia A. Novotny gives cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor.

From the Academy of Sciences of Czechoslovakia Tereshkova awarded a gold medal for his services in the development of science and humankind.


Foreign chronicle 1963 № 17

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:35 to collection A 11/14/2012


First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, Nikita Khrushchev and President of the SFRY JB Tito ordered to visit the city - the center of the coal industry.

Khrushchev - Honorary member of the team of miners handed form of the Slovenian miners.

Rally residents.

Stands JB Tito and Khrushchev.

GDR. Artificial lake, situated on the roof of the cotton plant.

Work in the shops.


Foreign chronicle 1963 № 18

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:38 to collection A 11/14/2012


Demonstration to mark the 19 th anniversary of the establishment of people's power in the country.

On the platform, party leaders and the government headed by T. Zhivkov.

Students presented with flowers.

At the podium, Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, Bykovskiy.


Cement factory in Turda.


Foreign chronicle 1963 № 19

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:33 to collection A 11/14/2012


City Mihaylovgrad.

Meeting on 40 th anniversary of the national anti-fascist uprising.

Speak first secretary of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of T. Zhivkov.

Opening of the monument to the heroes who died for the freedom of the motherland.

TM Zhivkov cuts the ribbon.

Honor guard at the monument.


Foreign chronicle 1963 № 20

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:58 to collection A 11/14/2012

GDR. Soviet cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova, on the podium during his stay in the GDR. Welcome The First Secretary of the SED Central Committee, chairman of the State Council of the GDR W. Ulbricht.

Speeches astronauts.

Berliners give astronauts cubs.

Astronauts ride in the car.


Start Kremikovskogo metallurgical plant, built by Soviet specialists on projects.

Honorary melting.


Foreign chronicle 1963 № 21

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:08:24 to collection A 11/14/2012


Meeting on the nationalization of land.

Advocates Ben Bella - the first President of an independent state.


Builders do the last work at a petrochemical plant in Bourgas.

Guild Complex.

USA. Memorial service in New York dedicated to the memory of black children killed by American racists.


Foreign chronicle 1963 № 22

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:00 to collection A 11/14/2012

USA. Arrival in Dallas U.S. President John F. Kennedy and his wife: out of the plane, greeted with found, passing a car on the street.

The house, whose windows shot at the President.

The people on the square.

Crying women.

Send a coffin with the body of John F. Kennedy.

A minute of silence delegates at the UN. Hungary.

Opening of the Danube cement plant.


Foreign chronicle 1963 № 23

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:09:04 to collection A 11/14/2012


Visit the Party and government delegation of the USSR, headed by a member of the Presidium of the CPSU Central Committee, Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet Leonid Brezhnev.

Meetings with Secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, President of the Republic A. Novotny, President of the Government - I. Lenart.


Construction of hydropower Bajina Basta on the Drina river in Serbia.


Participants of the march for nuclear disarmament came from Glasgow to London.


Foreign chronicle 1963 № 24

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:03 to collection A 11/14/2012


Meeting session of the World Peace Council in Warsaw.

Isabella supports Blum - a member of the Presidium of the World Peace Council.

Gold Medal of the World Peace Council receives Manolis Glezos and wife Grigoriosa Lambrakisa.


Demonstrations for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Rally in the Paris suburb of Puteaux.


Soviet warrior 1963 № 1

Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:15 to collection A 11/14/2012

City of Leningrad.

Monument on Piskarevsky.

Eternal Flame.


The city of Leningrad during the blockade: antiaircraft gun, pass militia, residents collect water, weighing bread, sleigh driven coffin burning house.