Soviet Sport № 9 "Dinamo" stadium for 40 years. Users from the date of the sea. Fire starts. Gymnast of Vitebsk. Sliding through the waves. (1968)

Newsreel №11982, 1 part, duration: 0:10:18, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Gavrilova M.
Camera operators:Khodyakov V., Golubchikov A., Lebedev O., Danshin N., Pankin L., Mukhin E.


1. 40 years of the stadium "Dynamo". 2. USSR Championship in underwater sports. 3. International competition in fire sport and crafts. 4. Gymnast Larissa Petrik. 5. USSR Championship on water skis.

Temporary description:

City of Moscow. First All-Union Sports day at the stadium "Dynamo" (1928); performance athletes, a football match between teams "Dynamo" (Moscow) - "Dynamo" (Kiev). At the gate - L. Yashin. Training athletes at the stadium "Dynamo". Meeting of young athletes with sports veterans on the occasion of 40 anniversary of the stadium "Dinamo". City Alushta. Championship of the USSR in underwater sports. Competitions in the underwater decathlon. Leningrad. International competition in fire-applied sports. Awarded to athletes of the GDR, Bulgaria, on the podium Team USSR. Vitebsk. The absolute champion of the USSR in gymnastics L. Petrik trains to sporting equipment. Latvia, Jurmala. USSR Championship on water skis. Performers are athletes Gusev, V. Filin. Presentation of gold medals to the winners of the competitions: Filin and G. Litvinova.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

1. The people at the stadium "Dinamo" - removed from the top point.

The fans come out of the subway, go to the stadium "Dynamo".

Fans rush to get to the stadium.

Queues at the stadium ticket office.

Ad "Sold Out".

Newsreels 1928:

From the tram windows and doors are jumping fans who came to the stadium "Dynamo".

A crowd of people go to the stadium for the opening of the First Games of All-Union.

Spectators at the stadium.

Games of competition participating in the women's 100 meters.

It should be the winner of the Games of Mikhail Shamanov.

Newsreels 1930s.:

At the stadium are the winners of the competition runners and E. J. Lyadumeg Puris.

In the race finish Znamensky.

On the field, the stadium is a former football goalkeeper, "Dinamo", photo A. Khomich.

Match football teams "Dynamo" (Moscow) and "Dynamo" (Kiev).

A. Yashin in goal.

Panorama on the empty stadium "Dinamo" - removed from the top point.

At the stadium "Dynamo" trains in the hurdles T. Talysheva.

Wolves coach oversees training athletes.

In the gym, stadium trained fencers.

In the pool, "Dynamo" are training in diving from the springboard.

On the court tennis players train under the guidance of trainer H. Teplyakova.

pictures of athletes - Dynamo.

Cups and prizes won by Dinamo in various competitions.

At the stadium "Dynamo" are veterans of sports columns.

Veterans pass the torch to young athletes Dynamo.

Young athletes portrayed veterans flowers.

The parade of athletes - Dynamo stadium.

2. Holidaymakers on the Black Sea region of Alushta.

Competitions diving fins to 40 meters.

Filippenko is the distance under the water, finishes.

Competition in women's diving in flippers - athletes start.

Under the water goes the distance B. Bavrina, won first place.

Judges competition.

Competitions underwater all-round - the athletes wear aqualung, fins, dive into the water.

The first stage of all-round - the athletes in the weight in the hands of the float under water for a given rate.

The second stage - the athletes share scuba diving under the water, swim.

On shore leave Estonian athletes.

On the podium are the winners in high-speed swimming and I. Raudnik A. Tulk.

Worth team athletes from Estonia - the winners in the underwater around.

3. Spectators at the stadium during the Leningrad international competitions firemen.

The competitions are preparing firemen Bulgaria, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union, Romania and other countries.

The competition for "combat deployment."

Are the firemen Romania - the winners in this kind of competition.

Contest "the rise of the hook ladder" - fire run down the stairs, climb the stairs to the fourth floor of the building, leading Sorokin.

Applauding audience.

N. Sorokin, handed a medal.

"Fire relay race" with obstacles 4 to 100 meters - different plans for the competition: fire run, overcome obstacles, deploying hoses, extinguish the fire.

It removes the cameraman.

Team USSR, won first place on the podium.

The award firefighters from East Germany, who took second place, and the fire of Bulgaria for the 3rd place.

4. Newsreels 1964:

L. Petrik gymnast after a successful performance at the national championship laughs, kisses his coach, VD Dmitriev, accepts congratulations from L. Latynina.

A student of Vitebsk Pedagogical Institute A. Petrick on trains in the gym under the supervision of D. Dmitriev.

L. Petrik work out exercises on uneven bars.

Footage of speeches L. Petrik at various competitions in rhythmic gymnastics - performs exercises on uneven bars, balance beam on.

L. Petrik performs on floor exercise mat under the "gypsy" (synchronous).

5. USSR championship water ski on the river Lielupe in Jurmala.

Distance water slalom runs Gusev, who won a gold medal in this kind of competition.

V. Filin performs a jump from a springboard.

V. Filin acting competitions in figure skating water skiing - different plans.

Awarding of winners of the competition - Vladimir Filin, and G. Litvinova.

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