How to purchase archival footage

How to purchase archival footage

You can use one of the following methods to purchase archival footage:

License historial clips online

If you want to license archival footage online, add the selected historical clips to your shopping cart and follow the step-by-step instructions. In the shopping cart, you can choose the license type, the format and quality of the footage.

This method is optimal, if you have already mastered net-film tools such as Search, Player, and Collections. By using them, you can puchase footage online and track order status.

Useful information:

Send a request by email

If you've already found the clips you need, you can send a list of footage to [email protected]. To avoid confusion, we recommend that you specify clips in one of the following ways:

Option 1 - specify the link to the film (copy the full URL from the address bar), the part number and the time code of the clip.

Example:, part 3 00:37-00:45, 00:50-01:15

Option 2 - specify the title and the year of release, the part number and the time code of the clip.

Example: The Downfall of the Romanov Dynasty (1927), part 3 00:37-00:45, 00:50-01:15

Option 3 - If you've downloaded comps (previews) from net-film, you can specify the file name and the time code.

Example: fs18815 00:37-00:45, 00:50-01:15

How to specify the time code?

Specify the time of the beginning and end of the clip in MM:SS format (for example, 00:37-00:45).

Can't find the right footage?

Describe the footage you’re looking for (historical time period, topic, footage length etc.) and drop us a line to [email protected]. Our archive researchers who perfectly know our collection will help you find the footage similar to your reference.

EDL Data Import

If you've already downloaded and used the comps (previews) for video editing, you can use our EDL Recognition tool which you can find in your Shopping Cart.

Please follow these steps:

  • Export the video you've used to EDL format using your video editing software.
  • Open the EDL file using a text editor, sush as Notepad, and copy its contents.
  • Open our EDL Recognition tool.
  • Paste the text into the textbox.
  • Click the 'Recognize Data' button.
  • Follow the instructions to check and confirm the order.

If there are errors or inaccuracies in the process of recognizing the EDL data, or if you were unable to use the tool, send us the EDL file and we will help you.

What should the text of an EDL file look like?

Below is an example of an EDL which corresponds to one clip:

001 AX V C 00:04:36:15 00:04:39:17 01:00:07:01 01:00:10:03
* FROM CLIP NAME: fs6238.mp4

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