Soviet Sport 1967 № 3 Steelmakers are preparing for Sports Day. The youngest athletes. Steps large gym. Report.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gavrilova M.

Operators: Pankin L., Skorobogatova V., Kogan S., Leongardt U.


1. Training athletes Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical plant for the Jubilee Sports Day. 2. Physical Education in Kindergarten Mosstroya. 3. The development of gymnastics in the Soviet Union. 4. International competitions skaters. 5. World Biathlon Championship.

Temporary description

Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Plant. Blast furnace shop. Work: P. Poseda, Drobot. Factory Sports Club "Steel", preparing for Sports Day of the USSR. In the gym: Drobot, P. Poseda, boxer V. Ishutin and others. Coaching basketball. In physical education in kindergarten Mosstroya, the teacher conducts classes IA Breger. Gymnast Society "Dinamo" - Moscow on training in the gym. Coach VN Shelkovnikov trains Z. Druzhinin. In the gym: BN Astafjevs coach, choreographer LN Sokolova. Chronicle - taken in 1924, 1946, 1948, 1952. Gymnasts: Kanev, G. Urbanowicz, LA Latynina, S. Muratova, P. Astakhov. International skating competitions at the Moscow stadium "Dynamo". Among the participants: K. Ferkerk - Holland, FA Meyer - Norway, IA Launonen - Finland, A. Antson - the USSR, B. Gulyaev - the USSR and others. Biathlon World Championships in East Germany near the city of Altenberg. On the course, Tikhonov, V. Mamatov and others.

Reel №1

1. Smelting iron in blast-furnace shop of the Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Plant.

Work steelworkers Poseda P. and B. Drobot.

In the factory sports club "Steel" steelmakers are preparing to compete Games of the peoples of the USSR: in the section under the guidance of coach weightlifters IG Samgin train Poseda P., Shabanov and other athletes, boxers factory team coached by Ukrainian champion Budievsky A., A. Budievsky holds training bout with Shutinym and A. Mulgachevym;

in the gym practicing women's basketball team, basketball Sycheva, T. and L. Dumler Voytanyuk during training;

athletes work out a combination of the ball.

A. Sychev at work in the oxygen plant.

P. Poseda shop in the blast, a blast furnace steelmakers.

2. Kids in kindergarten № 788 Moscow for exercising: do exercises with flags and rings, play sports, engage in the wall bars.

Child care teacher holds - a student of the Pedagogical Institute IL Breger.

Close-ups of children engaged in various physical training exercises.

3. Gymnast sports society "Dynamo" in class in choreography under the direction of the RSFSR Honored coach, choreographer, LN Sokolova.

Gymnast coached by VN Shelkovnikova work out exercises.

Honored Master of Sports, BN Astafiev oversees the training of gymnasts.

Newsreels 1924:

In Red Square stands a group of young gymnasts.

Newsreel 1940th years.:

A young coach with his BA Astafiev student, a champion of the USSR G. Urbanowicz, G. Urbanowicz performances in competitions in 1946 and 1948.; Rewarding H. Urbanowicz.

Newsreels 1952:

A team of Soviet gymnasts - the winners of the Olympic Games in Helsinki.


Urbanowicz among athletes.

Newsreels 1956:

On the podium the Olympic Games in Melbourne are Soviet gymnast - L. Latynina, W. and C. Basakova Muratova, rewarding athletes.

Newsreels 1964:

On the podium in international competition Rome are gymnasts - L. Latynina, P. Astakhov, and S. Muratov.

L. Latynina handed the gold medal at the Olympics in 1964 in Tokyo.

Applauding audience in the stands.

In the gym, "Dinamo" talk LN Sokolov, BN Astafjevs, VN Shelkovnikov gymnast Z. Druzhinin and others.

Z. Druzhinina trains under the guidance of Shelkovnikova - works elements of exercises, trained on the uneven bars, floor exercise does.

4. General view of the small stadium "Dinamo" before international competitions skaters.

Spectators at the stadium.

Skaters: K. Ferkerk, A. Shenk (Holland), the Norwegian FA-A.Mayer (Norway), I. Launonen (Finland); Soviet skaters Antson A., B. Gulyaev - before the competition.

B. Gulyaev and Dutchman Ioritsma at a distance of 500 meters, first finish BA Gulyaev.

Chanting fans.

In the women's 1,500 meters are the Norwegian and Antson A. E. Stiansen, first finish A. Antson.

At a distance of 10,000 meters act Ferkerk K. and F.-A.Mayer.

K. Ferkerk falls at a distance, still running.

The first FA-A.Mayer finish.

Flags of countries - participants of the competition skaters, skaters view of the team - the winners in the team: Norway, which won first place; Sweden - second place, Soviet Union - 3rd place.

5. The state flags of the countries - participants of biathlon in the town square Altenberg (Germany).

Athletes before competition.

Judge instrument measures wind speed.

To the competition prepares German biathlete B. Botner.

Biathletes at a ski resort, a distance are Tikhonov and Hoffman.

Biathlon finish fast race on skis, ready to fire their rifles.

Norwegian biathlete shoots Istadt.

During the competition is watching the president of Federation of biathlon Tofild.

Soviet and Norwegian biathletes ski at a distance relay.

Istadt Tvaytenu passes the baton.

Soviet biathlete Safin passes the baton Mamatova V., V. Mamatov, at a distance at the finish.

Read the press photographers, fans applauded.

Biathletes at the podium.

Tofild awards W. Mamatova gold medal champion in biathlon.