Soviet Sport 1968 № 6 Ahead - Mexico City. Sport club athletes the Skorokhod. At the Davis Cup. Sports bold. Commentator, athlete, actor.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gavrilova M.

Operators: Danshin N., Mikosha V., Mukhin E., Pankin L., Petrov V., Troshkin V. P., Fedyaev E., Mestechkin Ya., Kiselev V.


1. Preparation of Soviet athletes for the Olympics in Mexico City. 2. Athletic Club of Leningrad shoe combining the Skorokhod. 3. Match at the Davis Cup tennis players between the USSR and Yugoslavia. 4. Ukrainian championship motocross. 5. The plot is about a sports columnist Nicholas Ozerov.

Temporary description

Leningrad. 37th USSR Championship in gymnastics. Performers are gymnasts: V. Klimenko, S. Diomidov, M. Voronin, N. Kuchinsky, L. Petrik, Z. Voronin. The city of Sochi. Training athletes, athletes, jumping from sixth Y. Isakov, pushing the nucleus N. Chizhov. Town Luhansk. Competitions in weightlifting. Performers are weightlifters: L. Zhabotinsky, A. Medvedev, Ya Talts. Production exercises in the workshops of Leningrad footwear association Skorokhod. Sports members Leningrad sports club Skorokhod; N. Shilov trains in the high jump; coach Belyakov deals with javelin thrower, passing a group of cyclists. City of Moscow. The match at the Davis Cup between the teams of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. On the tennis court: A. Metreveli and B. Jovanovic, doubles match: Likhachev, A. Metreveli - B. Jovanovic, J. Franulovich. Motocross Championship of Ukraine, near Kiev. Motorcycle racer on the track. N. Ozerov involved in the championship match of the USSR's tennis, is a sports report on the game of soccer teams of the USSR - Hungary, plays the role of bread in the play-tale "The Blue Bird" on the stage of Moscow Art Academic Theater.

Reel №1

1. Mexico City - Olympic Village, stadium (filmed from a helicopter).

Playbill XXVII USSR Championship in gymnastics in Leningrad.

Klimenko performs vault.

SZ Voronina performs exercises on a log.

L. Petrik performs with floor exercises on the carpet.

S. Diomidov perform exercises on the crossbar.

Voronin performs exercises on uneven bars.

Applauding audience.

Stadium in Sochi during the preparation of athletes for the Olympics in Mexico City.

Yuri Isakov, jumping from sixth on the height of 5 feet 2 inches (new record for juniors).

N. Chizhov pushes the nucleus at 18 meters 67 centimeters - a new world record.

N. Chizhov at the stadium with his coaches and VI Alekseev.

Palace of Sports in Lugansk weightlifters during competition.

Judges of the competition.

On the dais national champion at light heavyweight Ya Talts pushing rod weighing 153.5 kilograms.

Applauding audience.

Are being prepared by L. Jabotinsky.

L. Zhabotinsky push rod weighing 220 pounds - a new world record.

2. The factory gates "Skorokhod.

Workshop production of sports shoes - are working girls.

Shoe factory workers doing productive exercises in the workshop.

At the stadium coach factory Vinogradov involved with a group of runners.

Coach V. Bulkin directs training master in the high jump N. Shilov.

Coach Belyakov deals with athletes-thrower.

Girl fulfills javelin throw technique.

Coach riders V. Saksin talks with a group of cyclists sports club "Skorokhod.

Cyclists on the course, including cyclists and Tsvetkov Kazantsev.

3. At the stadium named after Lenin in the Luzhniki Stadium Soviet tennis team welcomes tennis players of Yugoslavia.

On-court play Yugoslavian athlete B. Jovanovic and the Soviet tennis A. Metreveli - different plans.

The winner of the game - A. Metreveli.

Tennis players shaking hands after the game.

Pair meeting: Likhachev and A. Metreveli play against B. Jovanovic, and J. Franulovicha - different game plan.

Winners of the Games - the Soviet tennis players.

4. Participants of the Ukrainian championship motocross motorcycles with sidecars go the distance - different plans.

On the trail leading crews: Rautenfeld and Portnyagin; Korolev and Gorpynenko; Kolpakov and Balashov.

Motorcycle racer on the course.

The first to finish Kolpakov and Balashov.

Motorcycle racer on the podium.

5. Fragment of a basketball game.

Sports commentator N. Ozerov is reporting from the competition (synchronously).

N. Ozerov is reporting from various sports.

N. Ozerov is reporting from the football match of the USSR - Hungary (synchronous): moments of the game; goal in Hungarian football.

Voice N. Ozerov, "Goal!" (Synchronous).

Chanting fans in the stands.

Newsreels 1951:

Tennis competitions - on the court playing: champion of the Soviet Union, N. Ozerov, and A. Andreev.

N. Ozerov after the game.

N. Lake in the dressing room of the Moscow Art Academic Theatre is preparing to enter the stage in the role of bread in the play "The Blue Bird" - puts on a costume, grimiruetsya.

A scene from "Blue Bird" with the participation of N. Ozerov (synchronously).

N. Ozerov after the show goes to his car, going to the stadium, held a commentary booth.

N. Ozerov is reportage from the Ground (synchronously).