Soviet Sport 1967 № 1 The festival of sports films. Athlete, educator, scholar. For you athletes! Motocross Chkalov. The patterns on the ice.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gavrilova M.

Operators: Leongardt U., Mikhaylov L., Kogan S., Krylov A., Mukhin E.


1. Opening the festival of sports films. 2. Chairman of the All-Union Council of coaching NG Ozolin. 3. Sportswear. 4. 25th motocross name Chkalov. 5. International figure skating competition in Moscow.

Temporary description

The mass gymnastic performances at the stadium in Luzhniki. Cameraman V. Orlyankin removes climber, V. Brumel. I-st All-Union sports film festival in the Moscow theater "Russia". Present: A. Zguridi, A. Karaganov, A. Golovnya, M. Oshurkov, V. Suteev, A. Rybakov, V. Kiselev, N. Kulagina and others. Professor NG Ozolin advises I. Ter-Hovhannisyan, talking to the world record holder for the triple jump SL Shcherbakov. Jumps O. Fedoseev. N. Ozolin show jumping. Newsreel 1928, 1944, 1945, 1949 Jumps NG Ozolin. Books Ozolina. Master of Sport, Professor N. Ozolin the table. Fashion designer-Union House of Models in Moscow for the work on models of sportswear. The models demonstrate the model. There is a master of sports Sofia Muratova. Motocross Chkalov near Moscow. Participants: Lavrentiev, Tyurin, Savinov, Ageev, Shulgin, Nagornev and others. Competitions masters of figure skating in Hungary, East Germany, Romania, Czechoslovakia and the USSR at the Palais des Sports stadium of the Central Lenin in Moscow. Speakers: I. Gryshkova, V. Ryzhkin, T. Moskvina, A. Mishin, and others.

Reel №1

1. The mass gymnastic performance of athletes at the stadium named after Lenin in the Luzhniki Stadium.

Racing skier.

In the air, hovering a group of paratroopers.

The rock climber climbs.

The cameraman shoots climbing climber.

At the height of the jumps B. Brumel.

B. Brumel after a successful run in the stadium jumping, hugging the cameraman.

Orlyankin cameraman's shooting from a moving motorcycle at high speed.

Cinema "Russia" - an evening plan.

Inauguration of the 1st All-Union sports films of the festival:

Cinema hall at athletes go through with banners, the master of sports L. Savinkov and I.Ter-Hovhannisyan, documentary filmmaker Rybakov raise the flag of the festival, the audience applauded.

Multrabota - Diplomas and medals Film Festival.

Chairman of the jury, People's Artist of USSR BP Chirkov announces results of the contest and award prizes: Gold medal - the Ukrainian studio documentaries films for the film "People of the Clouds", a gold medal - the director of the Kiev studio of popular films Zoloeva for the film " Gymnast ", a gold medal - Suteevu director for the film" technique skiers - riders "studio" Tsentrnauchfilm ", a gold medal for best animated film," washer washer "director B. Dezhkin;

silver medal handed director and cameraman Rybakov Vladimir Kiselev film "The Ice - 66 'Central Documentary Film Studio.

Prizes are awarded to director M. Shneyderovu newsreel "Sports Review" Riga studio newsreel and film director K. Kulagina for newsreel "Soviet Sport" № 9-1966 years.

The hall applauded A. Zguridi, Karaganov, VN Head and others.

2. European record holder for long jump-I.Ter consult with Professor Hovannisian, chairman of the All-Union Council of coaching NG Ozolina.

NG Ozolin in the laboratory of the Institute of Physical Culture.

In the gym, trains a group of athletes under the guidance of the student NG Ozolina - LA Shcherbakov, a former world record holders in the triple jump.

NG and LA Shcherbakov Ozolin watching training athletes.

Triple jump training on student performs NG Ozolina G. Fedoseev.

Watch athletes.

NG Ozolin in training young athletes show the triple jump technique.

Newsreel footage of 1949:

Parade of teams of athletes of the USSR and Czechoslovakia.

Fans in the stands.

Captain of the USSR AN Ozolin performs high jump with a pole.

Newsreel, 1944:

N. Ozolin jumps high with its sixth - Rapid.

Newsreels 1928:

By N. Ozolina at Union Sports Day.

Applaud the fans.

Scientific papers NG Ozolina, published in Russian and foreign languages.

NG Ozolin at work in the office.

3. Artists - fashion models Union House are working on sketches for a new sports clothing.

Members of the special committee on the demonstration of clothes, among them the Master of Sports S. Muratov.

Mannequin showing a new model of gymnastic leotard.

The models demonstrate a model of winter sports clothing.

4. Vase - a challenge prize named after Chkalov.

The audience at the launch pad motocross.

At the start of class motorcycles 350 cc.

At the start of class motorcycles 175 cc.

Start motorcycle racer sports club MEPI (Moscow Engineering and Technology Institute).

CSKA the lead motorcycle racer.

Motorcycle racer are difficult road sections, pull out bogged down in the snow bikes, continue the race.

CSKA motorcycle racer - Ageev, Lavrentiev, Tyurin, Savinov, at a distance at the finish.

At a distance motorcycle racer on a motorcycle with sidecar.

Leading a team of student sport association "Petrel" - Shulgin and Nagornev.

Prizes competition.

Motorcyclists face CSKA Moscow - the winners of the team championship.

5. General view of the hall of the Palace of Sports in the Luzhniki Stadium in international figure skating competition.

Spectators in the stands.

Speakers skaters of Czechoslovakia and Charles H. Dana, Yaroslav.

In figure skating act - Hungarian skater J. Sentmiklasha; Romanian skater Beatrice H.; young skater from East Germany M Klaussner, who won a gold medal in figure skating.

In favor of the winner of competition among males Czechoslovak skater O. Nepela.

On the ice dance pair acts Soviet Grishkova IV and V. Ryzhkin.

In pairs skating act Tamara Moskvina and Mishin, perform "Gypsy Dance" (synchronous).

Applauding audience.