Soviet Sport 1968 № 8 Rural athletes. Bow and arrows. For the health of young ... Summer skiing. Olympic rehearsal.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gavrilova M.

Operators: Skraliveckiy S., Sologubov A., Mikhaylov L., Shlykov P., Koroev H., Monglovskiy U., Khodyakov V.


1. Athletes farm "Banner of Lenin" Zaporozhye region. 2. Competitions in archery teams of the USSR and Finland. 3. The young athletes of the city of Vinnitsa. 4. Summer ski competitions in the Caucasus. 5. Meeting volleyball USSR and Japan.

Temporary description

Training athletes farm "Banner of Lenin" Zaporizhia region: cyclists, athletes, playing volleyball, soccer match between the collective farm team "Ear" and team "Torpedo" from Lutsk. City of Moscow. Competitions in archery teams between the USSR and Finland. Performers are athletes, archers: M. Lindholm, N. Kozin, M. Nyulennus, N. Sandelin, B. Sydoruk and others. Training of students of children's sport city of Vinnitsa, in diving, swimming, rowing. International competitions skiers on a slalom-giant on the mountain slopes in Cheget Elbrus (Caucasus). On route H. Messner (Austria), H. Huber, S. Mizone (Latvia). Friendly match volleyball USSR and Japan in the Moscow Palace of Sports. Moments of the game men's and women's teams.

Reel №1

1. Panorama of a field of wheat farm "Banner of Lenin" Zaporozhye region.

From the stadium, "Kolos" leave cyclists - members of the collective farm team.

Public coach, livestock L. Popovich led training athletes farm - different plans.

The stadium trained athletes - running, shot put, long jump.

Livestock farm V. Litvinenko at the stadium training with weights, watching villagers training athlete.

On the volleyball court playing volleyball kolkhoz.

The collective farmers are going to the stadium, "Kolos" at a football match between teams of "Colossus" and "Torpedo" (Lutsk).

Moments of the game; goal to "Torpedo", applauding audience.

2. Stadium named after Lenin in the Luzhniki Stadium are archer Finland.

Athlete pulls the string to the bow.

Athletes - archers are preparing for a competition, shot.

Arrow hits the target.

By being prepared statement Finnish athlete M. Lindholm.

A device for measuring wind force.

Archers on the line, aim, fire - different plans.

Soviet athlete N. Kozina preparing to shoot, shoot.

Archer shoots Finnish M. Nyulenius, won first place in the competition.

Men's team archery at the line of fire.

Shoot - Finnish sportsman H. Sandelin, champion of the USSR V. Sidoruk, Finnish archer Laasenen.

Judges around the target to score.

B. Sidoruk, who took second place, congratulates Laasenena with the victory.

M. Nyulenius congratulate with the victory, handed the prize - a wooden boat.

Soviet Archers congratulate H. Kozin, who occupied the second place.

3. Junior Kindergarten students of Vinnitsa in the playground are learning the basics of gymnastics - bowl a ball, climb the wall bars, climb the stairs.

Pupils of the Children's Sports School of Vinnitsa engaged in various sports groups: Tanya Shestakova jumping on the trampoline, Y. Aleksenko jumps into the water from a springboard.

Coach L. Hoffman oversees training of the pupils.

With 10-meter tower jumping in the pool Peter Ivaskevich.

The pool train young swimmers.

Sergei Safonov swim and Julia Asadov.

Young rowers prepare the boat for training.

Rowers-juniors train on a river.

4. Panorama of snow-capped Caucasus mountains.

Flowers on the mountain thaw.

Skiers from across Europe are preparing equipment, pass along the path on the hillside Cheget, chair-rail in the road rise up to the start of the ski slopes.

Skiers go the route of slalom.

Slalom track - is a giant Soviet skier G. Abramischvili.

Slalom skier passes the road, falls in the distance.

Watch amateur girls.

Austrian slalom runs track athlete H. Messner, who showed the best time.

The judges with stopwatches in their hands.

Are the winners of the contest - H. Messner, and H. Huber.

With a victory in the women's slalom skier congratulate the Soviet, the Latvian schoolgirl C. Mizon.

5. Friendly match men's volleyball teams of the USSR and Japan in the Moscow Palace of Sports - different points in the game.

Applaud the fans in the stands.

The winners of the Match - Soviet volleyball.

Japanese women's volleyball coach gives the team instructions athletes.

Soviet coach volleyball G. Akhvlediani talking with the athletes before the game.

Moments of the game of women's volleyball teams of the USSR and Japan - different plans.

Playing IA Ryskaliyev.

The Soviet team won the general account of the meetings.

Applaud the fans in the stands.