Soviet Sport № 7 Here love sports. Prizes "Truth." The good doctor. International competitions. Championship heroes. (1968)

Newsreel №11980, 1 part, duration: 0:10:14, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Yeggers K.
Camera operators:Kogan S., Tsitron V., Byalik A., Mikhaylov L., Fedyaev E., Gorbatskiy V., Mukhin, E., Leongardt Y.


1. Athletes of the Minsk Automobile Plant. 2. Competitions athletes for the prize of the newspaper "Pravda". 3. Sports doctor ZS Mironova. 4. International competitions blind youth in athletics. 5. European championship in weightlifting in Leningrad.

Temporary description:

Production processes in the shops of the Minsk Automobile Plant. Training athletes Sports Club Minsk Automobile Plant: basketball, sambo, tennis, cycling. Walking-tour the plant's workers. City of Moscow. International athletics competition for the prize of the newspaper "Pravda" on the Central Stadium Lenin. Winner of the prize of the newspaper "Pravda" G. Zarubina and A. Kurian. Doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics ZS Mironova in the operating room for inspection of the patient, at his desk. Proceedings ZS Mironova on sports traumatology. City of Moscow. International competitions blind youth athletics. Leningrad. International competitions weightlifters at the European Championship. Performers are weightlifters: EA Smirnov, V. Kurentsov, L. Jabotinsky, B. Johansson, J. Talts.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. The central square of Minsk - the shot from the top point.

Automobile shop "MAZ".

Designer Vladimir Smolyarchuk, Manager Bakunin, Mikhail Saveliev garbage at their workplaces.

Passing trucks "MAZ".

In the factory gym "MAZ" practicing basketball team, strong team player M. Saveliev in training.

Activities section of the factory wrestlers - the public coach Bakunin work out ways of struggle with the athletes.

G. Degtyarev trains - Soviet champion in sambo champion.

Factory tennis players, members of the USSR national team, and V. E. Dubrov Kazakevich trained on the court.

On the highway, train factory riders.

Hiking camping car factory workers "MAZ": tourists with backpacks are on the forest trail, camping at the lake, hiking leader Vladimir Smolyarchuk and other tourists sitting by the fire, a kettle over the fire, the guys are singing with a guitar.

2. In the Central stadium of Lenin with the flags are athletes - participants of international competitions for athletes prize of the newspaper "Pravda".

Fans in the stands of the stadium.

Prizes competition.

Judge fires his pistol.

Women's race by 80 meters hurdles - athletes at a distance; first finishes G. Zarubina.

Applaud the fans.

The race of men to 3,000 m steeplechase - steeplechase: Athletes are distance, overcome obstacles, the European champion Vladimir Kudinsky goes the distance because of the injury.

At a distance of the lead Morozov and A. Kurian, A. Kurian finish first.

A. Morozov and A. Kurian after the race.

3. Honored Master of Sports, professor, head of the department of the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics ZS Mironova for a walk in the woods.

ZS Mironova clinic looks at X-rays of the patient.

ZS Mironova conducting an operation in the operating room a patient with a severe head injury.

ZS Mironova by moving patients to wards the clinic.

ZS Mironova examines undergoing treatment at the clinic master of sports of Wrestling II Ermolaev.

Patients on special simulators do physiotherapy to help restore function of damaged extremities.

Z. Mironova office desk.

Scientific Books ZS Mironova of sports traumatology.

4. In the field of the Central Stadium of Lenin are the team of athletes - participants in international athletics among blind youth.

Gymnastics performed by a team of Muscovites.

Applauding audience.

Coach instructs R. Djatlova.

Ball with a loop hurl E. Smolinski (Czechoslovakia) and R. Dyatlova (USSR).

Judge measures the length of the roll R. Djatlova.

Javelin hurl Bulgarian S. Mitev and Hungarian athlete G. Poot.

Flies and drops his spear.

Competitions shot put - are the Zeman (Czechoslovakia) and I. Old Believers (USSR).

The race of men per 100 meters - at the stadium buzzer sounds to help the orientation of athletes.

Spectators in the stands.

Competitors talk after the presentations, give autographs.

5. Hall of the Leningrad Palace of Sports in the competition weightlifters European championship.

Judges competition.

Hungarian weightlifter performs lightweight I. Foldi, who won the gold medal.

Serves the Soviet national team debutant E. Smirnov, who took second place in the amount of triathlon at welterweight.

Raises the bar B. Kurentsov, who set a new world record.

Speaks Swedish light heavyweight weightlifter B. Johansson.

Acts Soviet weightlifter J. Talts, who set a new world record in the amount of triathlon.

Soviet weightlifter L. Jabotinsky in the snatch lifts the barbell weighing 176 pounds - a new world record.

Applaud the fans.

Weightlifters on the podium.

L. Jabotinsky presented with "Leningrad" cake.

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