theme 13.01.1997 (1997)

Telecast №100023, 1 part, duration: 0:38:04
Production: VID
Anchor:Gusman Yulij

Reel №1

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The theme of the program: Old New Year.

Epigraph of the program: A fragment of the New Year's TV show "Blue Light" of the sixties.

The host invites Igor Kirillov to the New Year's table.

Igor Kirillov talks about the tradition of celebrating the new year with his family and the dishes of the New Year's table.

The presenter, participants and guests in the studio raise glasses of champagne.

The presenter invites Tamara to the studio of Gverdtsiteli.

Tamara Gverdtsiteli talks about the meeting of the Old New Year in Georgia.

Tamara sings Gverdtsiteli and accompanies herself on the piano.

The presenter invites Roman Kartsev to the studio.

The presenter shows Kartsev Roman boiled cancer.

A fragment of Kartsev Roman's speech with a monologue about cancers.

Kartsev Roman in the studio tells funny stories and cases from his life.

Kartsev Roman makes a toast-monologue.

The presenter invites Bulbul oglu Polad to the studio.

Bulbul ogly Polad in the studio tells a curious incident that happened to him in the Ostankino television center.

Bulbul oglu Polad sings and accompanies himself on the piano.

The favorite national dish Bulbul ogly Polada dolma in grape leaves is brought to the studio.

A fragment of the film with the participation of Bulbul oglu Polad "Don't be afraid, I'm with you" directed by Julia Gusman.

A fragment of a speech by Kobzon Joseph of the seventies.

The presenter invites Joseph Kobzon to the studio.

Joseph Kobzon wishes everyone a happy New year.

Joseph Kobzon tells about the meeting of the post-war New Year in his family.

Joseph Kobzon talks about New Year's songs and sings the song "A Christmas tree was born in the forest".

Kobzon Joseph sings the song "Haida, troika!

The snow is fluffy...".

A decanter with compote is brought to the studio -Kobzon Joseph's favorite drink.

Kobzon Joseph says that he loves beer.

A viewer in the studio passes a can of beer to Kobzon Joseph.

Kobzon Joseph sings the song "Hope", the audience sings along to the singer.

The presenter and the participants of the program wish the audience a Happy New Year!


Kirillov Igorj Leonidovich — sovetskij i rossijskij tele- i radioveduschij, diktor Centraljnogo televideniya Gosteleradio SSSR, akter, telezhurnalist, Laureat Gosudarstvennoj premii SSSR, narodnij artist SSSR. Gverdciteli Tamara Mihajlovna — sovetskaya, gruzinskaya i rossijskaya estradnaya pevica, pianistka, kompozitor, aktrisa, narodnaya artistka Gruzinskoj SSR, laureat premii Leninskogo komsomola. Karcev Roman Andreevich — sovetskij i rossijskij artist estradi, teatra i kino. Byuljbyulj ogli Polad — sovetskij i azerbajdzhanskij estradnij pevec, kompozitor, pedagog, akter, Laureat premii Leninskogo komsomola Azerbajdzhanskoj SSR, zasluzhennij deyatelj iskusstv Azerbajdzhanskoj SSR, narodnij artist Azerbajdzhanskoj SSR, Ministr kuljturi Azerbajdzhanskoj SSR, ministr kuljturi Azerbajdzhanskoj Respubliki. Kobzon Iosif Davidovich — sovetskij i rossijskij estradnij pevec, politicheskij i obschestvennij deyatelj, muzikaljnij pedagog, narodnij artist SSSR, narodnij artist Ukraini, Laureat Gosudarstvennoj premii SSSR, laureat premii Leninskogo komsomola.

Calendar: 13.01.1997

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