Believe in Russia.. (2008)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kolesnikov A.


A film about the life and prospects of development of certain areas of the Central Federal District of Russia.

Reel №1

Orel region,



Is a nun.

Mother says Evfaliya - Superior Trinity-Optina Monastery of the Nativity of the Virgin.



Nun lighting a candle before the icon of the ruined temple.

Inside view of the restored church.

Church in the woods.


The bell ringer rings the bell.

Landscapes: river, forest and fields.

Barge on the river.



Parous women.

Nurse in medical masks.

Obstetrician and Child.

New mother with a baby.

Says the head of Tambov region O. Betin.


Igor (Grudanov) - Tregulyayskogo abbot of the monastery (city


Wooden church.

Children at the church.

Said the head of the children's village «SOS» (d

Laurel Orel) VS Solomakhin.

Says the Governor of Kaluga Region AD Artamonov.

A fisherman in a boat.

Large family: at the table in the garden (p.

Brontsy Kaluga region).

Says V. Semenets - adoptive father.

Says GN Antipina - stepmother.

Large family at the table (Mr.

Flatwater Ivanovo region).

Elena says Manenan - stepmother.

Says AA Onin - adoptive father (Mr.

Kirov, Kaluga region).


Said the girl.

Foster children with their father.

Reel №2

NG says Rozhkov - Director of "Mercy" (Mr.

Obninsk, Kaluga region).

The boy says.

Said the girl.

The boy says.

Foster children with their parents.

Children play: ride a skateboard, etc.

Says VS Solomakhin.

Elena says Manenan, calms crying daughter.

NG says Rozhkov.

Children in a classroom with a teacher.

Says E. Manenan adopted son.

Says Andre Manenan - adoptive father.

Says A. Obyedkov - adoptive father (Rasskazovsky district of Tambov region).

Foster children with A. Obedkovym.

Leavings walking with her daughter in the village.

Duck with ducklings in a pond.

Bathe children.

Girl playing the piano.

Children sit on the couch, stroking the cat.

Says E. Manenan, sits with children at the table.

Says A. Manenan.

Children's drawings.

Girl playing the guitar.

The boy in the crib.

Baby in a crib.

A woman with a child.

Children stand on the balcony, watching the street.

Says AA Onin.

Those children - CU.

Woman bakes pancakes.

The girl washes the dishes.


Leavings comes with a daughter on the field.

AD says Artamonov.

Says GS Poltavchenko - Presidential Envoy to the Central Federal District.

Says HH Build - the governor of the Oryol region.

Says OI Betin.

Reel №3

OP says Queens - Lipetsk Region Governor.

The old men on the bench.

The old woman at the fence.

Sits an old man.

An elderly woman's face - CU.

Says MA Men - Governor of the Ivanovo region.

Says LF Pankratova (d

Springs Ivanovo region).

Garden, the children in the garden, apple trees.

Children pulled weeds.

Volunteers cleaned the hut.

Gerontological Center war veterans (Orel region).

Sit and talk the old woman.

Old men, says an elderly woman.

Said the old man.

Elderly person - CU.

The old people in the room center.

An elderly woman in the mirror.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Shave hair female soldiers.

An elderly woman at the hairdresser's, looks at himself in the mirror.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Soldiers - a boy and a girl - are sitting on the steps, talking, girl with a bouquet of flowers.

Downloading a woman in uniform.

Face female soldiers.

Says V. Novels - chief doctor geriatric center (


Gerontology center building - LS.

They say older women.

On the veranda of old dance center.

Newsreel 1941-1945 was:

Dancing couple in military uniform, the soldier plays the accordion.

Says HH Tunings.

With the mother in the street, in the hands of a child - the Russian flag.

Those children.

Two swans on a pond.

Children at the pool, watching the swans.

People on the "water bus".

Newlyweds exit doors registrar (different pairs).

Suitors are circling the hands of brides.

Newlyweds kissing, showered them with rose petals.

Storks in the nest on the water tower.

AD says Artamonov.

The road, passing cars, a school bus.

Mower in the field.

High school students out of the school bus.

Reel №4

High school students with a teacher in the bus, enter the school building.

Says A. Shilov - Head of Administration Hlevenskogo district of Lipetsk region.

Says AA Klepikov - farmer (Prokhorovsky district of Belgorod region).

AA Klepikov with kids and a wife on a bench at home.

Said Irina and Andrei Mezhenin sitting with children on the couch.

Says O. Suvorov - director of cultural center (city

Pokrovo-Marfino Tambov region).

OS says Krasnikov - beekeeper (Graivoronsky district of Belgorod region).

Street of the city, houses, fountains.

Says AA Klepikov.

Says O. Suvorov.



Take out the honeycomb.

Bees on honeycombs.

Beekeepers in hives.

River, reflection of clouds in the water.

They say his wife Sokolov (city

Kineshma Ivanovo region).

Family Sokolov makes boots.

Boots (with drawings, embroidery, beads and so on.).

AP Says Poponin - Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Graivoronsky district of Belgorod region.

The driver of the tractor in the river.

Pool building, swimming track.

Building a house.

Horse on the pasture.


Cottages, church, building, fountain.

Cut the ribbon - the opening of the plant (production of washing machines Indesit).

Says GS Poltavchenko.

Says MA Men.

Women's faces - CU.

Women on the weaving.

Cut the ribbon - the opening of the medical center.

Says VG Plekhanov - Head of Cardiac Surgery Center City Hospital.

Diagnostic equipment.


Reel №5

VF says Kulikovskii - chief doctor at a local hospital (city


Medical equipment.

Newborn in the "incubator."

Said the woman, the baby in the crib, in the "incubator."

A nurse in a medical mask on a post.

A nurse with a newborn.

Woman breastfeeding a baby.

Mothers in the ward with newborns.

Midwife hands newborn father.

City street, people go.

City buildings, fountains, streets.

They say college graduates.

The monastery on the shore (from the river).

The streets of the city, people.

The village church of wooden houses.

A nun in the field.

Girl paints a picture.

Embroiders girl.

The children in the class.


Says AI Sanchenko - Director of the Museum-Estate SV Rachmaninov (d

Ivanovka Tambov region).

House S. Rachmaninoff.

Monument SV Rachmaninoff.


The plaque on the house Rachmaninoff.

Says GS Poltavchenko.

Says Head kindergarten (pp.

Pokrovo-Marfino Tambov region).

Says HH Tunings.

OP says Queens.

Says A. Shilov.

Says GS Poltavchenko.


Feognost - ierodiakon Holy Trinity Monastery Holkovskogo Belgorod region.

Temple in scaffolding, icons.

The dome of the church.

The people of the church.



Cross on the dome, clouds.


Lawrence - monk Zadonsk Mother of God Monastery, Lipetsk region.

Mother says Evfaliya.

Church in a field, PNRM. the sky and clouds.

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