The Modern Ethiopia.. (1995)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Melik-Karamov V.

Script writers: Melik-Karamov V.

Operators: Kuznecov I.

Anouncers: Abdulov Vs.


Imaging review film about nature, cities, population, industry and agriculture development in Ethiopia.

Political figures


Temporary description

a) "Yegor Gaidar. Historical account. " Production RCSDF "Ekovizion - M" Written by: B. Melik-Karam. The film tells the story of a family in and Gaidar. hours and most brilliant representative - the writer A. Gaidar. The film uses photographs (black / white): total family photo Gaidar (grandfather?), A. Gaidar, a monument to Alexander Gaidar. The film features footage of k / f "Timur and his team." b) "Russian foreigner". RCSDF production. 1994 Director - E. Gromov. Editor - E. Kramarsky. The film follows the Argentine coffee on the Russian market, emigrants. The film uses photographs (black / white): The family Sytnikovyh, documents on the Paris World's Fair, report Russian - British Chamber of Commerce, Port; partnership "Kuznetsk porcelain." The film features news: train arrives with Argentine tourists, crowd Argentines, modern streets of Argentina (Col.), Moscow (Col.) restaurant "McDonald's", dilapidated church (chapel), interior, repair work on the street, a security guard with a gun on the shoulder, the condor flies. The crew thanked the Embassy of Argentina in Moscow, Gos. Museum "Abramtsevo" AE. Sytnik.

Reel №1

Said Yegor Gaidar (synchronous)

NPL Moscow Kremlin in 1993

December NPD travel machine

The operator removes the banquet room - leaving the NDP CDN night of 12 to 13 December

Hit a window of the house on Herzen Street

Hours - leaving


Banqueting hall

Gaydar is the press conference

Gaidar - departure

PNRM. Banqueting hall

Cherednichenko in Hall

K. Borovoy the table

B. and B. Alentova Menchov at the table


Press conference

Gaidar said in English

Leading Cyrus Proshutinskaya

Ask questions, take pictures, banquet hall, sitting MP A. Mitrofanov-departure


Says I. Filatov

NPL Map - departure for a banquet hall

A building on the Herzen


PNRM. Cabinet

Rooms - departure

Included Gaidar, is the ladder

NPL travel machine (shot with motion)

NPL gates of the Spasskaya tower, the clock opens the gate

NPL travel machine

Shelves with books

NPL Photos


Galloping cavalry - Rapid


PNRM. at home in Arzamas

Photo Gaidar

PNRM. Room

Photo by A. Gaidar



NPL Cavalry, photo A. Gaidar

Flying airplanes

Parade on the Red Square, the orchestra

Go athletes

Photo by A. Gaidar


Photos of the family A. Gaidar


Shop factory

Old House

Paul Bazhov, grandfather Gaidar

PNRM. Room




Flying airplanes on aviaparada

Spectators at the air display

Paratroopers in the sky at the parade

Reel №2

A. Gaidar

Images from the / f "Timur and His Team"

Foyer, are pioneers

Pioneers in the classroom

Photo: A. Gaidar with children

Children dance

Pioneers in the parade carrying a banner "Thank you, Comrade Stalin for our happy childhood"

Stalin with children on parade


Go to war

Photo by Gaidar and his son


Mausoleum, Yezhov on the podium


Produce weapons

Seeing the soldiers at war

Held by the military field

Photo by A. Gaidar

River, PNRM. are fighters are injured

Railroad, trees - PNRM.


The city of Sverdlovsk

Monument in Sverdlovsk

Car rides

Bazhov office

Photo: G. Zhukov Bazhov Bazhov NPL NPL NPL Gaidar Bazhov

Bazhov office

Bazhov the women in the room

Photo: Monument to Alexander Gaidar - PNRM.

Said Yegor Gaidar (synchronous)

Newsreel 30's.:

Meeting Chelyuskinites, flying flyers

PNRM. The trees in the park.

Parents go Gaidar

PNRM. House

T. Gaidar home with my wife

Photo: A. Gaidar

Photo: Scientist with girl

Photo: T. Gaidar


Pass Nakhimov

Embankment in


Girl photo



Photo parents Gaidar

A city in southern Russia

Parents say Gaidar (synchronous)



Monument to Stalin and Lenin in the seaside town

T. Gaidar (synchronous) - departure


Travel by car along the southern town

Bazhov her daughter Ariadna

Parents Gaidar at a monument

Acts T. Gaidar


Photo: Parents Gaidar NPL Mother Gaidar

Photo: Parents Gaidar, NPL Gaidar in childhood

NPL T. Gaidar PNRM. Castro

Photo: Yegor Gaidar in childhood

Photo: Gaidar with parents - PNRM.


PNRM. City of Belgrade

Travel by car to the city of Belgrade

Photo: Gaidar with parents

Reel №3

Parents Gaidar

Photo: Parents Gaidar

Photo: Yegor Gaidar in youth





Photo: T. Gaidar

Photo: Yegor Gaidar on the beach

Said the mother of Ariadne Gaidar (synchronous)

Photo: Gaidar

Mother Gaidar PNRM. his father

Photo: T. Gaidar

Parents say Gaidar (synchronous)

Photo: Gaidar

Said the father, Timur Gaidar (synchronous)

Photo by T. Gaidar

Bookshelf PNRM. picture - hitting, PNRM.

Parents go Gaidar

The office door Gaidar

Gaidar's on the phone

Boris Yeltsin in the stands (synchronous)

Yegor Gaidar, Rutskoi and Shokhin


Your watch PNRM. on crystal eagle and Gaidar in office


Gaidar with friends

The gates of the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin

Gaidar at a meeting


Embankment of the Moscow River

Yeltsin and Gaidar at a meeting


Gaidar (synchronous)

Gaidar office

Building of the USSR Supreme

Gaidar on the podium (synchronous)

PNRM. Listening

The Presidency, in the presidium Khasbulatov

Chernomyrdin on the podium

Yegor Gaidar, the margins (synchronous)

Gaidar office

Yegor Gaidar Passes


Yegor Gaidar and Anatoly Chubais on the podium

Press conference

Director of photography, Gaidar on stage

Yeltsin and Gaidar talking in the office

Flag of the Russian Federation, meeting in Moscow

Speaks at a rally Gaidar

Reel №4

Acts Gaidar

Gaidar and J. Guzman on the sidelines

Conference Room

Map PNRM. Cabinet NPL Gaidar - departure




Gaidar passes around the room, sits down


Gaidar passes through the hall

Gaidar office

Gaidar on the sidelines talking to Kozyrev

takes place in the foyer

Gaidar (synchronous)


Passes Gaidar and his wife

G. Khazanov takes the stage in the hall NPL Gaidar

Stands G. Khazanov

Gaidar in the room with the family

Stands G. Khazanov

Gaidar's son

Gaidar (synchronous)

Gaidar at home with family

Gaidar's son

Gaidar (synchronous)


Gaidar's wife and son on the balcony


Gaidar's wife and son on the balcony

Gaidar and his son

Gaidar with children - PNRM.

PNRM. Gaidar and his son NPL Photos

Gaidar (synchronous)


Yegor Gaidar, a father and son

Son Gaidar PNRM. Father PNRM. Gaidar - departure

Mother Gaidar

Movie №0