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here and now (1998) 12/16/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:18:37 to collection V3 2/20/2018

Program participants: Vladimir Zorin, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Nationalities Affairs (studio), Ruslan Aushev, president of Ingushetia (a TV bridge from Nazran), deputy Nadirshah Khachilayev and Movladi Udugov (by phone).

The theme of the day is the imposition of a state of emergency on the territory of Chechnya and the general situation in the North Caucasus.

Collective assessment of the likelihood of an armed conflict coming out of Chechnya.

Unrest in Urus-Martan and the village of Ermolovskaya (Mezhgorye, Alkhanyurtovskaya, now Alkhan-Kala).

Evaluation of the authority of Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov and his ability to control the situation.

The problem of kidnapping people, attempts to unleash a civil war and other manifestations of international terrorism.

The answer to the question of a group of activists at the entrance to the Ostankino television center: where do the taxpayer's money go, which are sent to the Caucasus.

here and now (1998) 12/10/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:17:16 to collection V3 2/20/2018

The guest of the program is the Minister of Finance Mikhail Zadornov (a teleconference from the press center of the Government House).

The theme of the day is the draft state budget for 1999.

M. M. Zadornov on the budget expenditures in percent with respect to GDP (1994-1999 period).

The effect of fluctuations in the exchange rate on the budget.

The relationship between the decline in production and the incomes of the state and the population.

Excerpt of the program of December 9: talk about the state budget with the auditor of the Accounting Chamber Veniamin Sokolov.

Volumes of the shadow and legal economy according to the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation.


here and now (1998) 12/09/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:17:28 to collection V3 2/20/2018

The theme of the day is money and political interests, which are behind them.

The guest of the program is the auditor of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation Veniamin Sokolov.

Excerpt from the program of November 30, 1998: Deputy Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation Yury Boldyrev on violations of accounting rules and violations of laws in the federal government.

Talk about the state of the state budget of the Russian Federation.

The state property state following the results of mass privatization.

VS Sokolov proposes candidates for participation in the program (at the request of the facilitator).

The answer to the question of a group of activists at the entrance to the Ostankino television center: what amounts from the budget are used for other purposes.

here and now (1998) 12/08/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:17:11 to collection V3 2/20/2018

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko speaks about the difference in economic and political reforms in Russia and Belarus, about privatization in Belarus, About the financial and economic situation in the country, the dollar exchange rate, the prospects for the unification of Russia and Belarus in a single state and political stability, as a condition for the country's development (a space bridge from Minsk).

here and now (1998) 12/07/1998.

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:17:02 to collection V3 2/20/2018

The theme of the day - personnel reshuffle in the government, the resignation of VB. Yumashev from the post of head of the presidential administration.

Shooting of the 1980s: Boris Yeltsin gives an interview to Valentin Yumashev at home.

The guest of the program is Deputy Prime Minister Oleg Sysuev.

Comments ON Sysuev to the decisions of the president: what is the meaning and what will change now.

Strengthening the role of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.

Change in the status of the tax police and the Ministry of Justice.

The new head of the presidential administration, Nikolai Bordyuzha, is a characteristic of Oleg Sysuev.


here and now (1998) 12/03/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:17:58 to collection V3 2/20/2018

The guest of the program is a candidate for the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of St.

Petersburg Sergey Belyaev, chairman of the movement "Russian Progressive Union".

The theme of the day is a scandal with accusations of St.

Petersburg Governor Vladimir Yakovlev and his supporters in violating the law of the city election commission and in criminal methods of fighting political rivals.

An excerpt of the program "600 seconds" in 1992: a story about how Sergei Belyaev forgot a purse with currency in the train car.

Discussion of the property of SG Belyaev.

A fragment of the news release: Boris Yeltsin on deputy privileges and on their abolition.


here and now (1998) 12/02/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:17:49 to collection V3 2/20/2018

The theme of the day is corruption in the ranks of power.

The guest of the program is the governor of the Kursk region Alexander Rutskoi.

A fragment of AVRutskiy's speech of April 16, 1993 on involving representatives of the executive power in the criminal environment.

A fragment of the speech of AM Makarov on August 18, 1993 on the leakage of state money and about the involvement of this AV Rutskoi.

AVRutskoy about his activities as head of the interdepartmental commission on fighting corruption.

Materials of the program "How it was": October 3, 1993 Boris Yeltsin arrives in the Kremlin by helicopter.

AVRutskoy about his book "Bloody Autumn".


here and now (1998) 12/01/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:20:43 to collection V3 2/20/2018

Vladimir Platov and Nikolai Kharitonov talk about an experiment in the Tver Region to supply the population and budget organizations with food at below-market prices.

Kharitonov Nikolay talks about Russian farms and the Russian Federation budget for the next year.

Vladimir Platov talks about the budget of the Tver region for the next year and plans to support farmers.

Rozhkov Boris speaks on the phone about the support of farmers.

Kharitonov Nikolay speaks about the development of the farm movement.

Platov Vladimir speaks about the implementation of a program to supply the population and budget organizations with food at below-market prices.

here and now (1998) 12/01/1998

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:18:13 to collection V3 2/20/2018

Governor of St.

Petersburg Vladimir Yakovlev speaks about upcoming elections to the Legislative Assembly of St.

Petersburg, the election campaign and the scenario Political forces, the necessary verification of candidates for deputies, the crime situation in St.

Petersburg, the establishment of a single day for elections, Early voting and the fight against dishonest methods during the election campaign, the death of MP Galina Starovoitova, the role of the governor in the election campaign.

Deputies of the State Duma talk about elections in St.

Petersburg and the criminal past of some candidates for deputies.

The plot of early voting for money in the Petrogradsky district.

Sight (2001) 26.02.2001

Telecast, 1 part, Duration: 0:37:50 to collection V2 2/20/2018

The participant of the contest for the role of the leading program "Vzglyad" Tatyana Burykh speaks about the social problems she touched upon in the previous program.

The participants of the contest Evgeny Kharchevnikov, Laura and Kirill Tsinman talk about themselves and their work.

Guests of the program actor Alexander Filippenko and his son Pavel ("Pate") - leader of the IFK group.

Alexander Filippenko speaks about Pavel's work as a sound engineer in his father's theater.

The plot of the family of unemployed Mukhamedzyanovyh from Ufa, who won a million dollars in the lottery "Bingo-show."