Tadjikistan. The Tragedy and Suffering Of the People.. (1994)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rychkov B.N.

Script writers: Dzhurabaev S., Rychkov B.N.

Operators: Baykov V., Izvekov V.


On the war in Tajikistan after the collapse of the USSR.

Interethnic conflicts

Geography and Nature | Towns and countries | Wars, conflicts and disasters | Russian cities and regions

Reel №1

PNRM. in the mountains.

Are women in white headscarves funeral.

At the weeping woman holding photo of the deceased.

Lamentation of the dead in their graves.

At the cemetery, digging graves.

People say (synchronously) on the victims.

There is a group of blind men with sticks, stick together.

An elderly man says (synchronous and behind the scenes) World War II.

How to get the deserted village with broken homes.

Newsreel 1990 .: riots in Dushanbe.

From the point of view of the top clashes in the crowd, burning car.

Broken windows, the marks of bullets on the wall.

People in the crowd shouting, gesticulating.

Man winds turban on his head.

Mass prayer (namaz).

A crowd of people on the street.

A group of policemen with metal shields.

Newsreel 1992 .: rally in the square.

People waving their hands and shouting.

In a group of armed soldiers, guards are Sangak Safarov, one of the leaders of the Popular Front of Tajikistan.

Sangak Safarov and different situations: gives interviews, embraces a soldier riding a horse, talking with the elders.

On the area of microphone stands the national poet of Tajikistan Rustam Abdurahimov.

Faizali Saidov, one of the leaders of the Popular Front, passes by a number of women taking on the child's hand.

Tanks, armored vehicles and infantry to armor.

PNRM. the crowd in the square, people waving their hands.

The soldiers at the gate of the military unit.

Pedestrians are on the sidewalk.

Broken windows, PNRM. to ruin in the apartment, the bullet holes in the curtains.

Destroyed houses.


1990 1992



Reel №2

Newsreel 1992 .: a group of military and refugee children in the helicopter.

Children on the street.

Broken home.

Refugees: women and children.

Distribution loaves women with children.

Hospital ward, the doctor examines the wounded.

Doctors at the bedside of a sick child.

The doctor at the bedside of the sick woman.

PNRM. for beds with patients.

Women, through tears, says (synchronously) on the atrocities of the militants.

The journalist says (synchronously) on the torture and murder committed by bandits.

The corpses of tortured people.

Women cry at the cemetery at the graves.

Men pray squatting.

PNRM. for women with children and photographs of those killed in the hands.

Burned bus.

Broken bridges over the river.

Blossoming branch of a tree.

Khujand, the building, which hosted the 12th session of the Supreme Soviet of Tajikistan.

In the group is the head of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon.

Rakhmonov cuts the red ribbon.

Laying flowers at the monument.

Column of buses driving on a country road.

How to get past the broken houses of the village.

Ferry with refugees returning from Afghanistan, approaching the shore.

In the office of the doctor measures the pressure.

Examination of the child on the mother's hands.

Interviews with refugees from the International Red Cross.

Unloading boxes and bags of the car body.

Sign of the international organization for Refugees UNHCR on the glass of the car.

(Open Mar.)


Rakhmonov Emomali - Tajik statesman, President of Tajikistan.





Reel №3

Refugees return home.

At a large table in the air sitting men of different ages, drinking from cups, break bread cakes ("reconciliation dinner").

The conversation on the street.

The man with the child in one hand and cradled in the other, going up the steps into the house.

Is a fire in your home oven.

Children play on the remains of a broken tank.

Broken home, people scavenge.

The old man comes out of the house into the yard stack of books.

Broken dam.

Crane carries a concrete block.

Users manually remove the valve.

Rough river, destruction.

People wear tiles, boards.

Children are on the road.

A woman prepares dinner in a pot in the yard.

Construction of two-storey prefabricated houses.

Family in which 17 people were left six.

In the men being moved watermelons.

Large: PNRM. on children's faces.

Group of children from the ruins of the house has iron objects.

Construction of the Church, the old man in the skullcap is working on a wall pattern.

Muslims pray on their knees.

The priest gives interviews (synchronously) on the aims, combining power and religion.

PNRM. at the mosque.

A crowd of people in skullcaps, listen to the preaching of the mullahs.

PNRM. on a hilly terrain.

View out the window of the helicopter.

Fight Night: shooting, explosions, light missiles.

View from a helicopter in flight: the village in the mountains.

Broken home after a fight with guards modzhahetami wounded

On the last fight says (synchronously) Lieutenant Merzlikin.

Corpses on the ground.

Frustrated tank.

In the hospital, wounded through tears says (synchronously) on the death of his brother.

Helicopter flies and shoots.

PNRM. in the mountains.



Reel №4

Snake crawls in the grass.

Operational Shooting: documents in Arabic with pictures of men.

Money and drugs seized from smugglers.

Corpses lie in a row.

Mujahideen blindfolded persons eyes.

Afghan prisoners out of the helicopter.

Lies on the ground weapons and equipment.

Traffic on the street.

A. Dusty gives interviews (synchronous and behind the scenes) about gratitude Russians and citizens of other republics of the former Soviet Union for assistance to Tajikistan.

Fountain in the background of the monument Rudaki.

Baby with a pacifier in his mouth at the hands of a woman.

Photographing the fountain.

Children and young people chained carousel ride.

People walk in the park, the man rolls the stroller.

Jet fountain beat up high.

The rally in the street, Rakhmonov at the microphone, it listens to Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev.

Rakhmonov inferior Kozyrev place at the microphone.

Rakhmonov and Kozyrev in the group accompanying go through the park.

Passage through the streets of Dushanbe.

Fountains in front of the administrative building.

The signing of the Treaty on Good-neighborly relations with the Republic of Afghanistan on behalf of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon signed, from Afghanistan - President Rabbani.

After signing Rakhmonov gives Rabbani bathrobe, helps clothe, petting.

Rakhmonov shakes hands release of the hostages.

Tajik women in national costumes presented with flowers guests at the airport the plane.

Tajik women communicate and women from European countries.

The rally in the street, the man says with a microphone in his hand.

Foreign delegation comes to the administration building.

A group of Tajik musicians playing folk instruments.

Indoor People climb the stairs.

In the hall the audience listened to the speeches on the podium Rakhmonov and other speakers.

The rally in the street, a man at the microphone.

Opening of the monument.

People talk, put flowers photographed.

Gives an interview (synchronously), the representative of Tajikistan in Russia S. Nassretdinov of relations between the two countries.

Meeting in the Kremlin appears BN Yeltsin.

Tajik President Emomali Rahmon among participants.

Also present: Kyrgyz President Askar Akaev and Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev, Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and other officials.


Rakhmonov Emomali - Tajik statesman, President of Tajikistan. AV Kozyrev - Russia's foreign minister, deputy of the State Duma. B. Rabbani - Afghan President. BN Yeltsin - The first President of the Russian Federation. Akayev AA - Kyrgyz statesman and politician, scientist, president of Kyrgyzstan. SA Niyazov - Soviet and Turkmen party, state and political figure, the President of Turkmenistan. NA Nazarbayev - Kazakhstan's state and political figure, the president of Kazakhstan.


Tajikistan Moscow

Reel №5

Mountain View from the window of the helicopter.

Military vehicles moving on the road.

Woman makes bread cake on the roadside, gives the soldier.

Colonel Chernomordin gives interviews (synchronous and behind the scenes) of the peacekeeping mission of the Russian troops.


Soldiers are on the shoulder boxes of ammunition.

Russian soldiers in the trenches.

View from top point on the tanks and military vehicles.

Tajik officer commanding front of the ranks of soldiers.

Training sessions Tajik soldiers.

Column of military equipment goes on the road.

Military patrol inspects the trunk of a passenger car.

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Tajikistan A. Abduladzhanov talking on the phone.

A. Abduladzhanov gives interviews (synchronously) on the causes of military confrontation in Tajikistan.

Travel on the road, the view from the bus window.

Fountain in front of the administrative building.

PNRM. in the mountains.