Soviet Sport 1968 № 4 Olympic champion. At the start - pyatibortsy. Black Sea Fleet. Cup of the Soviet Union.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Yeggers K.

Operators: Sokolnikov I., Koroev H., Zaporozhskiy I., Leongardt U., Serov G., Karakov G.


1. Honored Master of Sports, Olympic champion in speed skating Lyudmila Titova. 2. Training athletes pyatibortsev in the North Caucasus. 3. Physical preparation of the Navy's Black Sea Fleet. 4. A meeting of army players in Moscow and Leningrad.

Temporary description

Olympic champion in speed skating L. Titova during competition at the tenth Olympic Games in Grenoble (France), on the primacy of the USSR, in class at the Moscow Aviation Institute. Athletes team Russia in pentathlon in training in shooting, running, fencing, swimming, horse riding. Sportsmen submarine Black Sea Fleet out of the sea to the shore. Competitions sailors on a six yalah. Cup of the Soviet Union ice hockey; final match between CSKA Moscow and Leningrad. Of the game. Hockey team CSKA Moscow makes a victory lap after the victorious conclusion of the match.

Reel №1

1. Olympic champion in speed skating L. Titova in the woods outside Moscow -

filmed by the camera skiers, skiing.

A. Titov and W. Stenina stand in the race for 1000 meters at the Games of the Soviet peoples and the first finish L. Titova.

V. Titov Stenina congratulated on his victory.

L. Titov on the podium.

Coed 5-year student at the Moscow Aviation Institute L. Titova in practical classes in laboratory supervisory management.

Address L. Titova at the Winter Olympics in Grenoble - L. Titova runs the 500 meters in a pair of Japanese konkobezhkoy M. Takeda, L. Titova finish first.

Applauding audience.

L. Titov on the podium.

2. Images speeches pyatibortsev - athlete on horseback; competition in fencing; athlete shoots a pistol, swims and runs.

Mountain landscape of the North Caucasus, clouds over the tops of the mountains.

Pyatibortsy team RSFSR under the supervision of the senior national team coach Vladimir Burovina work out the technique and tactics of racing over rough terrain.

Pyatibortsy on shooting drill in the dash.

Coach A. Korhogo oversees training of athletes.

Pistol shooting Yurasov G., S. Dorofeev.

The affected target.

Training pyatibortsev Fencing - different plans.

Fight lead Silyahin V. and A. beautiful.

Training pyatibortsev for riding - different plans.

Coach M. Kunizhev oversees training of athletes.

Obstacles overcome V. Silyahin.

M. Kunizhev talks with his pupils.

3. Black Sea - Seagulls over the water, surf.

Athletes submariners in masks, with aqualungs out of the water to shore.

A sailor in a suit for scuba diving.

Warship at sea.

On the deck of the ship blows bugler.

Navy doing morning exercises on the deck - different plans.

Traditional competitions sailors - race shestiveselnyh Yalaha.

Competitions sailors - sailors.

4. Prize competitions - Cup of the Soviet Union.

The final hockey match between CSKA Moscow and Leningrad.

Moments of Game 1 of the second period - different plans.

CSKA coach Leningrad N. Tufts overseeing the game.

Moscow soldier V. Vikulov scored the puck in Leningrad.

Critical moments of the game at the gates of Leningrad hockey.

Alexandrov scores.

CSKA Moscow coach Tarasov watching the match.

E. Mishakov scored a goal against Leningrad.

Applauding the fans.

Hockey players of both teams resting during the break between periods.

Moments of Game 2 of the first and third periods.

Leningrad players throw the puck Muscovites.

Watching, applauding the fans.

Goal in Leningrad athletes; burning pilot light.

The result of the match 7:1 in favor of the Army team in Moscow.

Hockey players shaking hands after the match.

USSR Cup hand over the army team in Moscow.

Alexandrov with the cup in his hands and hockey players of CSKA make a victory lap around the stadium.