Soviet Sport 1968 № 1 For you, young ... fencer from Uzbekistan. Tournament fighters. Ahead of Grenoble.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Yeggers K.

Operators: Prudnikov M., Shatalov V., Ismailov M., Opryshko P., Fedyaev E., Leongardt U.


1. The new arena at the stadium of "Young Pioneers". 2. Minsk Palace of Water Sports. 3. Master of Sports in fencing Dzhumadirova Sh. 4. Private international boxing competitions in Moscow. 5. USSR Championship in figure skating in 1968.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. Inauguration athletic arena at the stadium "Young Pioneers". Track races are inmates of children's sports schools in Moscow. Belarus. Coach V. Fomenko and conducts classes for children in diving in the children's pool Minsk Palace of Water Sports. Uzbekistan. Master of sports of fencing, a student of the Tashkent Institute of National Economy Sh Dzhumadirova in training with a partner. City of Moscow. International competitions in boxing at the Sports Palace. In the ring boxers: B. Kuznetsov and A. Roldan (Mexico), V. Tarasenko, and Jan Van Ispelen (Netherlands), B. Barannikov and R. Lyubers (Netherlands). City Voskresensk, Moscow region. USSR championship in figure skating. Speakers: L. Belousova and Oleg Protopopov, LA Pakhomov, and AG Gorshkov, IV and V. Gryshkova Ryzhkin.

Reel №1

1. School children are skating at the rink stadium "Young Pioneers" - different plans.

Building a new athletic arena at the stadium.

A sign on the building, "Young athletes capital in year 50 anniversary of Great October Revolution."

Inauguration of the new arena - the parade of athletes.

Guests of honor - the first champions and record holders in Moscow - at the opening of the arena.

Judge shoots the starting pistol.

The first athletics to a new arena - are the veterans of athletics.

Young athletes wear sports shoes.

The trainer conducts classes on the run.

The girls work out exercises on a treadmill in the arena.

Competition for girls in the women's 50 meter hurdles - athletes start, go the distance, the first finish Bychkova of society "Trud".

Boys race at 600 meters - the athletes will start, run.

The panel of judges in the courtroom.

The first to finish graduate school athletic Kiev region of Moscow Vladimir Volkov, has set a new junior record.

2. The streets of Minsk.

The new building of the Minsk Palace of Water Sports.

The main pool of the palace.

Swimmers train on the tracks of the pool.

Children swim, learn to swim in a special pool for little swimmers.

Coach V. Fomchenkov conducts classes for boys and girls jumping in the water.

Guys jumping from the tower into the water.

Jumping from the tower - from Rapid.

Panorama of the swimming pool.

3. In the gym Tashkent trains a group of girls - fencing.

Sh Dzhumadirova trains - the first Uzbek fencer, which awarded the title of master of sports.

Sh Dzhumadirova work out the technique of attack, is a training bout.

Sh Dzhumadirova after a workout is talking with the coach.

Sh Dzhumadirova with her friends sitting at a table in the ice-cream.

4. Hall of the Palace of Sports of the Central stadium named after Lenin during international personal boxing competitions.

The panel of judges.

Semifinal featherweight boxing - fighting in the ring are: Soviet boxer Boris Kuznetsov and the Mexican A. Roldan - moments of battle, the judge is the winner - Boris Kuznetsov.

Duel boxing middleweight weight - Dutch Y. Wang and W. Ispelena Tarasenkova; battle comes with a clear advantage Tarasenkova.

The judge is the winner - B. Tarasenkova.

The final fight heavyweight: Dutchman Lyubersa R. and V. Barannikova; moment of the battle, the judge is the winner - R. Lyubersa.

Applauding spectators, R. Lyubers bows.

Read the reporters in the courtroom.

5. Residents Voskresensk go to the Sports Palace in the USSR championship in figure skating.

Participants in the championship before the performances.

Advocate champions in pairs figure skating L. Belousova and Oleg Protopopov.

Advocates champion in singles skating S. Chetverukhin.

Advocates champion in figure skating G. Grzybowski.

Applauding audience.

Speakers silver medalists LA Pakhomov, and A. Gorshkov.

Advocate champions in sports dancing and V. I. Grishkova Ryzhkin.

On the podium are the winners of the championship - the participants of the forthcoming Olympic Games in Grenoble: LA Belousova and Oleg Protopopov, S. Chetverukhin, J. Grzybowski, and W. I. Grishkova Ryzhkin.

Applauding audience.