Yu Borzakovskiy. Climbing.. (2006)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kurskaya T.

Script writers: Kurskaya T.

Operators: Zaycev A.


The film tells the Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports Yuriy Borzakovskiy and his coach Vyacheslav Yevstratova.

Sports legends | Different kinds of sports


Reel №1

Newsreel 2004:

Yuri Borzakovskiy at the start at the Athens Olympics - MS.

Bungei - athlete from Kenya at the start - MS., Hitting.

Kipketer - athlete from Denmark at the start - MS., Hitting.

Yuri Borzakovskiy at the start, PNRM. face - CU., hitting.

Landscape with fog - LS., PNRM.

Landscape, nude on the grass - LS., Hitting.

Cobweb on the grass - CU., PNRM. (Translated focus).

Field of daisies - LS., NPL (with path).

Woman in the field waving - LS., NPL.

The forest path runs boy - MS., NPL (Rapid).

Yuri Borzakovskiy at the start - CU.

Competitors at the start, start - LS.

NDP "World Youth Games, Moscow, 1998"

Race - LS.

Athletes run - MS., LS.

Yu Borzakovskiy is starting athletes - LS.

Borzakovskiy overtaking the leader and finish first - LS.

Borzakovskiy exults - CU.

The spectators in the stands cheering - LS., PNRM.

The audience with the Russian flag - LS., Hitting.

Yu Borzakovskiy with Russian flag runs past the stands - LS., MS.

Coach Yuri Borzakovskiy VM Evstratov on the podium - MS.

Yu Borzakovskiy on a pedestal, rewarding - MS.

Gold medal - CU.

Coach VM Yevstratov and Yu Borzakovskiy pass through the stadium - MS.

PNRM. trains from the south Borzakovskiy athlete, exercise - MS., hitting, PNRM. the coach.

PNRM. with the shadows on the track in the south Borzakovskiy - CU., hitting.

Sneakers on grass - CU.

VM Evstratov among his disciples - LS., MS.

Yu Borzakovskiy face - CU.

Students run VM Evstratova - MS.

Running legs - MS.

Yu Borzakovskiy other students VM Evstratova run trot - MS., LS.

Yu Borzakovskiy running jogging - CU.

PNRM. to coach students on the jogger - MS.

Face coach VM Evstratova - CU.

Students run VM Evstratova - LS.

Reel №2

Yu runs Borzakovskiy - LS.

PNRM. with running the track shadows Borzakovskiy - CU.

Pass and coach Yuri Borzakovskiy - MS.

Face coach - CU.

Yu goes Borzakovskiy - CU.

Trainer with the students - CU. (With motion).

Cyclists wheeling through the stadium Russian flag - MS.

Flags of Russia and the U.S. - CU., PNRM.

Cyclists wheeling American flag - MS.

Pass athletes from the United States - MS.

PNRM. the second track on the first - MS.

Starter - MS.

Athletes come to the track, hit the south Borzakovskiy - LS.

Yuri Borzakovskiy at the start patting yourself on the face, hands and feet, PNRM. face - CU., hitting.

NDP "Russian Challenge"

Borzakovskiy at the start of the match between Russia, the start - USA - MS., Departure.

Race - MS.

Race - LS. (On-screen).

Yu runs Borzakovskiy - MS.

Yu Borzakovskiy and Bogdanov ahead - LS. (On-screen).

Yu Borzakovskiy finish first - LS.

The screen Yu Borzakovskiy, repeat the finish - LS., Departure.

Yu Borzakovskiy applauds - MS.

Yu Borzakovskiy runs by spectator stands, runs up to the coach - LS.

Borzakovskiy autographs viewers - LS.

The spectators applauded - MS., PNRM.

Yu Borzakovskiy with the cup and flowers posing for photographers - MS., Hitting.

Balloons fly in the sky - LS.

American athlete photographs - MS. (With motion).

It takes a boy with balloons - MS.

The ball rolls on the field, it picks up the boy - MS.

Boy and girl playing with a ball - MS.

Balloons in the sky - LS.

Yu Borzakovskiy with the cup and flowers - CU., Departure.

Newsreel 1961:

Rocket takes off - LS., NPL.

Clouds - LS.

Yuri Gagarin in a spacesuit - CU.

Red Square, the meeting of Yuri Gagarin - LS.

Yuri Gagarin on the mausoleum - MS.

The boy in the forest is a path - LS., Departure.

Feet boy walking in the grass - CU.

PNRM. the bicycle for children under the tree - MS., departure.

Grandmother at home, PNRM. on windows - CU., departure.

Landscape, road - LS., NPL.

The river - CU., NPL.

The sun reflected in the water - CU., NPL.

River - CU., NPL.

Clouds reflected in the river - CU., NPL.

Church - LS., NPL.

PNRM. from the clouds to the river - LS., NPL.

Yuri Borzakovskiy at the start of Olympic Games in Athens - MS., Hitting.

B. Kipketer at the start - CU., Hitting.

Bungei at launch - CU., Hitting.

Athlete from Sudan at the start - CU., Hitting.

Athlete from Morocco at the start - CU.

Yuri Borzakovskiy at the start - CU., Hitting, PNRM.

Athletes line up in lanes - MS.

Start - LS.

NDP "Olympics.

Athens. 2004 "

Race - LS.

Race - MS.

Reel №3

Race, Borzakovskiy quickens-LS.

Race, overtaking the leaders Borzakovskiy race and finish first - MS.

Yu Borzakovskiy falls on track - CU.

Athletes after the finish - LS.

Borzakovskiy falls on track - CU.

Passes Kipketer - CU.

Yu Borzakovskiy is on the track, it congratulate Guerni, Borzakovskiy rises - MS.

It takes a black athlete - CU.

Passes Borzakovskiy - CU.

Yu Borzakovskiy congratulates black athlete - CU.

Passes Kipketer - CU.

Repeat the finish - LS., MS., NPL (Rapid).

Yu Borzakovskiy on a pedestal - LS.

Yu Borzakovskiy awarded the gold medal, Yuri crying - MS., Hitting.

Winners on the podium, the anthem - LS., NPL (with motion).

Winners on pedestal Borzakovskiy crying anthem - MS., NPL.

Raise the flag, the anthem - LS., NPL.

Winners on the podium, hit a Brzakovskogo, anthem - CU., NPL.

The spectators in the stands - LS.

Yu Borzakovskiy face - CU., Departure.

Newsreel 1961:

Meeting of Yuri Gagarin, Gagarin in the car and drive through the guard of honor on the street - LS.

Poster "We believed in it!» - MS.

Yuri Gagarin rides in the car and waves - MS.

Those people cheering Gagarin - CU., MS.

Says the Governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromov (synchronous) - CU.

Opening of the stadium in Zhukovsky - LS.

Boris Gromov builders handed the key, the key transmits Boris Gromov children - LS., Hitting.

Yu Borzakovskiy among children - MS., Hitting.

Children with balloons in the stadium - MS., Departure.

The spectators in the stands - LS., PNRM.

Launching balloons, balloons fly into the sky - LS., Hitting.

Son Yu Borzakovskiy picks dandelions - LS.

Son and his wife Yu Borzakovskiy the river - MS., Departure.

PNRM. the flowers in the south Borzakovskiy and his coach - MS., NPL.

Yu Borzakovskiy and coach are the meadow - LS., PNRM.

Grazing horse - MS. (Translated focus).

Yu Borzakovskiy and coach pass through the alley, PNRM. on the branches of a tree - LS.

Galloping horse - MS.

Forest track - LS. (With a run).

Yu Borzakovskiy and other athletes in training - MS.

PNRM. feet of athletes, PNRM. for faces.

PNRM. coach with hands on face - CU.

PNRM. down Borzakovskiy face - CU.

Yu Borzakovskiy talking with coach (synchronous) - CU., PNRM.

Yu Borzakovskiy, PNRM. to coach, say (synchronously) - CU.

Luzhniki Stadium - LS.

Says Yu Borzakovskiy (synchronous) - CU.

Luzhniki Stadium, training athletes - LS., Departure.

Says Yu Borzakovskiy (synchronous), PNRM. on the coach - CU.

Reel №4

Says Yu Borzakovskiy and coach (synchronously) - CU., Departure.

PNRM. with athletes practicing on jogger Yu Borzakovskiy - LS.

Says VM Evstratov (synchronous) - MS., CU.

PNRM. with athletes on the track lying Yu Borzakovskiy - MS.

Yu Borzakovskiy person lying on the track - CU.

Yu Borzakovskiy and other athletes come to start - MS.

NDP "Championship of Russia, Tula, 2005"

Competitors at the start - MS.

Starter, PNRM. at the starting gun - MS.

Athletes start - MS.

Coach watches running athletes - MS.

Race - MS.

Yu runs Borzakovskiy and other athletes - MS.

Yu Borzakovskiy finish - LS.

Coach watches running - MS.

Said head coach Vladimir Kulichenko (synchronously) - CU.

Ran athletes - LS.

Coach and Yu Borzakovskiy watching athletes run - CU., Departure.

Pass athletes after the race, PNRM. the south Borzakovskiy - MS.

Coach VM Evstratov, PNRM. the south Borzakovskiy - CU.

PNRM. with birch Yu Borzakovskiy carrying bags - MS.

Son Yu Borzakovskiy going to type - MS.

Vegetables on the table - CU.

Fried kebab-CU.

Grandmother sweeping cobwebs from the house - MS.

Yu Borzakovskiy and his friends lay the table - MS.

PNRM. with braids standing at home, at Borzakovskiy, talking on the phone - MS.

The spectators in the stands cheering - LS., PNRM.

NDP "World Championship in Helsinki, 2005"

The spectators in the stands cheering for athletes - CU.

Athletes hurdle - MS.

The spectators in the stands, PNRM. on the coach - LS.

The screen stadium replay the race athletes - MS. (Rapid).

The athlete with the Kenyan flag runs on the track - LS.

The screen stadium Kenyan athletes and athletes with flags with the flag of Qatar - MS.

Said athlete from Kenya V. Bungei (synchronous) - CU.

The screen stadium Yu Borzakovskiy - CU.

The spectators in the stands - MS.

The screen stadium B. Bungei and athlete from Cuba - CU., Hitting.

Fans in the stands - MS.

The screen stadium athletes face - MS.

Athletes running in the rain - LS.

Fans in raincoats - MS.

The screen stadium replay athletes finish - MS., Hitting.

Judges with flags sitting in the rain capes - MS.

Rain - CU.

The spectators in the stands - MS.

The screen stadium injured athlete - MS.

The screen stadium athlete lying on the track - CU., Departure.

The screen stadium athlete to get injured - CU., Departure, PNRM. by spotlights.

Track the rain - MS., NPL.

Run through the park and Bogdanov Yu Borzakovskiy - LS.

VM runs Evstratov - LS.

For foliage run Borzakovskiy and Bogdanov - MS.

For foliage is coach - MS.

Athletes run, go on the road geese - LS.

Run Borzakovskiy and Bogdanov - MS.

It takes a coach - LS.

Reel №5

Runs athlete from France Bala - CU.

It takes a coach - CU.

Run by coach Borzakovskiy and Bogdanov - MS.

Bell - CU.

Athletes at the podium on the training field - LS., PNRM.

NDP "... two hours before the final"

J. and B. Borzakovskiy Bungei go to the training field - MS.

Black athlete with a towel on his head - CU.

Athletes and coaches in training field - LS.

Athletes and coaches can observe the athletes running - MS., Departure, PNRM.

Yu Borzakovskiy on the training field - LS., MS.

Black athletes from Kenya team and their coach at the viewing platform - MS.

Said Italy coach and Kenyan runners Gianni Gellini (synchronous) - CU.

Run on the training field athletes - LS.

Yu Borzakovskiy on the training field - LS., Hitting, PNRM. the coach and manager.

Runner runs from France Bala - LS.

Runner runs Ramzi of Bahrain - MS.

Yu Borzakovskiy on the training field with a trainer and menedezhrom - LS.

Says coach Gianni Gellini (synchronous) - CU.

On the training field runs Bala - MS.

Trained runners from Kenya and Yu Borzakovskiy - LS.

Trained runners from Kenya - MS.

Coaches talk on the podium - MS.

Yu Borzakovskiy, coach and manager on the training field - LS.

Bunge and other athletes descend into the tunnel - MS.

Athletes in the tunnel - LS. (With a pass).

Yu Borzakovskiy and other athletes in the tunnel - MS.

The tunnel sits coach VM Evstratov - CU.

Fans in the stands cheering - LS.

Fans in the stands - MS.

Black cheerleader, PNRM. for other fans - CU.

Participants come to the race start - LS., Departure from the audience.

VM Evstratov on the podium - CU.

Yuri Borzakovskiy at the start - MS.

Runner from Bahrain at the start - MS., Hitting.

The participants at the start of the race - LS., Hit a Borzakovskiy.

Start - LS.

Fans from Kenya with flags - CU., PNRM.

Race - LS.

The Russian delegation and coach VM Evstratov on the podium - MS.

Race, Yuri Borzakovskiy begins to accelerate - LS.

Race - LS.

Fans in the stands - CU.

Finish, Yu Borzakovskiy finishes second - LS.

Runner Ramzi of Bahrain - Race Winner - praying and kissing the track - MS.

Repeat the race - MS. (Rapid).

A member of the Russian delegation at the podium - CU.

The screen stadium athletes congratulate Ramsey with a victory, Yu Borzakovskiy baptized - CU., Hitting.

Evstratov coach in the stands - CU., Departure.

Reel №6

Said sports manager Attila Spiro (synchronous) - CU.

Yu goes Borzakovskiy - MS., Hitting the spotlight.

Light music control - CU. (From no focus).

Yu Borzakovskiy home of music control - MS.

Pens music control - CU.

Yu Borzakovskiy headphones - CU.

PNRM. the hand on the remote, PNRM. on the face, hitting, PNRM. and hit a photo Y. Borzakovskiy.

Sneakers - CU., NPL (translated focus).

Olympic gold medal - CU. (Not out of focus).

Awards Yu Borzakovskiy on the shelves, impact on the Bible - MS.

On the TV Yu Borzakovskiy Olympics, PNRM. for watching TV Borzakovskiy Yu and his wife - CU., hitting.

Wife Yu Borzakovskiy looks Olympics, PNRM. on Borzakovskiy - CU.

On the TV Yu Borzakovskiy victory at the Olympics - CU.

PNRM. for watching TV Borzakovskiy and his wife, PNRM. at the TV, hit a jubilant Borzakovkogo screen - CU.

Says Yu Borzakovskiy (synchronous) - CU., NPL.

PNRM. with wildflowers on the trail coming coach Evstratova - LS.

Coach makes an entry in a notebook - LS.

They run along the path Borzakovskiy and Bogdanov - LS.

They run in the Borzakovskiy and Bogdanov - MS. (Through flowers).

Kenyans train in the forest - MS.

Borzakovskiy Bogdanov and run up to the coach, Borzakovskiy measures pulse - MS.

Running legs - CU., NPL.

The person running Kenyan, Kenya Forest - CU., NPL. - CU.

They run in the Borzakovskiy and Bogdanov - LS., NPL.

Feet running Kenyans fleeing Kenyans - CU., NPL (in slow motion).

They run in the Borzakovskiy and Bogdanov - MS.

Face coach Evstratova, PNRM. hands on - CU.

They run in the Borzakovskiy and Bogdanov - LS. (In slow motion).

The road in the fog - LS., NPL, impact.

Boys in the woods passing on bicycles, PNRM. the sky - LS., NPL.

The grass in the field - LS., NPL, PNRM.

Landscape, mist over the river - LS., NPL.

Landscape, fog, sunrise - LS., NPL, departure.

Movie №0