Soviet Sport 1967 № 2 They learn in Haapsalu. For ski veterans. Sporting family. At the start of track and field athletes.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kulagina K.

Operators: Buslaev U., Lebedev O., Kogan S., Fedyaev E.


1. Athletes of school № 1 of Haapsalu. 2. Veterans of skiing. 3. Sports Family Muratov. 4. International winter competitions athletes at the Sports Palace in the Luzhniki Stadium.

Temporary description

Classes at the secondary school number 1 in the Estonian town of Haapsalu. Students in chemistry class, to charge, in the gym acrobatics, fencing. Master of sports of skiing NM Vasil'ev working on a book "Guide to skiing, with young people in the museum of the Moscow Institute of Physical Culture, at a ski marathon in Planernaja station near Moscow. Present: PA Bychkov, NM Vasil'ev, VP Savin. At a distance I. Utrobin. Vasiliev Utrobina congratulated on his victory. Master of Sports in gymnastics S. Muratov doing exercises at home with his sons, trains O. Kharlova. International athletics competitions at the Sports Palace in Moscow. Men's high jump. Jump: R. Saint Rose - France, V. Pfayl - East Germany, Termak; among participants G. Klimov, Lebedev, N. Chizhov, A. Baden - Poland, T. Talysheva - the USSR.

Reel №1

1. Building a comprehensive school № 1 in the Estonian town of Haapsalu.

Children on sleds slide down the hill.

Pupils go to school.

High school students in the classroom chemistry.

First-graders in the classroom learning the alphabet.

Tired kids in the class.

Teacher conducts "Trehminutku courage" - children are doing special exercises.

The lesson of physical culture in the school gym - the children are engaged in acrobatics, performing exercises with the ball.

Pupils of different classes are learning to play basketball.

Fencing section of the school - on the wall hanging masks, students examine the foils.

Estonian Champion in fencing, A. Veetyusme graders inspects the foil before training.

Champion Fencing Championships, E. Oja, preparing for training.

A. Veetyusme, E. Oja, and other fencers train under the guidance of coach E. Nelis and his assistant L. Peykelya - different plans.

On the pistes are sparring bout, E. Oja and candidate master Krasavin.

Warning light illuminates, athletes shake hands.

Looking to applaud the young athletes.

E. Oja talks with E. Nelis.

Sports Awards and Honorary Red Flag, which was awarded the school for athletic performance, in "Red Corner."

2. Honored Master of Sports, the oldest skier Russia N. Vasilyev working on a book in his office.

N. Vasilieva book "The origins of skiing."

Album Vasil'eva with photos about the development of sport in Russia.

The collection of domestic ski in the museum of the Moscow Institute of Physical Education.

N. Vasiliev in the museum tells about the ski and sports footwear previous years shows skis, bindings, boots young athletes.

All-Union Competition in Moscow at the ski station Glider.

Veterans Ski PA Bychkov, NM Vasil'ev, VP and EE Savin Savin talking, pass a symbolic baton - a starting pistol.

Skiers at the start.

A shot from the pistol.

Skiers start at a distance of 70 miles, pass the course.

At a distance of the lead, and A. I. Utrobin Akentev.

The first finish IM Utrobin, who became champion in 1967.

N. Vasiliev and others congratulating I. Utrobina.

3. Senior coach of the USSR team in rhythmic gymnastics at home includes V. Muratov radiollu; callsigns heard "Morning gymnastics" (synchronous).

V. Muratov, and his sons, Andrew and thirteen five-year, Sergei - do morning exercises.

Family Muratov: V. Muratov, his wife - a champion in gymnastics S. Muratov, their sons - breakfast.

Newsreel of the 1950's.:

S. Poduzdova (Muratova) on the podium and delivers to compete in gymnastics.

Applauding spectators, S. Poduzdovoy presenting the award.

Sports Awards Muratov of the family.

Coach C. Muratov coached gymnast O. Kharlova.

O. Kharlova perform exercises on the mat, listening to instructions S. Muratova, trained on the uneven bars.

Valentine and Sofia Muratova home view photos sports performances of their students.

4. General view of the athletic hall of the Palace of Sports in the Luzhniki Stadium during the international competitions of winter athletes.

Competitors in the warm-up before performances.

High jump serve - French athlete Robert Sainte-Rose, an athlete from East Germany Pfayl V., J. Soviet jumper Tarmac.

Soviet athlete Klimov jumps in length by 7 meters 35 centimeters.

Running men's 60 meters - the athletes will start, run distance, the first finish Lebedev with record time 6.5 seconds.

A. Lebedev, after the race.

European champion N. Chizhov pushes the nucleus at 16 meters 99 centimeters.

Judge fires his pistol.

Running Men 400 meters - a distance athletes; leading Soviet athlete Entin, it beats, and the first Polish athlete finishes A. Baden.

Hurdles to 60 meters for women - athletes will start, run, the first runner finishes the Soviet T Talysheva.

T. Talysheva after the race.

Applauding audience in the stands.

The parade of athletes in honor of the competition.