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here and now (1999) 09/13/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:18:44.971 to collection V3 2/20/2018

Nikolay Kulikov talks about declaring an emergency situation and taking security measures in Moscow in connection with the explosion of an apartment building on the Kashirskoye highway.

Mayor of Buinaksk Osman Osmanov tells by phone about the situation in the city after the explosion of a residential building.

Korpachev Sergey speaks about the elimination of the consequences of the house explosion on the Kashirskoye highway and the adoption of security measures in Moscow.

Kulikov Nikolay appeals to citizens with a request to help in search of the alleged terrorist, calls for vigilance and caution.

Nikolai Kulikov talks about the adoption and strengthening of security measures in Moscow and assumes that the explosion in Moscow was carried out by Chechen terrorists.

The fotobot of the alleged terrorist.

here and now (1999) 04/13/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:17:28.146 to collection V3 2/20/2018

Chernogorov Alexander and Zatulin Konstantin speak of a positive attitude to the possible accession of Yugoslavia to the Union of Belarus and Russia, events in the Balkans and military technical assistance to Yugoslavia.

here and now (1999) 01/13/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:18:03.2 to collection V3 2/20/2018

The theme of the day is a review of the results of the privatization of 1992-1998.

Guests of the program are First Deputy Minister of State Property Alexander Braverman and former Chairman of the State Property Committee Vladimir Polevanov.

Estimation of the probability of reviewing the results of privatization within the framework of the current legislation.

Industries subject to revision.

The State Privatization Program for 1999.

Economic and moral aspects of the review of the results of mass privatization.

State management of economic processes on the example of the graph according to Goskomstat.


here and now (1999) 10/12/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:25:49.96 to collection V3 2/20/2018


Alexander Lyubimov on problems of registration of candidates from the LDPR.

Fragment of the interview with V.Zhirinovsky: reaction to the actions of the Central Election Commission.

The guests of the program are the chairman of the Central Election Commission Alexander Veshnyakov and the Minister for Taxes and Levies Alexander Pochinok, as well as students of law schools in Moscow.

Discussion of the results of the investigation regarding the dismissed candidates for deputies from the LDPR (questions of concealment of property and income).

Check on the lists of factions of the Communist Party and Yabloko.

The procedure for verifying information and providing data for the media.


here and now (1999) 10/12/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:52.68 to collection V3 2/20/2018

The aggravation of the situation in Chechnya.

The president of the unrecognized republic of Ichkeria, Aslan Maskhadov, dismisses the mufti of Chechnya, Ahmad Kadyrov.

here and now (1999) 08/12/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:17:21.736 to collection V3 2/20/2018

After the resignation of the head of the cabinet, the president of the Russian Federation nominated Vladimir Putin for the post of prime minister, with which he addressed the lower house of parliament.

Before that, Boris Yeltsin officially appointed the date of the next election of deputies to the State Duma.

Alexander Veshnyakov talks about the relationship of two phenomena.

Indicates the legal consequences that can occur in the event of the non-acceptance of Putin's candidacy by the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Alexander Veshnyakov points out changes in the new federal law on elections.


here and now (1999) 08/12/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:20:07.507 to collection V3 2/20/2018

Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Alexander Veshnyakov talks about the upcoming elections to the State Duma, the procedure for voting and counting The votes of voters, the distinctive features of the 1999 elections, the provision of equal opportunities for pre-election campaigning for candidates from various Parties, the legality of decisions of the Central Election Commission on the abolition of local elections, on electoral legislation.

The plot of the work of the State Automated System "Elections", with a demonstration of the system.

here and now (1999) 05/12/1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:17:09.413 to collection V3 2/20/2018

The resignation of Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov.

here and now (1999) 12.04.1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:32:05.32 to collection V3 2/20/2018

List of participants: Lyubov Kulikova (Mom Lyubov Anatolevna, Noginsk), Andrey Prokhorov (Mama Olga Mikhailovna, St.

Petersburg), Artem Hasanov (Dad Nurali Maratovich, Orenburg), Ksenia Korshunova (mother Vera Vladimirovna, Vladimir), Inna Lukyanova (mother Nadezhda Fedorovna, Balakovo), Sergei Mescherin (Mum Lyudmila Viktorovna, Moscow).

The winner is Andrey Prokhorov.

Visiting Sofia Bubnov's program, the song "The white blizzard is circling ..."

here and now (1999) 12.04.1999

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:17:59.335 to collection V3 2/20/2018

President of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Alexander Dzasokhov and Governor of the Saratov region Dmitry Ayatskov speak about the problem of annexing Yugoslavia To the Union of Russia and Belarus, the need to address Russia's national problems, to study the Kosovo problem and ways to solve it, about Russia's influence on The policy of the government of Yugoslavia, about Russia's protection of its interests in the UN (a video bridge from Vladikavkaz and Saratov).

Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Prikhodko speaks about the outcome of the meeting of the Presidents of Russia and France on the problem in Kosovo, new proposals by the West on its solution (by phone).

Correspondent Sergey Keshishev speaks about the problems on the way of the humanitarian column of the Ministry for Emergency Situations in Serbia (by phone).