Soviet warrior № 12 (1963)

Newsreel №11339, 1 part, duration: 0:10:07, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Setkina I.
Camera operators:Kiselev S., Petrov P., Artseulov O., Epifanov G., Pankin A., Oshurkov M.

Temporary description:

Moscow. The building of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. The December meeting of the Plenum of the Central Committee on the development of the chemical industry. Participants at the meeting of the Plenum, in the intervals. Construction of the timber industry in Bratsk. Arrive on the scene the young warriors on Komsomol. Soldiers leaving the train, talking to girls. Arrived on the scene groom G. Gaydabury B. Galanyuk. Meeting. Labor Day on the site. Barents Sea. Submarine goes to swimming training. On the bridge Captain 2nd Rank Molyarchuk and his deputy for political affairs lieutenant irons. In a diesel engine-compartment - three friends: Yurchenko, S. Fedorenko, L. Shlandik. The boat leaves at depth. Alarm. Torpedo attack. Crew actions. The return of the submarine after the exercise. Sailors on holiday - swimming in the pool, go skiing. Lenin's room in Kantemirovskaya part. Sgt V. Subbotin writes a letter. The newspaper published the text of his letters to the soldiers on duty and honor. The village of White Birch Bryansk region, the birthplace of Victor Subbotin. The mother looked at pictures of his son. Shop factory where he worked. Victor with the soldiers in the room of military glory, for combat training. V. Subbotin with Ukrainian Collective Farm Hope make amends, the commander of the Moscow Military District, General AP Beloborodov, says goodbye to the officers when he left to study. Seeing the young men into the army in Czechoslovakia. Army weekdays - Soldiers wash the floor, peeling potatoes, attend combat training. Tours of the Red Song and Dance Ensemble under the direction of Alexandrov in Paris. The streets of Paris. Parisians at the concert. Dance performance "Cossacks." Artists congratulates Maurice Thorez. Alexandrov receives medal regiment Normandie-Niemen by former pilots.

Reel №1

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