Soviet Sport 1968 № 11 At the Olympics in Mexico City.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Fedorchenko V.


Special Issue newsreel dedicated XIX Olympic Games in Mexico City.

Temporary description

Mexico city Mexico City. Grand opening H1H's Olympic stadium "Estadio Olimpico." Parade of delegations of Greece, Japan, the USA, the USSR and other countries. Lit the Olympic flame. Walking race, running, rowing, diving, hammer throw, javelin, high jump, long, weightlifting. Playing athletes: B. Golubnichy, I. Shivinska (Poland), A. Sass, A. Timoshin, M. Duhkova (Czechoslovakia), N. Lobanov, R. Klim, D. Zhivotski (Hungary), Gavrilov, R. Fosbyuri (USA), R. Beamon (USA), J. Lusis, Saneev V., V. Kurentsov, L. Jabotinsky.

Reel №1

Mexico City, decorated in honor of the XIX Olympic Games.

Tourists and athletes from various countries on the streets of Mexico City.

Grand opening of the XIX Olympic stadium "Estadio Olimpico - the stadium in the air rises five interlaced rings.

Parade in the stadium.

Athletes are held in Greece, and Japan.

There are numerous columns USA, the USSR.

Mexico's President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz and other distinguished guests at the stadium.

Athletes are held in Mexico.

Spectators in the stands.

The rise of the Olympic flag.

Ignited the Olympic flame.

Over the stands raised thousands of pigeons and balloons.

At the stadium take the competitors start in race walking.

Athletes are on the streets.

The spectators on the streets.

Soviet athlete V. Golubnichy first route passes, returning to the stadium.

Competitors for walking - a Soviet athlete N. Smaga, Mexican H. Pedraza go the distance.

The first ends 20-kilometer distance, finishing V. Golubnichy.

Finish H. Pedraza and N. Smaga.

B. Golubnichy with a gold medal on the podium.

Applauding the fans.

Competitions women in the women's 200 meters - running, finishing the Polish athlete I. Shivinska.

Placards with the results of the female race.

The starter fires his gun.

Running men's 110 meter hurdles.

The first to complete the distance athletes from the United States and Erwin W. Davenport Hall.

The audience applauds.

Hug E. Hall and W. Davenport, ranked first and second places.

The final sprint at 200 meters - the first to finish in the athletes from the United States T. Smith and D. Carlos, who won gold and silver medals.

T. D. Smith and Carlos on the podium with their hands up in black gloves to protest against racism.

Placards with the results of a race of men in the 200 meters.

The streets of Mexico City.

Road signs depicting various sports, indicating the direction to the competition.

Competitions on the channel Sochimilko rowing in the pair twos.

At a distance of the lead and finish first Soviet rowers A. Sass, and A. Timoshinin.

A. Sass, and A. Timoshinin after arrival.

Signpost swimming pool.

Swimming Pool.

Competition in the swimming pool jumping from the tower into the water.

Soviet athlete jumping Natalya Lobanova, who won the silver medal (from Rapid).

Czechoslovakian athlete jumping M. Duhkova, who won the gold medal.

Awarding the Duhkovoy M. and N. Lobanova.

Display with indicators for diving.

General view of the Olympic stadium during the competition athletes.

Spectators in the stands.

Competition in men's hammer throw: acts Hungarian athlete D. Zhivotski.

Flying hammer.

Hammer throws a Soviet athlete R. Klim.

Presentation of gold medal D. Zhivotski and a silver medal - R. Clim.

Home Women's relay 4 by 100 meters.

Transfer of the baton to the fourth stage (from Rapid).

American athlete finishes first, followed by the athletes of Cuba and the Soviet Union.

Awarding of winners of the relay - Soviet athlete handed the bronze medal.

Applauding audience.

Competition in high jump - jumping Soviet athlete Gavrilov.

American RV Fosbyurn performs high jump in an unusual style, takes a height of 2 meters 24 centimeters.

Leap R. Fosbyurna - from Rapid.

American athlete R. Pimonov jumps in length by 8 meters 90 centimeters, set a new world record.

R. Pimonov kisses track.

The audience applauds.

Flags of different countries over the stadium.

Soviet kopemetatel J. Lusis throws a spear at 90 meters 10 centimeters - a new world record.

Placards with the results of competitions kopemetateley.

Presentation of gold medals J. Lusis.

Triple jump athlete performs the Soviet V. Saneev, won a gold medal.

Olympic Stadium, the Olympic flame is lit.

The theater building "Insurhentes.

Sculptures weightlifters at the building.

Competition in weightlifting at the theater "Insurhentes; fans in the audience.

Judges of the competition weightlifters.

Soviet athlete V. Kurentsov raises the bar.

LA rod raises Jabotinsky.

Presentation of the gold medal twice Olympic champion LA Jabotinsky.

Light sports advertising on the streets of Mexico City night.

Evening streets of Mexico City.